Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving was great. Fast...way too fast...but great:)
The weekend is already over?!?

Jarom is snoring on the couch next to me...Jaxson is snoring on the floor at my feet...and I just finished up some wrapping! I think I just might make it. ALL DONE by December 1st...(my goal this year).

December is full: Jarom's Birthday....7th Anniversary Plans...CHRISTMAS...Preschool prep for the month. I'm tired just thinking of all I've done the past 2 weeks...and the stuff that will consume the next 2 days of my life...but I think I'm going to pull it off:)


My weekend was full of the rest of the world. Jarom's was full of snow removal and watching football. I shopped all night long for the first time ever....and the entire next day as well! It was nuts. I did find everything on my it was worth it.

I love Soup from Jason's Deli more than anything, I swear it:):)
It is the best.


We took Jaxson to see TANGLED. So darling.
It made me want long long hair. hahaha. Jarom thinks I am ridiculous.
...about almost that's nothing new:)


It snowed...a lot.

Jarom and I argued for a good hour about whether or not the tramp should come down.
He voted NO...because the gigantic 15 foot wide...6 feet deep hole in the backyard was kinda dangerous.
I agree...but voted YES because it will ruin the tramp and I watch my the odds of him plumeting into the hole are slim to none. :):)

He was NOT happy with in...a little bit of shouting and/or screaming occurred. After much research and me proving him wrong by calling "Tramp World"...he rolled his eyes...put on his boots and took the thing down for me.

sigh. That is sooo a typical fight in our home.

OR...warn them of the gigantic hole. Thanks. Me.

Every time I drive by it I think for one split second..."that was MAYBE POSSIBLY a dumb idea!"

I am in love with this little guy.
Some days I feel bad for him.
He is the only thing I've got...and that has got to come along with a TON of pressure:) Poor kid.
Expectations, SMOTHERING, love and torture I'm sure.

He handles it well...and he loves me back I think.
at least he tells me he does...approx. 35 times a day:)


Tonight I washed a load of towels.
I emptied them straight from the dryer to the family room floor.

I started chatting on the phone with dinner and doing other things. When I came back to the was gone. I KNEW ON MY LIFE it wasn't my I asked Jaxson.

As he was running by he shouted..."I put them away for you mom!!!!"

My kid can fold. Who knew?!?
I was amazed....and in love with the little squirt.

I was also very very impressed...because he folded them perfectly and I have never ever showed him how.
Sure enough...the dish towels were where they belong...the towels too.

Proud mommy moment.


Tonight the boys shoveled snow in the dark. I'm afraid that the continual snow has Un-DONE their work...but Jax had fun being outside with his dad. He loves to get bundles up and do snow angels.
No clue where he learned them...but he has to show us his "trick" every time he steps outside.

He requested Hot Chocolate with marshmallows afterward.

Although...he didn't love it. He complained for an hour..."MOM..that hot chocolate made my cheeks hot!"
He kills me. 

Now if I could keep the kid from getting hurt. At any given moment he has 4 injuries.
It is stressing me out. Welcome to the life of having a boy I guess:)


I look forward to the day that mud and/or slushy puddles aren't drawn to my child like a magnet...or running straight into door frames, christmas tree branches that claw the face or biffing it on cement aren't a daily occurrence. Today he slammed his fingers (all four of them) in the back door...HARD. Like gave me goosebumps, made me cringe and wanna cry HARD.

I hate watching him get hurt.
Now I've got to figure out how to protect him and keep him safe from everything else in the world!
I'm certain it's only beginning.



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