Thursday, November 18, 2010


First: I am posting a few MUST-HAVE Christmas gifts for preschool age kids soon!
Things they will love and you won't feel guilty about letting them play with for hours and hours:)


On to the most important....
I am seriously worried about Jaxson's sass level as of late.  
It has reached unhealthy proportions and I am a tad bit nervous for the day that "THE LOOK" alone will not snap him back into submission.

Parenting is hard.
My best friend Brittany came for a stay-over last weekend and we spent one night the whole night talking...about how "PERFECT" we all want our children to be. How we want so badly to provide everything they need...physically, emotionally, mentally, SPIRITUALLY. It's a tough job being a 24/7 example. Honestly...I am not a good one some of the time. oh how I need work! All we can do is our best. 

Then if you are me or her....and suffer from OCD-BY-CHOICE try really hard to not give yourself a guilt trip over whether or not your best is good enough?!? This guilt thing is a never ending cycle:)



two seconds ago this conversation occurred in my home:

Me: what do you want to do...until mommy has to go teach dance?
Jax: I don't know...but YOU'RE gonna call comcast and ask them why they took Dragon Tales off of On demand. Tell them it's your childs faaaavoooorite. Got it?
(all this while handing me a phone)

Can you see what I mean?
What to do...what to do....

Other than laugh, like me and Jarom usually do.

First off---how does he know our cable provider is Comcast. How does he know that Dragon Tales was "On Demand" instead of just a cartoon that his mommy turned on?

Does anybody else feel like kids are learning and KNOWING so much more at a younger age these days???
It's true. They communicate like little adults.

I'm not sure how many of you have the opportunity to observe 12 three year olds (that are not siblings) interact on a regular basis but it's entertaining! I learn sooo much. Today little Tanner wore this stylish leather jacket with a skull on the back. I think he got three different compliments! It was a hit with the fellow 3 year old friends! hahaha. Porter walked up to him and rubbed his arm..."that is the coolest jacket!"

Oh...I love my job.


My other bestest friend on her way from VEGAS right this very moment and is having a
spend-over:) How do I get so lucky?!? We have lots to accomplish in our short 24 hours together...oh boy.

Another busy day. I love feeling productive. I also love days in which I do nothing at all!!! felt good. I am running on zero sleep....but I am that much closer to my goal of
DONE by DECEMBER 1st. With everything but PLAYING!


I designed another 3 christmas cards today...AND the relief society Christmas Party Invite, had a CHAOTIC yet fun day of preschool in which we learned shapes, talked thanksgiving and learned to lace, Vacuumed all carpeted areas:):), and thought of a cute little dance to "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause" for my little dancers tonight. phew. Now for dinner plans. I am thinking Digorno frozen pizza for the hubby. Ha! I will be found at Zupas catching up with a friend I NEVER get to see:)


Have a fabulous weekend!

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Hey:) I have a question for you... You know how u have on your blog friends when they last updated their do you do that? I'm special when it comes to computers!!