Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosty the Snowman!

Saturday morning we woke up to lots of new snow.
I shoveled the driveway and Jarom built a snowman with the little man:)

Jarom is the perfect parent.
Me...I try...I do....but I'm just never as much fun.


I love these pictures.
He was giggling non stop and loving every minute. He had a snowball fight with his dad...built a huge Frosty complete with branches for arms and little rock eyes and nailed me with a few snowballs since my hands were full with my camera:)

He was sooo excited. It was fun to watch.
I love seeing him have that much fun. I love when he gut laughs. I love that his dad spends so much quality time with him:)

 Snowball that I am pretty sure was aimed directly at me:)


Taking cover from the snowballs being launched by Jarom!

Because I am his mother I can be OBSESSED with this one:) His eyes, his big smile because he is in mid-laugh. His dorky hat and his chocolate milk mustache.

I don't ever want him to turn 4. That is so depressing.


Later Saturday evening we went to Dinner and had the Forsyth Family Christmas Party.
Santa always makes a showing and brings the kids a gift! He also lets them make any last minute requests for their lists! Of course, Jaxson came up with several NEW things he's never mentioned before.
The kid wants one of everything!!!!!
It's making me nuts.

 He got a darling fishing pole with fish to catch!
All of our walks around Jensen nature Park feeding the ducks helped form this fascination with a fishing pole:) Maybe he'll get a REAL one in the spring for his birthday...but this one sure made him THRILLED for now. It makes darling casting sounds....and has a magnet to catch all the little fish!

 We played lots of fun games and had lots of yummy treats.
Here is Jaxson and Jarom in the "Whipping Cream Christmas Tree" Contest. They went up against my grandpa...trying to build the tallest tree. Jarom used 5 complete cans of whip cream. Sick:)

 Jaxson wasn't about to let it go to waste:)
He dove in and got a few good handfuls before I made it to him!

We had a great time at Jarom's Work Christmas Party on Friday night!
We had a busy Saturday with the last of our family parties of the season!

It is great to finally have a break! I think things are almost done and this week will be a bit slower for me finally. I will be doing something fun with Jax every day this week....since I feel like the poor kid has been ignored or dragged to the mall everyday for 5 weeks now! That is my goal!!!

We are getting started tonight by making Christmas Cookies.


I have officially passed my evil death cold onto Jarom...and he is currently comatose on the couch. I can tell it's pretty bad from his continual moaning and drug taking:) haha.

Pray for him (and me) that it's over by the weekend and we can have our Jarom back.

Merry Christmas Week!


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Bryce & Brittany said...

I love the fishing pole! Very cute! I didn't know it snowed that much in Layton this weekend. There wasn't any in Tooele...weird. I hope you all get feeling better soon!