Friday, February 19, 2010

Job Titles...

I have admitted my love for Discovery Channel too many times on this blog.

Jarom is freaked out by it a little I think.

I would rather watch "Emergencies in the OR"..."Dr. G. Medical Examiner"...or "The secret life of Hoarders"...than anything else on TV! If he sets the remote down for a second I flip it to channel 220 and grab a box of tissues to cry for "Medical Mystery: The Girl who was born without limbs".


oh my goodness this sounds so much more morbid out loud:)


Jarom won't let me watch during dinner. It makes him gag.

ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I am laughing out loud right now.


I secretly wish that I had become a Nurse or Doctor or Pediatrician! Oh that would be awesome. SOOOO many years of Anatomy and Physiology classes...then teaching it for years will do that to a person I guess. I am obsessed. I would love to help people at times of stress...I would love the rush of saving someone's life...I would love to be that smart for heavens sake!


Jarom continually reminds me that I COULD have done any of it...but instead chose to be a MOTHER. Doesn't he have to say that???? I love that job too....but I admit I have to be reminded as I'm watching "First Responders" on Friday night when Jarom wants to rent a movie...that MY JOB IS as glamorous and gratifying! IT IS IT IS IT IS.

I also wanted to be a JOURNALIST (My Bachelor's Degree is in Journalism), a Counselor, a Psychologist, an Interior Designer. Oh...I was always changing. I want to go back to school for a million gazillion things but Jarom says no for now. Maybe someday!


I came to this conclusion:

Any decision is a sacrifice.

Simply because...

We can't do it all. We can't be it all.

(Even though I happen to want too).


Sure...I'd bet most of us are capable...but we have to DECIDE.

My Hair Dresser in Omaha was 45. She was darling, had traveled the world, was loaded beyond belief and was miserable. She was talented and great and important...and empty.

She was super sweet to me...and loved when I came by every 4 weeks for our one-hour chat on life. She quit working full-time and got pregnant at 45 year old because of our little "talks"! It still makes me cry to think about. She told me it was my "wisdom beyond my years" because I was the ripe old age of 21 and "had it figured out" according to her. She hugged me and told me I changed her life. She had 3 boys in the next 3 years....and her life is FULL. I don't take the credit...because thankfully I've got a plan all layed out for me. We all must find JOY and GRATIFICATION in any job we have. This is one of my favorite messages on the subject!


Like when Jarom applied for Law School.

I wanted to apply for Dental Hygiene.

I wanted to proceed and be a Dentist at the time.

I had to choose.

I chose to follow him.

Sacrifice. But worth it.


SOOOO....the other night

I was busy watching my guilty pleasure "THE SECRET LIFE OF HOARDERS!"

(I am laughing so hard right now...because 99% of you finish that sentence with THE BACHELOR or DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.) I am a nerd.

Anyways---Halfway through the and in walks a "CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER" to help these people out. It's like the world stopped for a moment and I Shushed jarom and jaxson. "Turn it up...Turn it up...what did they just say????"

Jarom starts laughing. Mocking me I'm certain.

"Did they seriously just say that somebody on this earth has the title CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER and that she gets paid to throw people's junk away and tell them how to make their home more functional?!?


Many things go through my mind at this moment...mainly...


I don't remember having that option as I scrolled through the 20 different things I

"wanted to be when I grew up".


Anyhow---this is my new obsession.

Where and how can I get this degree and go on that show?!?

I want to tell people what to throw away and how G-R-O-S-S it is to keep every old beer can you've ever came acrossed and call it a "collection". It's trash people. Plain and simple.

In fact...I think this show fascinates me because I should have my own Diagnosis.

I should be diagnosed with the 100% opposite.

I throw everything away.

This has been known to cause much stress to my husband.

Anytime he starts rummaging through this office drawers I have been known to drop to my knees in the kitchen and think "PLEASE OH PLEASE BLESS YOU DIDN'T THROW THAT DOCUMENT AWAY KRISTIN!"

I usually did.


This post is WOW!


last Friday night when I requested that Jarom bring in the ladder so I could finish up my "DANGEROUS and GRATIFYING JOB of Dusting". I thought... "you know what...I love to clean. I love to organize. I love to be a mother. I think it's a great job."

AND although it's not all that glamourous....It is kinda dangerous and often times provides quite a rush! ha ha.

...Like for instance...when I dust my bookshelves.

I'm scared crapless.







My job is dangerous and important afterall.

For Pete Sake...I risk my life and tackle my fear of heights head on so that my guests don't have to look down on giant clumps of dustbunnies.



I also made this nifty little Beginning Spelling, Letter Recognition, Color Recognition game this morning:) Go HERE for details! I will be posting countless games and crafts that will be part of my preschool: Smarty Pants Preschool! Check it out! The link is at the top of my blog...and keep telling your friends in the Davis County area. My student list is growing...and the 2010 school year is going to be Awesome!

paint cans-560

This game is so simple...yet completely effective. It helps your children learn colors, spelling and letter recognition. You can mix up the clothes pins and have them sort through them to find the letters to spell out each color. Clip them on the bottom in the right order. Months of repetition with this game will surely have them spelling in not time!

I am heading to laminate them this minute!

oh my goodness...the sun is shining and even though it's freezing I am heading out for a walk.
No more sitting here depressed and gloomy.
I quit that.
Accomplish lots!


Erin said...

Kristin this is why I like you so much!! Those hoarding shows and organizing shows are my favorite shows to watch and I tell john weekly how much I would like to be able to go into peoples homes and just clear out the entire house and start over. There are a few people in my ward that just have too little of homes for their family size and can't fit anything in there home because of all the clutter. secretly I am terrified to be in their houses but I have to for relief society stuff. But instead of refusing to go into their homes ever again I nicely go in for a meeting or something and just nicely say something like "Hey you guys have a ton of papers over there on that there computer desk. You guys should get some shelves and hang them on the wall and put your stuff in baskets instead of on the desk." 2 weeks later I went into their house and sure enough they had shelves screwed to the wall with baskets filing all of their papers. I thought "this is awesome, I'll try it again." So I nicely suggested. "Hey you guys should get a shoe box for all of those CUTE shoes so they don't get lost around the house and scuffed up." Sure enough the next week they had a shoe box in there house. I have done this with this one family like 5 different times now and their house looks so much better. I LOVE doing stuff like that and would LOVE to be a Certified Profession Organizer. If you ever figure out how to become one let me know!! That why I don't have to do it by beating around a bush with people.


aust, jess, janson said...

I loved loved you're v-day post!!! and ps totally copied you!! I'm blog stalking you! jk but janson just turned two so i'm trying to be more fun like you! ha lol. I have to say I am a dental hygienist... love it.. but everyday I drop janson off at donnas (daycare) think shes going to work on the potty training today, teach him twinkle twinkle little star and all the things that I his mom should be doing today:( {i'm just having a little self pity party right now:)} but it makes me reevaluate my love for my job.. but then i think i don't have what it takes to be that awsome mom that stays home and plays and does all those fun things you do!! i for sure think you have a much harder job raising your beautiful boy than i do scraping but i sure would love you to come dust and organize my house oh boy i don't find enough hours in the day. but I think you already have a million job titles mom just sums it up well right?!? I wish I lived closer you are soo funny, and i would love janson to come to your preschool you will do amazing!.. oh and ya just to let ya know I am totally copying the cute spelling thing you have! if you go private after all you better send me an invite so I can continue to blog stalk:)

Aubri said...

Wow! To have such a passion for organizing is most definitely a talent. I honestly think having the skill of organizing is an art, too. Only some people get it, and that's why those people are valuable because they really can help others live better, more organized, less chaotic lives.
Anyway just had to comment on that! I love your blog, you're just too cute. I love honest people who are funny. You totally express that in your blog, and it's refreshing. I am Chase's mom, Aubri, I emailed you last week about the preschool. ☺

US! said...

Kristen, I haven't been able to read your blog lately, and I've got my internet back and this is totally the post I needed! Being a new mom can get really really lonely, but you have reminded me that I've never had so much joy as I have in these last six months. Going from a working woman to a stay at home mom is so challenging but worth it! Thanks for letting me read your blog! You're such a talented writer!

Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh you have such motivation! To dust some place that you need a ladder!!! Yikes.

And I totally agree with you about being a Professional Organizer...I could totally do that.

I love the story about your 45 year old friend. How true it is that you could have everything and yet nothing at the same time. Being a mother is hard and gross and exhausting BUT totally satisfying.

Kyle and Janel said...

Okay so I don't comment very often but I always love reading your blog. But anyways, I was watching Rachel Ray this morning and I totally thought of you. They had an "Clutter and Organizer Expert" on her show. Tim Walsh (I think) and he was showing everyone how to de-junk their house. He even has a book out about it. Now I think that is totally something you can do. You are a fabulous writer, you are funny as heck, and you love to organize! You should totally write a book! anyways, just thought I would share. (oh and I am waiting to see more pictures of your house! love the bookshelves!!)

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Kristin, So you may or may not know who I am...You were a year older than me in school. Last name use to be Kano...Anyway, I love looking at your blog. And although you may find yourself envying others and wishing you were something else (for instance a nurse...which I am) I find myself envying you!! You are amazing! Your home is beautiful, you are so creative. I wish I was half as organized or good at decorating as you are! And I can't help but hope that when my first baby comes in August that I can be as fun as you have been with your boy! He's lucky to have such an outgoing mom! Honestly...I'd like to steal a piece of your personality! It's great! But in the mean time I'll keep reading and getting creative ideas!!