Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Duck Attack...

You are going to laugh.
I did.
Maybe it was more hilarious BEING THERE...but still....
I am re-living it while looking at the pictures!


We were bored...lazy...and wanting to enjoy the sunshine today, so we headed to Jensen Nature Park for a walk and some fresh air. I have been feeling rather "ROUTINE" lately...and I was getting sick of it. I was complaining to my husband yesterday, "I wake up every day and clean the same 3 rooms over and over. Nobody cares if I do it....nobody cares if I DON'T do it. Why do I do it again???"

So----a day of goofing off and doing nothin was much overdue.



I'm just going to go with my gut on this one....but I'm guessing they haven't been visited by too many kids in strollers lately?!? Especially ones with entire loaves of bread.


They were freaking out.
I was scared. Jaxson was terrified.


They swarmed and quacked and begged until every last piece was devoured.
SOOOOO funny.

They were soooo loud. Jaxson could barely hear me. They even drowned out his SCREAMS that they were going to bite him:)





When the bread was gone...he tried to feed them a leaf.
They weren't interested. Like I told him:)
They left.


He sat and waited:) and waited...and waited.
they didn't come back.

next time I will be bringing a FEW loaves I guess!


We went for a nice walk....Jaxson made his shadow do all sorts of crazy things....


We threw rocks in the lake and thought of words that "RHYME"...which is what we've been working on in preschool:)



It was a relaxing change from our ROUTINE.
I hope this nice weather lasts!


I just came home and started I guess we better head to the Park:)
Does anybody do that?!? I CANNOT relax when I am at my own home. I am ALWAYS doing something or working on something or.....CLEANING something! It's a disease. 

Happy Wednesday! much to update about Halloween...but I'm kinda Halloweened out! 
I WILL post at least ONE picture of my little man all dressed up. I will.

love, me

p.s. My camera is for sale! E-mail me if interested. I listed it with all the lenses...but ended up selling the lenses separately so the package is much cheaper now:) I have the camera, bag, battery packs, 18-55mm lens, filters, memory card, etc. (Canon rebel xti) You know you want your husband to give you one for Christmas:) 


Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh that's cute! Jaxson looks pretty scared of the swarming ducks. I would have been too! Hey I saw you called today...I'll give you a call tomorrow.

K'Brina said...

I think that I would have had a huge freak-out!!
I hate birds, they give me the creeps;)
Glad that you remembered me...It makes me feel a little better about "stalking" your cute blog!!

Moni said...

How much are you selling your camera?