Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I hate HTML:)

After HOURS of work...I have managed to change my background paper and screw up only 2-3 things on this here blog of mine.

Jarom says I should be embarrassed of my complete stupidity with computers!
I am....a little. Not enough to learn more about them though. Ha!

What does he think I keep him around for?!?
To figure crap like that out FOR ME:)


I am SOOOO tired. Why am I up blogging?
Mandi...are you tired?
I want to die.

See-we didn't ever go to sleep Sunday night to Monday morning. Who can talk on the phone for 4+hours and not notice that it's been that long? We have a good time. BUT---I am dragging and could barely keep my eyes open today as I ran from commitment to commitment. Tomorrow brings another busy day!

I have so much to catch up on!
...for now...check out my DARLING PRESCHOOL KIDS at

I love them and have one of the FUNNEST jobs ever.
It's a lot of work...I sing and dance and make wierd faces...but it works:)
Have you ever read "The Pout Pout Fish" ?

I can promise you that you haven't read it the way I did this morning.
BUT---I had a good 6-7 of them giggling!
It's the best.


MAYBE I'll have something worthwhile to update shortly.
After I squeeze in a nap...


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