Friday, December 17, 2010

PRESCHOOL GIFT LIST...and a lot of other things too:)

I am embarrassed at how long it's taken me to post about my favorite PRESCHOOL AGE GIFTS for this season! I keep mentioning it....and then my life get's even more out of control busy than I thought possible. Rigt now....I am dying a miserable death with the worst cold/flu/sinus infection ever...and have allowed myself 2 hours of rest on the couch. WHICH is the ONLY reason this is happening.

Hey...Amazon has free 2 day you can still order and get any of these things for Christmas!


Sidenote: Last night I sat down with my friend Britt and looked at my scrapbook. The one that documents the day Jaxson was born until his 9 month mark ....and I said to her "I don't even remember what it was like when my life was so...SIMPLE! When the only thing I had going each day was to be a mother and worry about rice cereal and whether or not to add peaches to it for lunchtime:)"


I need to simplify.

But...until then (and because I promised):
I've compiled my list!

I ran out of time (imagine that) I am only going to mention a few of my favorites.
THEY ARE ALL TRIED AND TESTED....and I am telling you...I have 12 THREE year olds (and a few FOUR year olds)...all with unique personalities...all with different likes and dislikes...and these are all a hit!


Melissa & Doug's Sort and Snap Color Match!

Here are three of my boys building a T-rex! It comes with a basic board to hold the pattern...and 20 different patterns to build! It teaches and perfects three main kindergarten core testing basics: Colors, Patterning, Sorting...and it is great for hand-eye coordination as well!

The little pieces easily snap into place as they follow the pattern to complete the puzzle.
They love it! I think it's adorable...and it is one of those toys you don't feel guilty letting them play with for hours! Also...the back of each pattern is black and they can build the T-rex with any colors and/or pattern they would like as well!


Melissa & Doug's Magnetic Dolls!

 Here is Mr. Tanner and Ms. Kennedy playing with the most darling magnetic dress up dolls! They are a spin off the old classic paper doll...with tons of outfits, uniforms, shoes, etc. to place on them.

They are fought over DAILY....and more are being ordered to put an end to the continual tears:) hahaha


Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks

 Mr. Finn and Ms. Paige are fans of them! Darling way to master shapes. Comes with Several pictures and shapes that allow them to complete puzzle pictures by choosing the proper shape for the spot.



Melissa & Doug make a chunky darling shoe for little fingers to practice lacing! Darling way to teach typing shoes and perfect size for little fingers to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motore skills.


Melissa & Doug Magnetic Puzzles!

They fight over these as well!!!! The magnetic puzzles are perfect with a hard plastic cover that make sure NO pieces can escape and get lost. It is a quiet darling spin off of a puzzle...and comes in many different themes. My favorites are the animal farm counting one...and the jungle animal color one pictured here! They use the attached magnetic wand to drag the colored balls inside to the proper spot! Check out the yellow lion!...Kaden is getting the hang of it!!!


Play-doh accessories!

Although this seems completley accessories are PERFECT for this age! For you play-doh haters out there....just give in and get your child some:) If you are stressed about the mess...think about me who is most likely building creatures with 12 three olds and letting them mix colors to their hearts content! It does get everywhere...but they LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I purchased TONS of potato head supplies and they work darling. They love to have arms, legs, eyes and noses to build their creatures!

Getting messy is so good for them...and it brings out their creativity. Give your child instructions to build something and see what they come up with! Read a book and have them build something from the book out of play-doh. It is perfect for a sensory learning center and it makes em' just do it!!! :) I like to read Dr. Suess books and have them build some of his crazy inventions:)


Melissa & Doug Mailbox!

I have MARKED the mailbox my Favorite right now! So worth every single penny.
We use it for everything...and it's another one that causes a little fighting. I wish I could have 12 of them!!! BUT....learning to share is number one on the we use a stop watch and take turns:)

It comes with several wooden envelopes and darling little wooden stamps and postcards that are all different sizes and widths. The child has to figure out which envelope fits in which it takes some dimensional/critical thinking. Earlier this week we wrote letters to santa and each child was ECSTATIC about mailing them in our classroom mailbox. A wonderful thing happened and one of Santa's elfs came to pick up the letters and left them a wrapped little present inside the mailbox! They were in heaven. You should have heard the screams:)

I plan on using this little mailbox for valentine's day letters and cupid gifts and for our section on "Community Helpers". Little toys like this can be used for learning in so many ways!
You need one:)



I have COUNTLESS cheaper ideas for learning toys/tools as well! I will do a post on some of my homemade ones in january...and maybe you can copy them and whip some up during the horrible winter months following Christmas! This picture is of little Miss. Kennedy practicing writing her name. She is only 2.5 if you were wondering...and is super smart:) Plus....I want every one of her outfits in my we'll keep her.

Very Simple: I visited the dollar store for these wonderful BIG (perfect for beginners and little hands) nameplates. I also found a pack of smaller ones on the same isle at the Dollar Tree. I wrote each of their name on the top nameplate, put them next to each other and laminated them! Wahlah! I bough them each a dry erase marker and it is the perfect (easiest way to wipe and clean off) little way to practice writing their name! I make jaxson trace his name every night at the kitchen table while I am making dinner and such. Put every little wasted minute to use! Kids get excited if WE instead of making it seem like homework...make it seem like a game:) Also-tootsie rolls and gummy bears are perfect bribery:)



I don't have pictures of this one...but if you have a three year old you KNOW the obsession with any kind of play food. I think they LOVE to play with and do things that they usually don't get to do. My child loves a play kitchen as much as his sport's balls! The cooking and playing with food is something he never gets to it is obviously a hit!

I currently have in my stash: the Melissa & Doug Pizza, cookie set, cupcake set, 4 food groups, cutting fruits and vegetables, 2 birthday cakes, sandwhich making set & more. Those are just my favorites...but they have come up with some darling and creative ones! Sushi and kabobs and more:) Check them out. They are darling!


Phew. That's it for my list!
Happy shopping. OR maybe save some ideas for the Easter Basket or Birthday!


Moving on:

We went to Temple square for FHE this week.
Between the craziness I am trying to squeeze in a little relaxing with the family.

 It was a really warm night..not miserable like it's been the last 5 years I've gone!
It made it nice...I was able to enjoy it instead of focus on when we were leaving:)
Jaxson was hyper and thought everything was awesome.
fun fun fun age.
 We headed to the Gateway after for Dinner. It was a nice night squeezed into the hectic that has been our house lately:)


Jaxson's Tumbling Christmas Performance!
Jarom and I were proud.
It was fun to watch him....he was good:)

I felt like he needed "OTHER" extracurriculars....even at 3 years old....because I am his teacher and he never gets a break from me. I wanted him to have the experience of listening and following instructions from somebody else:) He has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and he loves Miss Chelsea.

I was amazed at how good he has gotten in the last few months. He can do tricks on the tramp, cartwheels, his little legs and arms are getting stronger and he can do handstands and straddle rolls, etc.
It was a proud moment for his parents:) We are such dorks...but it was fun to see him do so well:)
I always knew he was coordinated...but he surprised me!

He gets a lot of one-on-one attention because there are only 3 kids in his class. One of them is named SPENCER and heis 6. Jaxson races him and wins. It's ALLLL we hear about during the week. I have to have "talks" with him about being competitive and not teasing Spencer (pronounced Fencer at our house) or having to "WIN".

The other day I made Jarom play the Wii with him and purposely make him lose a few times which rarely happens if he's playing with a friend or with me. He's better than me for sure.
It was ugly.
He likes to win.
We are working on it.

 Racing FENCER:)


He is keeping our lives busy and FULL. I know I've mentioned this before...but I feel bad for him.
He has nobody to share my love and mauling.
He is starting to whine or groan when I come after him with kisses and tickling.
He better not start acting "to big for it" for another 3 years for sure.

He is constantly making us laugh. He want to be so big and mimicks Jarom 24/7. His new things are: He HAS TO wear cologne. He HAS TO pick Jarom's tie for work and wear a matching one to church. He is constantly talking about his muscles! This is new and we are wondering where on earth it came from. He flexes and tells everybody about how "FRONG" he is getting. (he puts the letter "F" in front of every single word he says...and I do not want it to change). He stares at his biceps sometimes and talks about them. WHHHATT!?!?!? He did it at tumbling the other night and Jarom and I both turned RED.

(Jaxson insisting on wearing his hat BACKWARD at preschool this week)

Today is Jarom's Work Party...and with enough TYLENOL COLD & SINUS I think I will make it off this couch it time to shower and do something with myself.

I finally finished my Neighbor gifts and the little sleighs for Jaxson's friends.

Instead of something to eat...I chose something a little more useful:)

Little Sleighs full of treats:)

Have a wonderful weekend!
2 more Christmas Parties and some cleaning on my list.
Oh yah...and getting some rest Jaroms says.
I have NOOO voice right now and a fever:)


Love, ME


allegra said...

i'm drooling over all those melissa and doug toys!! that mailbox is sweet!! you are the bomb with all your cute creative ideas for the kiddos. i'm sure they just LOVE it!!

Hickman Family said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute....I love all of the fun things you are doing for your little guy, you have way more ambition than I.....I see that Modbe has started as new line. Are you still selling it? You guys have a Merry Christmas, and I hope you feel better soon!

Bryce & Brittany said...

All those Melissa & Doug toys are sooo cute! I can't wait to stock up on them for Roman! You are such a good teacher!...I wish Roman could be in Mrs.Kristin's class when he's old enough.:)