Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Costume!

Halloween is done and packed up in boxes at our house.
I am moving on....Ready for Christmas and the Holidays....
How bout you?!?


BUT...because I spent it with the cutest Football Player ever I thought a few costume shots were in order:)
Jarom is a Ute fan. Jax likes anything his Father likes.
SO.....I introduce...

My little man

We had a great Halloween night. My mom went ALL OUT. We had a themed meal at the
 "DEAD MAN'S DINER". We all dressed up...Everyone in my extended family that is!

My sister and brother-in-law were Jelly Belly's...(So creative and clever). My brother and sister-in-law were my parents...30+ years ago. Old haircuts, cheerleading uniform, dad's letterman's jaxket...the works! We had a few good laughs! We were the boring ones....Jaxson as a football player, me as a basketball player (tatoos and all) and Jarom was SUPPOSED to be a Baseball player but we aren't very fun. Truth is...I was too lazy to search through the bins in the basement to find his old he threw on a Jersey as well and we called it good:) haha. We = boring. BUT...I'm comfortable with boring:)

We played countless little halloween games that my mom put together...and Jaxson was in heaven.
I have a gazillion pictures of how excited that little guy was to participate with all the adults!
ONE day he won't be the only child.
Sidenote: No idea where he got it...but he keeps saying..
."ok mom...can we have a brother...or a cat? You choose?!?"

ummmm.....this little post from last summer will remind you of my HATRED for cats!

Jaxson got really excited for "Trick or Treating" this year. They change so much in a's nuts, isn't it???
He is such a nerd. He was OBVIOUSLY in love with the any little boy would be.
He kept asking if it was REAL?!?


Like I said....TOTAL NERD.
HE loved to turn it...and peek through the hole.
It made me laugh. Oh...the things they come up with!


...and just because I like you....and want to give you a good laugh....
Check out his "TACKLE" face/pose/attempt.
I love it.
I will keep him.
Most definitely.

THIS weekend Jarom will be watching the big game while I decorate for Christmas around here.
That's right.....WAY WAY WAY early.

I got sick of all the pumpkins and gords taking over my house. It was fun while it lasted....but bring on the Tree:) No snow though. I would prefer to have a walk in the nice 60 degree weather...looking at leaves...then read a good book by the lit-up tree at night. Too much to ask? Possibly.

Here's to having your cake and eating it too!!!!

Love, Me 

p.s. Post tomorrow about what I found in my sink:)


Allyson said...

CUTE pics!! Just saw that you might be going private? I need an invite if you do.

How is the preschool going? I bet those kiddos just love it!!

Carin said...

Love his costume. He sounds like such a fun little guy! :)

So I have a dumb :) question for ya. You take great pictures! How do you get the background so blurry/faded like you did in these??? Is it a photoshop thing or a camera/lens thing? Either way your pictures always look great!

Maranda said...

Jaxson is such a stud! I can't believe he's like a little man now. You are nuts around the holidays.

I can't believe how much you do. And decorating for Christmas already?! That's probably the one time of year that I'd like to have the decorations up the longest.

I told Joel I wanted to put up a Christmas tree the week before Thanksgiving and he gave me the weirdest I was nuts! Men:)..they just don't get it.