Monday, December 13, 2010

Seven Years!

Today we celebrated our 7th Anniversary!
December 12, 2003
(talk about skkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnyyyyy....)
...yah...a few things have changed I'd say....

Oh my gosh we were such dorks.
....But we were dorks in love:)......

I have sooo many favorite photos...but I am sparing you!


I just asked Jarom to sum up our celebration weekend in a few words...and all he could come up with was

So true.


We had a lot of fun...even though it was quick and extremely BUSY!
I can't wait for things to slow down one of these years:)


Friday morning early I dropped off Jax for the weekend with his Nanny's. We are lucky that BOTH of them live so close...they make a good team passing him off to each other every few hours! He got lots of love, attention and kids meals. hahaha.
We were grateful.


I love my husband.
.....and although I love my son more than anything...even 24 hours alone with the hubby makes a world of difference!....

We headed to SLC and had a relaxing time: Lunch, Couples Massage, Dinner, Movie, Shopping, Hotel....then came home to our stinkbug and a yummy dinner at Maddox. We exchanged gifts and both claim to have selected the best/funniest card of them all:) I still think I won this year...hands down.

He spoiled me and we did what we always do! He gave ME something he wanted...and I gave him something I wanted:) Needless to say, I'm still very much in love with him after all these years. I'm excited and grateful that I get him for lots more to come:)  

It WASN'T long enough.
I completley agree.


I had a blast going through my 500 pictures of our wedding day. I laughed and laughed. It was strange how much everyone has grown up! My cousins are so big...and they were just little kids:) Jarom's sweet grandpa has passed away and there are friends I haven't seen in 5 years now!  
It was so fun to look back.


I was married on December 12, 2003 and it was a beautiful & sunny December day just like today!
We were married in the Salt Lake Temple at 10:20 a.m. and had sooo many people there to support us. It was such a special day for me. We had a beautiful luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and a reception in good old B.C. It was the perfect day...exactly like I dreamed about since I was 6 years old:) My mom made sure everything was just perfect....and man oh man was I obsessed with jarom:)

My mom is particularly good at the details...and did a fabulous job on the food.
I stood in line for 3.5 I didn't get to taste the chocolate fountain...but I still remember the people raving about it:)

Yes it was snowing lightly in this picture!
I love December. It was so romantic and....yep, freeeezzziinnnng.
I was wearing short sleeves....because you do not alter the wedding dress of your choice to accomodate the weather. Heaven forbid:) hahha. Forget that it was 12 degrees....I faked it with a smile.

I specifically remember NOT feeling my feet throughout my entire luncheon.
I think Jarom had a sore throat our entire honeymoon:)

....Our first dance.....
It was really special at the moment....but right now (could be because it's 1 a.m.) I am laughing outloud at these!!!! Oh to be young:)

This one is for you honey.....
(He was mortified:)


Not sure why...but I wanted to see my video....BBBAAAADDDD.
We took a seat and watched it with about.....100 other people before leaving the reception. We felt so loved....because our reception was supposed to be from 6:00 to 8:00 and I remember my mom finally saying that we could quit at about 9:25 p.m!!!! Finally:)

 I think the people still waiting in line at that point got to witness the whole cake, garter, first dance, exit routine. aagghhh. Fun for them:) 


The big EXIT.
Not sure that I knew what it said on my I smiled and waved to all the bubble blowers:)
I was only 19 years old!!!!! Oh my goodness....


Fast forward 7 years and.....
Today we spent the day with our biggest accomplishment: Jaxson John.
Jarom let me order another big canvas of the kids mug. Oh boy. I need an intervention:) We enjoyed the nice weather and BEAUTIFUL December day at Jensen Nature Park. Jaxson and dad practiced skipping rocks as I watched and felt lucky:)

----Gathering Rocks for the boys----

We made many plans for this upcoming year: our goals, talked about dream vacations and plans for our family. It was a great way to celebrate our 7 year marriage! I am sooo looking forward to this year.

 December is such a busy month...and some of our anniversaries have been much more extravagant that this one...but simple weekends like this help be recognize somthing: ...........
JAROM WAS most definitely the best decision I've ever made:)


Happy Anniversary Honey.
Love, Me


p.s. If you do as I just did and compare the top picture on my header with the picture on our wedding will surely recognize that our faces seem a bit "round". WWWhhhHATTTT??? I knew things were getting a little chubby....but I did NOT know that my face had doubled in size:) Looks like the diet begins tomorrow. Right after I finish this big bowl of peppermint ice-cream. Have you tasted Farr's Peppermint ice-cream?!?!?! Don't. It is THAT good.


allegra said...

i don't think your face has doubled in size!! personally, i think you look better now! age treats you well. not that you didn't look good before, you just looked more like "kids." haha.

happy anniversary! you're a darling little couple, you two

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a fun weekend! Here's to eternity!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I LOVE peppermint icecream! Soooo tastey! Sounds like you guys had a fun anniversary. You and Jarom look like babies in your wedding pics.:) Oh were.:)

Miss Molly said...

I love your house (and happy anniversary!). I really, really want some of those glass apothecary jars with the fun candy and ribbons for each season. Where did you get them?

Kristin Bishop said...


I found the jars at Roberts Craft. I've seen similar ones at michaels and taipan! My secret is buying the BIG BOX of double bubble from sam's club. 15.oo bucks and you have every color for every holiday (in gumballs:) sweet.

Pink, white and red look adorable at V-day...and I did the yellow, orange and white for halloween:) They are fun...quite cheap and darling for every holiday! Good luck!


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You should tell the story about how you won that dream wedding... I love that story!!