Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chinese Food...

My night with Jaxson....

We headed out for errands and CHINESE.
It's Thursday.....which means: CHAOS at our house.

Thursdays are hectic..with a morning full of preschool, errands, teaching dance...add in a little Christmas shopping, trip to the bank (which was closed...waste of time:), post office and LAUNDRY....and dinner is the first thing to go:)

--- wonderful friend MINDY tended Jaxson while I taught dance this evening.
After picking him up...he PROMISED me over and over that he ate dinner at her house! Pizza as a matter of he DID NOT have to eat any dinner before having starbursts and a fortune cookie:)
That was his little plan ahyway....


He told me very specific little details... such as he took 4 BIG BITES of this so-called "pizza" and it was yummy.

I then had this genius idea.
 I looked at my innocent 3 year old (ha! ya right:) and said "ok, I'll call Mindy and ask how much pizza you ate...and then you can have your fortune cookie!"

I reach for my phone.

Jaxson's stare goes blank. He quickly responds, "NO bout you don't call Mindy. How bout.....well..I better eat dinner I guess."

That little stink! He totally lied to me. OOOOOOHHHHH he is smarter than I think sometimes.

He then, while pulling the best looking "depressed" face of all time...cracked open his fortune cookie and proceeded to READ THE FORTUNE ALOUD.

Wanna know what it said?!?

"Mom should relax and quit being rude to Jaxson."

How did my 3 year old adopt an 18 year old attitude overnight. 


The sad part is I totally deserve him.
Sassy is my middle name.
And according to last name is bossy:)

Like mother like son.  


Amanda said...

Too are two peas in a pod haha!

Better luck next time on the bank...I did the same thing with my mail...TWICE yesterday. Both times, it was still a holiday.

Go us right?!

Lauren & Brandon said...

I love all your Jaxson stories! He is a hoot! And just so you know, my post wasn't implying that it bothers me when people brag about their kids, or something great that their husband accomplished or anything. It's when they inject a few sentences about how wonderful they, personally, are. Oh well...

Oh and by the way, I found out that it's your blog background that makes it so I can't view it at work. It gives me the "porn" notice with a few other blogs too, but when they change their background, it's viewable again. Our work computers are weird!