Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It looks A lot like Christmas....

I failed.
My whole goal of ...DONE By Dec. 1st.... was an honorable one...but more of a "think you can...think you can" type of a thing than actual REALITY:)


Right up Until Christmas Eve...I am running some kind of errand... tying an extra bag of mints to the top of a gift...or addressing last minute cards.

I did make a huge dent in it though. The shopping is done. The wrapping is...started.
The trees are up (and now that's officially normal to have them up I can admit that mine have been up since November 10th). ahhhhh. It felt good to have it out of the way.

...And it looks a lot like CHRISTMAS at our house....


I have celebrated the new month by wearing pajamas all day...laying on the couch looking at pictures of my little squirt...and doing absolutely nothing productive. Of course, it's only I can turn that around I guess:)


I love December.
There is always something to look forward to and a million things I try and cram in.  
I am one of the ONLY people I know who specifically BEGGED and WISHED to get married in December.

It's romantic.
...and it snowed....and I froze. But I loved it.


I cannot post without pictures of the little man.
he is using humongous words lately.
It is cracking us up.

Today he said "Mom these pants are so Unfurkable!"
"ya know....the opposite of COMFY!"

I wanted to kiss the crap out of him.
Oh....the sheer entertainment he provides makes me want to rent him out for extra money:)


Just in case you wanted to see his tonsil. :):)
(jaxson at dinner last night)

Last year I had this dream of having a gigantic tree.
Jarom shot it down.
THIS YEAR the dream returned...only I put much thought into how I was going to sale the idea.
One day in October...we were browsing at store...and Jarom picked it up and placed it in the cart.
I was shocked. I jumped up and down and kissed him.
He muttered something like "don't push your luck..." and smiled his little half smile:)

Now...for those who don't know my Jarom.
That is about as excited as he gets over things....and in his own little way...that only I can understand...he was embracing my craziness and trying to make me happy:)

He did.

It was the best idea ever...until I had to put it up.
....and decorate it....
...and had not one single way on earth of reaching the top....

(my main family room tree. Candy theme:)


I love to sew. Quick, simple, little projects.
I made several new Christmas Pillows this year.
A few to match my Candy Tree:)
This one is rather OVER-SIZED.
I think my friend Amanda started laughing and then asked if I had to use 3 or 4 bags of stuffing.
The answer is 3:)



I have yet to have someone enter my home and leave these little guys alone. Most people walk over to them and pick one up...examine it...and then ask me how they stay on the shelf. Best 10 bucks I've ever spent! hahaha. They are my preschool kids favorite thing. Their hands are weighted and they were a Costco find a few years ago. Kinda cheesy...but at Christmas you can get away with I guess!

I tried to calm it down a little bit for my Office Tree.
Simple Red and Gold.
Nothing to funky:) Just classic.

I have a wierd obsession with entertaining:) I love having friends or family over for dinner or parties...and I'm always planning something:) A few months ago when I begged Jarom for Glass Goblets to throw a Christmas Dinner Party I could tell by the look in his eye he wanted to choke me:)

He consented and I promised to seek therapy or quit one of my hobbies:)
 I am ready for a wonderful month full of friends and family.
That is my favorite part about December! We all take time to catch up and spend more time together.


My entryway turned out kinda fun. The little snowman family was a special addition this year.
Kinda reminds me of my little family.
Still the three of us....chubby...yet happy:)



Jaxson just announced that "WORDGIRL saved the day!"
IF you were at all interested. He just ate mac'n cheese for lunch and is watching his 14th cartoon for the day. I should really get off my bum and force him to doing something that takes brain power:)

He has visited St. Nick...THREE TIMES this week....each and every time asking for new and different things. Have mercy.

Including: "where are you reindeer right now...?"
"Does the mall have a chimney...?"

"I want my very own reindeer that can fly like a Pterodactyl."



Preschool is going wonderful. We have a full few weeks planned of Christmas Celebrating!!!
We are trying to keep them all from picking their nose this season....that is our GOAL!
ya right!!!!

Porter insists that Chocolate makes him sneeze.
Everyone is still fascinated by Judd's allergy to milk.
Tanner is still carrying around Mr. Bear for all the fun.
Finn's hair makes us all jealous:)

They make my life fun:)

Look for fun updates on


I will be posting some MUST HAVE christmas gifts for your 3-4 year olds this season.
Ones that are fun....and TEACH lots and lots.

Hope things are looking and feeling like Christmas at your house:)

Love, Me


heddomarie said...

Wow your Christmas decor is beautiful! Will you come do my house? hehe.

Amanda said...

Cute post Kris!

Wow did I really just call you Kris...that is new for me haha!

Yes I am reading your blog at 1230 after sitting in your car until 11 because I drank TWO cokes at dinner group. I am so lame. Maybe the FEDEX people showing up at 11pm scared me more than i think.

For those of you who didn't understand why I had to ask how bags of stuffing was used in that one pillow, just note that the pillow fills up the ENTIRE chair and a half from side to side. It is as big as my king size shams...but adorable! :)

Yeah for preschool! They are all super noisy 3 year olds who have managed to steal our hearts anyway. As for the nose picking, I can handle it until they start eating it. That made me dry heave in the worst way. I understand them feeling the itch and wanting it outta their nose, but there shall be NO explanation as to why they try and eat it!

I am now done with my comment novel. See ya tomorrow!

Natalie and Jared said...

Where did you get the cute material for your pillows? I love how festive your house looks!

Kristin Bishop said...

natalie: village dry goods in brigham city! The cutest fabric store I've found. You will LOVE everything in it!

Natalie and Jared said...

Did you get your patterns at Village Dry Goods also?

Kristin said...

i make up the patterns myself:) Kinda just draw what I like:) I have never bought a pattern...and I make TONS of pillows. I DO love the pine needles boutique at gardner village. Some of them I saw on their website and changed them up a bit myself.

CBS said...

I don't know how u accomplish so much each day!! Seriously amazes me! I look forward to when u post ideas for Christmas presents for 3-4 year olds! I need some ideas:)