Friday, December 10, 2010

31 reasons...

As promised: 31 reasons I like Jarom a lot.
Just for him on his 31st birthday.


As I started making my list...I realized that more than half of  "my reasons"  would be easier just shared with him....and in the process...spare you all some mush. So I did:):)

It's a good thing I like a whole lot more than 31 I'll choose a few (blogworthy and politically correct) favorites.


1. His sense of humor.
2. His Sarcasm. I love it.
3. Lack of emotion:) Although I have a love/hate relationship with this really has come in handy on countless occasions! He helps me go from a roaring boil to a "simmer" as he so delicately puts it.He helps me through MANY over-dramatic moments.  
4. Freckles on his eyelids. His eyes and eyelashes in general. All good:)
5. Bites his lip when he is happy or excited and is trying his hardest to not show emotion:) haha
6. Very intelligent. I love that he knows A LOT about A LOT. 
7. His "LONG TERM" perspective. He is always reminding me of the bigger picture.
8. His "Quiet Confidence". He is ALWAYS mistaken for "shy". He's NOT. The opposite actually. I call it quiet confidence because he doesn't need to hear himself talk or have people accept him or laugh at him or think he's neat. He knows who he is...why we're here...and what's important. That's sexy:) hehe
9. Tall, dark, handsome and looks killer in a suit and tie.
10. Will eat at any restaurant I choose...even if he HATES it.
11. Super opinionated. I love people who KNOW what they think and HOW they feel. ONLY I know this side of him and I love it. I love having a good conversation with him. He keeps me thinking and on my toes!
12. Very well manicured. Lotion, chapstick, 2 showers a day most the time, trimming nails, etc:)
 So sooooo true. Can't stand to be dirty or sweaty for longer than 4 seconds.
13. Wonderful Father. VERY affectionate which was always a "must have" for me! I wanted a husband who didn't only SAY they loved our children...but SHOWED it daily. (I was one picky, crazy I'm sure you guessed:) 
14. I dare say that his patience exceeds anyone I have ever met.
15. He is only competitive on the ball field or court...not in life. Rare these days.
16. Never talks about himself. Never mentions his accomplishments or successes.
17. NEVER NEEDS TO BE CENTER OF ATTENTION. Love that about him. Was probably the thing that attracted me most.
18. Can hold his own in a conversation/argument. Although I claim to have perfected this trait in him...through much much practice...he's always had it:) haha.
19. He's never put me on a budget:) Even when I've begged for one...he says, "NO. Just don't be stupid." 
That is sooooooo my Jarom for you.  
20. He lets me spend his money on home decor even though he thinks it's a waste of money:)
21. His love for vacationing.
22. His drive to provide the best life he can for Jaxson and our future kiddos.
23. His "objectiveness" and "open mind". He will always give people the benefit of the doubt. He never jumps to conclusions. He is very Logical and analytical about every decision he makes.
24. His curly hair. I have no clue why...but every year we've been together it gets curlier and curlier. It is also turning gray:):) hhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa. He says it's because of me.
25. He has Black Hair and Blue eyes. VEEEERRRYYYY nice combination.
26. He stood on a ladder and took orders on  how to decorate the top of my tree...because I could not reach! (EVEN though he would rather die than decorate something.
27. I love that he finds so much JOY in making/seeing Jaxson happy. He would do anything, go anywhere, buy anything, agree to anything, etc. to make that child happy. (I am serious is a WAY GOOD thing that I exist or the kid would be ruined:) Jaxson won't even ask me if his dad is around...because he KNOWS who will say yes immediately. Hint: it is NOT me.
28. He answers the phone every single time I call him....even if it's 30 times a day...and he will listen to me ramble about almost anything. From where I went to what I am thinking about doing!
29. I never hear him complain. I want people to say this about me at my funeral...but I am the opposite. Too bad we can't ORDER this wonderful trait. More people (like me) need to adopt it. He just goes and goes and goes...and even when he's stressed or beat or cannot keep his eyes open...HE NEVER SAYS IT. It's quite amazing actually.
30. He's good at everything. I love it...and hate it. He can build things (you should have seen how much work he did on my house), he taught me how to thread my sewing machine, he can cook, he draws anything I ask for preschool (it's like crazy...his drawing abilities....serious), if I need it done...and can't figure it out....he is my man. He an do it all. OTHER THAN CARS. He will pay anything to have somebody else to the car stuff:) hehe
31. His goatee. He shaved it once when I was 18 and we were in college and I bawled. It's like he took my twenty-something year old husband and made him 5 years old. It has never been shaved again and never will be. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I know it's wierd...but it's HIM...and I don't want it to change:)


Jarom's Birthday was nice. I have had the craziest week of my life. I have NOT STOPPED running...and I am exhausted. I somehow...because I am a miracle worker on occassion:):)....pulled off blowing up all sorts of balloon bouqets (or rather....Walmart did)...baking a cake for the normal people and a banana cream pie for the wierdo B-day boy who doesn't like sweets. I wrapped gifts and cleaned the house and taught preschool and taught dance, took jax to tumbling and VWAH-LAH...I made it to Applebee's with everyone by 6:30 p.m. No mascara and only half my make-up on....but who cares:) People were too busy watching the B-day boy be mortified that I made the staff of APPLEBEE'S Sing to him. hahahahaha.


Still not sure how that day all came together...but we made it and it was great!
Jarom successfully turned OLD....31!

We celebrated with Dinner, Cake, Ice-Cream (and pie) after a nice Dinner with his family....Jaxson opened up all the presents and had an audience of 7-8 adults laughing the entire time. He then, followed tradition, and let go each and every balloon into the sky one by one. It was a wonderful night!

I even have pictures...but it is 1 in the morning...and I need sleep:)
MAYBE I will get them on here in a day or two.


I am OFF to spend a weekend with hubby in S.L.C.
We are celebrating the big #7.
7 YEARS TOGETHER...wowzers:)


I think I'll challenge him to think of 7 reasons he REALLY LIKES ME! ya right.

Love, Me.


FAMILY said...

I don't know if you even know me! But I grew up in the same ward as Jarom and know his family well. I remember you from highs school. BUT I seriously LOVE reading your blog! You do such a great job! And this was such a great post. It made me realize that I need to pay more attention to the things I love about my hubby! We are going through Law School right now, so I know you can relate to that. Stressful! But, I had to comment because I'm always reading your blog and loving it! Thanks! :)

FAMILY said...

Sorry, I didn't leave my name! This is Emily (Ream) Kawa :)