Friday, February 19, 2010

Emotional, emotional.

I cried 5 times today.
I've been sick...maybe it's that. Or exhaustion. Who knows! I have bawled frustrated tears, excited tears, happy tears and tired tears. Do you have days like that?
1. There was the small fact that my friend Brittany had the monumental Ultrasound that told her she will have a SON in July. I received a text....and I think my response went something like this..."OH MY HELL OH MY HELL OH MY HELL....MY DREAMS JUST CAME TRUE!" then the tears started coming. The first ones of the day. She will be the mother of a darling little BOY and I cried tears like a complete crazy woman who had just been told all over again that her days would be spent playing catch instead of painting nails. Like a woman who had 3 bags of girl clothes shoved under her bed and would NOW be returning all of them for board shorts and Cubs Jersey's. I felt like it was me. It is surreal. A BOY. Are you sure? Is that possible....ya know...because I am a girl? The day they told me how my life would change. What side of the store to shop in...what section of "baby names" to browse over...the day that proved that my husband in fact DOES have emotions and feelings...and the best day of my life SECOND ONLY to the day I birthed him and filled my prescription for percocet:)
2. I then cried when discussing my upcoming Vacation with my Aunt Lana. I am taking my child to DISNEYLAND in a few short weeks and the very thought sends me overboard into a blubbering mess. I child...meeting Tigger and person! I can't contain my excitement and complete feeling of "luckiness" (I recognize that I just created this word)...and yet it doesn't seem to do it justice. I am grateful for this: my husband who obviously agreed to finance my idea, my child being freakishly tall for his 3 year old age and therefore his ability to ride the majority of rides, my mom's sister's who are all coming and bringing their families and "taking turns with him" so that me and Jarom can enjoy it too! It is going to be wonderful!!! 30 of the most fun and loving people ever. They are all so good to him. PLUS...I need a little one-on-one time with Jarom but DO NOT want to leave Jax home. It's the best of both worlds:)
3. I am lonely. I'm not sure why...but I am sick of this weather and of feeling crappy. I don't know many people in my new area and I am trying to conquer the "CHANGE" that accompanies moving cities, wards, friends, neighborhoods, etc. Me and Change should be friends by now...but we aren't. I always have an adjustment period. When my parent's dropped me off in Omaha Nebraska and I bawled and considered a 3 year separation from my husband rather than LIVING dad told me to "Quit Crying....and Change Lives!" I like to believe that I did....but only after I spent a few good months bawling and hitting the Krispy Kreme Drive through for comfort. The first month I moved here to Layton my friends consisted of: Target, Hobby Lobby, TaiPan and Rod Works. I am now looking for more substantial friendships:)
Everybody in my Neighborhood is SOOO wonderful and sweet BUT
B-U-S-Y. They have children in the 6th grade...who need help with science fair projects...and who come ask to shovel my walk for 20 bucks. :):) They are busy meeting deadlines and volunteering and being members of the PTA. Me...well...I checked my schedule and it looks like the only thing I've got in the near future is...Christmas 2010.
4. I miss Jarom. This is sooooo needy and silly....but I never see my husband! It is making me emotional. He leaves at 7:00 a.m. (way way way before I'm awake folks:) and I don't see him til' 9:00-ish. That mean that I see his face for approx. 1 hour each day....and it's getting old. I miss him. I kind of like him. He's my friend and I think he's cute. Why can't we just have my friend Mandi's life? I mean...her husband works 2 days a week and they play with their children at the park in vegas's 70 degree weather for the other 5 days. Whatever. It's not easy to like her. Mainly because of that....but also because she is super sweet, a wonderful friend and listener and she got a brand spankin new Escalade for V-day. Whatever. again.
I just want to see my husband while it's light outside. Is that being high-maintenance?
I think not. Over-emotional. Possibly. ha ha.
5. Last but not husband has his first very own Trial in the morning. I will not go into detail because of my complete lack of knowledge on the subject...but it is very movie-ish to me. ha ha.
I smile (and tear up) when I picture him calling witnesses to the stand and arguing his points, etc. Tonight I should have been cooking him this wonderful good luck dinner...but when he arrived home at 9:00 p.m. he had to go buy his own little ceasar's pizza instead. Pathetic. My head feels like a balloon...if that brings me any sympathy.
I did make him give his CLOSING ARGUMENT or whatever you call me...and I think he should win. If not for his very clever and intelligent way of solving a complex issue...maybe just because he looks by far the best in a suit and tie.
I appreciate all the nice words about my strange "anonymous comments" lately.
None of them rude...but they were definitely NOT what else is there I guess?
Am I right?
I find it rather shocking that people take the time to write something negative!
I usually pause and take the time to comment when I want to congratulate or compliment or I'm incredibly touched by something.
Makes you wonder how miserable some people enjoy being doesn't it?!?
As a matter of fact...Me and my BFB Brittany just had a talk about one of those. The miserable kind that prey on the "happy". We call her many things...but I will refer to her as "PSYCHO" for blog purposes. hee hee. It just so happens that I have a "gift" at putting them in their place. Jarom calls it Sass...but it can and has been called many things. We concocted a plan that I think has a very high success rate of totally making her pissed off...and I cannot WAIT to execute this plan!
Immaturity is so liberating every once in awhile!
Have a wonderful Friday:)


THE MOM said...


That makes me sad that people are so sad and pathetic in their lives that they can't be happy for those who live life and are happy. Just keep doing what you do. I am a total cyber stalker of yours. I don't know you from Adam, but I grew up with Jarom and his fam~ love the Bishops!! I found your blog through another friends and I love the ideas I get from you. I love your sassiness ( is that a word) totally reminds me of me :) You are great and your family is great! Just thought you should know that for every jealous idiot out there you have 100 fans!

Sabrina said...

I'm so sorry you are lonely in your new place Kristin! I've moved 5 times since being married so I know how you feel to be in a new place with new faces. I'm praying for you.

And no, you aren't pathetic for missing Jarom. I miss my hubbie every morning I wake up and he isn't in bed with me. Such a long day! Fortunately I don't have to wait until 9ish to see him.

I love your guts! Have fun in Disneyland this coming summer!!

danielle said...

Ok since everyone seems to be comimg out of the closet (HEHE C:) I'm going to do the same. I have been stoking/following your blog for a few weeks now and I LOVE it!!! I found it through Lindsey Eggett. Don't know if you know her or she knows someone you know but i'm hooked. Mean people in my opinion are jelous people. You ideas are so cute and creative and your family is adorable. I love your Valentines idea. I didn't quite get on here in time for cupid to leave fun things at our front door but next year for sure C: Don't change a thing your great!! my blog is private but if you are ever curious I would love to send you a link and if you do decide to go private I would love to still be able to follow!!

The Christensens said...

Oh I so know the lonely feeling, when I got married we moved out here to tremonton and then I had a baby, even though it was only 15 minutes from Brigham it seemed like hours, and all my friends had gone to college and it was so lonely!!!! And I totally don't think you are pathetic for missing Jarom, Paul only works from 7-7 and I break down about once a week cause I feel like i hardly see him.... I so wish most days we could just be rich and both stay home... wouldn't that be the life :) I love reading your blog... you are so super cute!!!!

kaceyandjamie said...


I also stalk your blog. I think you are hillarious and very creative and talented. By the way, we went to high school together, although you probably don't remember me. I just had my second SON three months ago and feel the same way about having boys as you do. And as for the wierdo comments you got, don't pay them any attention. Some people are just douche-bags.(Pardon my language.) I think you are great!!

Ruth Peterson said...

Hi Kristin! Don't know what "Anonymous" said about your V-day post but wanted to tell you that for 20 years I've done Valentines for my kiddos...this means pink/red/heart-shaped breakfasts for 3-5 days before Valentines (early--before school!)& each day with diff cute place-settings, little gifts each day, and an awesome takeout lunch delivered to school(s) on V-day complete with huge mylar balloon...they've had everything from Wingers, to Chinese, to Burger King, pizza...I've driven Marissa's Valentine box to her the past 2 years--4 hour it work? Yeah..4 kids over 20 I plan to continue it with my one little guy? You bet! You do what feels right for you and yours.

Ruth Peterson said...

Oh--and about Disneyland--Brian called us about it but we were at a Court of Honor and couldn't you have a link to the hotel/package info? I've been unable to reach him and we'd like to make it happen; I think we're a little late getting the news...and the little blonde boy in the fam really wants to see Mickey's real house! Thanks

Stacy Ellison said...

i've been a emotional wreck too! i can't watch the olympics without bawling! everytime some wins the gold and whenever someone falls! because they have worked SO hard. anyways, maybe it is the time of year and the lack of sunshine! have fun in california! where it will be sunny. and good luck jarom! that is exciting! :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh....quit your crying.....or if you can't give me a call and I'll help change your mood for you.:) I'm so excited to have a boy and I'm sure I'll be calling you alot with decorating questions and clothes buying questions. Here's one- - at what age can you put your tiny little baby in denim pants or shorts?? They seem uncomfortable, am I right? I returned my bags of girl clothes today and forced myself to turn my head to the "boy" section.:) Ha!! I really am excited! He's going to be my little buddy just like Jaxson is to you! I can't wait!

Amy! said...

I think you need to come in again for some girl time and another makeover ;)