Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tramp Re-Assembly:)

In my previous post I may have mentioned a little argument that occurred at the Bishop Home.
This post explains Part #2 of that little argument.

Sit back and enjoy.


This post is entirely dedicated to Jarom:)
...because I was Wrong...and that rarely happens...so he is enjoying making me gravel!

(Saturday December 4th 10:00 a.m....putting tramp back-up for winter:)

2 weeks ago I decided that it was time for Fall Cleanup:) I was stressing about little things that needed to be done around the house...before Winter hit in full force, ya know?!? 


One of those chores was taking down the tramp. I voted YES...he voted NO.
My reasoning: the snow and ice and weight would ruin the tramp:) I even looked online for a special cover and all...but no can do! They only make them to protect from SUNSHINE I'll have you know...not Snow:) So...I called Tramp World and they said...and I quote, "TAKE IT DOWN. IT will ruin it."

SO that is precisely what I insisted upon. heehee.
Jarom was ticked. But he did it...and only grumbled a little:):)


I may have forgotten to mention to this random customer service representative from Tramp World  that my tramp was in-ground:) That removing the tramp would leave a 15 foot wide...and 6 foot deep HOLE in my backyard. Oh boy.


When the tramp was removed and tucked nicely in the bin in the basement...I looked at the hole that remained and thought "Oh Crap".

Was I going to admit it after the fit I threw you ask? Heavens no:)

....who was I kidding though.....

It was HUUUUGGGEE. Much bigger than it looks with the tramp filling it...I assure you. The hole grew 5 times the size when the tramp came down...I know it!

For a solid week I drove past that thing and thought "ah...it's not that bad. Why would any kid be rummaging through my yard anyhow? Jaxson won't get hurt...because I watch him!" .....and then I went to dinner group.

Everything changed that night.
A fun bunch of friends met up at Kneaders for Dinner last Wednesday evening and the topic turned to my giant hole that was impossible NOT TO NOTICE. Words started flying like "teenage delinquents who will fall and fake a broken arm then sue you." TO "little kid with his sled not seeing the giant hole and getting hurt..." TO....much much worse.

Within 5 minutes I knew what had to be done.
I had been wrong.
The feeling was new to me:) hahaha


I picked up the phone and called Jarom right there while ordering 2 desserts to go!
"I was wrong!" I told him.
"The Tramp hole. It's huge and you were right...and although I DO NOT agree with letting it get ruined...I will buy a new tramp every year to avoid the horrible things that are bound to happen to us if we leave it as a giant hole!!!!YOU HAVE TO PUT IT BACK UP! YOU JUST HAVE TO"

I waited. Silence on the other end.
"honey...????" I said...



That's it?!?!


And honey...you can watch from the deck with your cup of hot chocolate while I do.
JUST LIKE I DID while you took it down...and JUST LIKE I DID when you put it up the very next weekend.

I love you:)

 (Jarom and Jaxson....Project Tramp:)


AND because I can't resist a little man in a shirt and tie...

My little stinker.
Just home from Church...and begging for his 8th bag of spiderman fruit snacks!

Tomorrow is Jarom's 31st Birthday!

I have a little something planned:) That is...I will see how much I can squeeze between Preschool, Relief Society Invites, Tumbling and Dance Classes.

I even think I'll dedicate another whole post just to him.
Maybe full of 31 reasons why I still think he's awesome (because I've seen that around while blog stalking before...and I'm totally cheesey like that:)

NUMERO UNO will most defintely be his PATIENCE WITH ME!


Not sure many men could handle it and still smile!

Happy Birthday Dear.
Thanks for keeping us from getting sued!
Love, Me


Maranda said...

What?!!! Did you just admit you were wrong? I had to go back and re-read it...yup, you sure did! Ha. Jarom must be the most patient person ever. Either that or you are just that GOOD in getting what you want. If the latter is the case, I need lessons!

Happy Birthday Jarom! Thirty-one sounds so old and yet I'm only 2 years away from it! I wish I could stay in my 20's forever.

P.S. I tried calling you! I just have a question. Call me back!

Maranda said...

So Joel told me the comment I left you sounded rude. I really hope you didn't take it that way. I was completely being light hearted!

Sarah said...

You are SO funny :)

If it makes you feel any better, I grew up with a tramp my whole life and I remember my dad taking the tramp down once during the winter. They still have that same tramp-it's lasted about 20 years :)