Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday nights...

I need to get better at holding FHE regularly.
I always justified NOT doing it because with one kid ( or BABY) what much can you do?
Tonight we did....and it made all the difference.

Today started out rough.
I had a few things on my "I need to complain about" list....
So I did what every girl with a wonderful mother and wonderful mother-in-law would do.
I called them up...(one at a time of course) and complained. Like...WENT...OFF.
It was liberating.

I told them what I thought about several things....my deepest feelings on certain OTHER things...and just let my sass and overal grumpiness come out via telephone:)

I felt lighter after. Much much lighter.
I felt justified:) I like to feel justified:) 


I was THEN able to be productive!
8:00 a.m.....ok let's face it... I woke up at 9:00 a.m. TO Noon was a total waste.
BUT Boy did I make up for it.


I have the funnest Thanksgiving Feast planned for my preschoolers tomorrow with the most darling Turkey you've ever layed eyes on. I promise. I cleaned and organized...and took ALL frustrations and stress out on my closet. If you are wondering to what extent: I organized my earrings in the coolest new tool ever...BY COLOR...and STYLE. aagggghhhh.

If that doesn't make a girl feel better what can?!? haha.
(if you only knew how serious I am)

Jaxson took a snooze underneath the tree while it snowed outside and I cleaned and organized to my hearts content. It was the perfect de-stresser.

I might give this a try tomorrow afternoon. It looked quite nice actually:)

What really helped is we had FHE.
Jaxson is old enough to thoroughly enjoy it.
I wanted to do something other than an ice-cream run and a redbox:)

I decided on a Christmas Countdown.
Maybe it's the preschool teacher in me that recognized how this activity could teach both Patterning and Counting....but that isn't why I chose it per se'. I am such a nerd:)


I made him count to 25 like 20 times:)

We talked about the upcoming holiday (my mind kind of skipped Thanksgiving) so I am referring to CHRISTMAS. We made a countdown chain and Jax got to choose where to display it.

He chose directly on top of my old fashioned mini-tree:)
He was sooo proud of himself.

We sat by the Fire and read Christmas books.
We went our for a bowl of soup at Jason's Deli and topped it off with Ice-Cream.


It was a great end to a day with a rough start.


I then wrote my brother Stephen who is serving an LDS mission in Korea. I talked of my goals for the new year and my ideas of implementing them. None of them include exercise:) Although I hope for that to become a part of my life again one of these years! I focused on the more important goals. The ones that seem to be lacking in this world...and often times in my life. The ones that are TRULY important and work to "unite" instead of "divide" people.

Hope you all had an enjoyable Monday!

Love, ME

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Jamie said...

K, I love the picture of Jaxson sleeping under the tree! Sooo cute! Cute countdown idea! I might just have to steal it!:)