Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas time...

Although I'm thankful for LOTS and LOTS these days...I would be fine with skipping Thanksgiving all together this year:)

I enjoy it and all...but I am WAY looking forward to Christmas!
Jaxson is SOOO excited over every little thing these days....he is making my life right now. What would I do without him?!? Life would be pretty lonely...that's for sure.

His favorite thing this week is a good ole' hard-boiled egg...pronounced (car-bird egg) funny. He eats them like nobody's business.


Back to my point...
December is a beautiful and EXCITING time of year.
My Jarom turns 31....WE celebrate the big #7 Anniversary...followed by lots of christmas parties and of course, being Santa for one hilarious 3 year old. I cannot wait. I am Santa at our house....for all of us:) I carefully select each item...wrap them and then notify Jarom on Christmas eve what our child will be getting as well as what HE is giving ME. It works for us. haha.


THIS year Jarom has informed me of what HE is getting Jaxson.
I don't think it's necessary.
Jarom thinks it's a must.
Jaxson will freak out completetly. thought about his reaction and I am all for it....


Truth CHRISTMAS (as in 5 trees of varying sizes) are up and lit and decorated. Stockings are hanging from the mantle and I am laying here as we speak Christmas Shopping on Amazon. SIGH.

It's awesome.


I will always decorate this early from now on!!! I am loving it. By december 1st I hope to be DONE with everything but enjoying my family and the christmas season (and most likely a whole lot of baking and eating). No running errands, shopping, fighting crowds, stressing, etc. Just enjoying this time with my son. Reading Christmas books, watching Polar Express...those kind of things.
I am so looking forward to it:)


Today I was thinking about how STRANGE it is that Jaxson can communicate with me...just like an adult. We have conversations...he helps me make decisions...he gives me his opinion. What did I do all day before he could talk to me? Was I lonely? Did I go for hours and hours in silence? I realized that I have NO recollection of having a baby? It's nuts how quickly they grow.

I love him to pieces...and not just because he's my child and I don't have a choice. I truly think he's witty and hilarious and quite entertaining. He is also sassy and bossy....but I think I might have had a little something to do with he can't be  held entirely responsible. He is my best friend right now....and I'm not sure how long he'll think that's I'm rolling with it.


It's full blown Christmas Mode at our about yours?!?

love, me


Tay Talk said...

I haven't been here in forever it seems. And can I just say your little man is precious and that I CAN NOT believe that you have been married for 7 years. WHAT?! Weren't we just sitting on the gym floor of Box Elder High stretching. I'd look over and you'd be half asleep in straddle. LOL.

So glad to see you are doing well :)

Kristin Bishop said...

Tayleee:) How are you! I know..those were the days. I never get up before 8:00 a.m. these days...thank goodness. we deserve a break from waking up at 4:30 every day for three years! crap..I could never do that again.

Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog:)

Nikki said...

Kristin...It was so good to see you the other day! Are you kidding...Trees up? I want to be like you! Jaxson is darling and I love to read what you are up to and all of the fun things you are doing!