Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day...and new Links!

This weekend was full!
BUT First: I FINALLY finished my 2009 Scrapbook!
Updated pages and tips on a wonderful sale HERE!


Following a week of being sick and tied to the couch...we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend full of family, great food, bowling, pizza parties, my brother's wedding reception and Valentine's Day!


First off:
I must say that it is so so so wonderful to have a healthy child.

I have really been lucky and totally admit that I have taken advantage of it!

Jaxson has never really been sick.

He has never thrown up...never had a ear infection...NOTHING!

I, of course, claim it was the 18 months of selfless breastfeeding:) ha ha.

HOWEVER, last week broke my 3 year streak of a (Sick-Free in every possible way) Child.


He projectile vomited on my wood floor.

He Lost 3 pounds.

He had diarrhea for 5 days straight.

His cough is hideous.

It was the saddest and most horrific experience for me!

He didn't cry, tell me he was sick or anything.

He actually vomited and said "Oh dear. I got it on my yellow blanket. I am so very sorry."


He slowly moved himself from my his cozy spot on my new carpet OVER to the woodfloor, spread out his yellow blanket and threw up on it. BLESS THAT CHILD. It's like he knew what his mom's mental and emotional state would be if it landed on the carpet. I have to hand it to him for thinking of that while he was so miserable. He's a Saint:)


He was immediately better and has been his CRAZY self ever since!!!

Why did it take a week for that bug to come out of his belly?!?

I would still love the answer.

Me...Him...Couch....FROM MONDAY all the way to FRIDAY!

I am so ready for a new week:)


Valentine's Day Weekend was great.

Cupid delivered on Saturday evening...and Jaxson loved loved loved it!

Our V-day tradition is that Cupid doorbell ditches. My grandma celebrated this way for my mom when she was little...and she did the same for us!

Jaxson was thrilled by it so I guess it's a keeper:)

(answering the door)



Checking out the goods!



Cupid brought:

Crayola activity practice Jaxson's letters!



Skittles...OF COURSE.


Sesame Street Number Flahscards!



Trucks and Cars...his favorite.



Monkey shirt and comfy shorts...





The cutest book on earth!
"LOVE from my a snuggly, cuddly little boy!"
It will make you cry.



V-day Monkey that sings and dances all about

L-O-V-E :):)


I got some wonderful lovin from my littlest Valentine:)



...after I read him his book...


I got jarom a weight set...


he got me a treadmill and a new cell phone!


I promised to NOT leave my cell phone on the roof of my car again.


After 6 years of marriage this GIFT goes from a potentially disastrous Valentine's Gift TO the winner of the best husband ever award! I was soooo excited...and relieved that I can exercise whenever I want...with no worries about babysitters, waking up at 6:00 a.m., or gym memberships.

Hallelujah.'s just making myself use it. THAT may be the difficult part:)


We went to Brigham to visit my family and had an enjoyable evening and a wonderful Home Cooked Meal that I didn't have to cook:)

It was a great V-day.


Also- I have Links!

As you probably noticed.

I've mentioned before...but I am starting a Branch of Smarty Pants Preschool (based out of Las Vegas). I am super excited and have been putting countless hours of work into it!

Come September we will be up and running and I am so excited!

Check out my Blog (linked on top) and let anyone looking for a wonderful preschool in the Layton area to check it out. It may be a perfect fit.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Valentines or Christmas?! What ever happened to a heartfelt card and sugar cookies??

Anonymous said...

Today is my lucky day :)
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Kristin said...
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Ryan and Danielle said...

Okay I'm coming out, I found you blog hopping/stalking, whatever you want to call it and love reading your blog, you're hilarious! I just always felt weird if I commented and you didn't even know me!! I promise I am not a stalker, I'm a mom to 4, live here in Utah, you can even read my blog but I'm rather boring just to warn you, I can send you a link but don't want to post it on here because I don't want your mean anonymous people to come my way.
I would like to be invited to your blog, you have such cute ideas and I love your stories.


Ashley said...

I better get an invite!

Shauna said...

People are so rude! Please add me when you do decide to go private. Thanks Kristin

Erin said...

please give me and invite. erinpettingill(at)gmail(dot)com

Jessica Kettle said...

hey! are you still going private? i just saw the announcement on google reader but maybe you took it down. anyway, i was going to tell you that you can change your settings so that you don't allow anonymous comments. that way people have to sign in to their accounts and own up to their words- mean or nice! =) glad you had a good v-day, do some running for me! i am focusing on eating chocolate. haha!

Jessica Kettle said...

p.s. it was fun seeing you at texas road house! but i wanted to die too- it was pre preggers announcement and i could not have looked like a sloppier pregnant girl! haha! i walked out thinking, ok, she is either going to TOTALLY know i am pregnant and lazy, or she is just going to think i got chubby and tooootally let myself go. hahaha! i hope jax got over not catching the flowers. he is so freaking cute!

Bryan and Afton said...

Hi Kristin! I’ve never commented because I was pretty sure you wouldn’t remember me, or would wonder how the heck I found your blog, but I was in your ward in Brigham until about high school.

I stumbled onto your blog through a link on Nicole’s, and I’ve been a fan ever since! Your blog is so fresh, for lack of a better adjective, and one of two I read religiously. So if you do decide to go private, please invite me, I’d really miss your humor and creative ideas.

On a side note, anonymous comments really are lame. You probably already know this, but you can block them by going into your settings, clicking on comments, and then choosing who can comment.

Good luck!

Afton (

Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

Hey Kristin, Callie from HS . . . would love an invite if you go private!

callie dot chinen at gmail dot com!

Kristin said...

you are all so nice. I am too lazy to go private...SO I am taking your advice and changing my comments instead:) No more anonymous people:)

Allyson said...

I missed what happened! Love your blog. Love your energy. Love your creativity. Love your zest for life. Love how you love Jaxson...and LOVE that new blog header. I'm sorry people are rude...or whatever happened. Keep up the good work!

Michael . Heidi . Mason . McKay said...

I saw your blog through Carin Larson's and had a small question if you don't mind :) ... what program do you use to do your scrapbook pages? Super cute. Thanks. -Heidi Anderson

The Taylor Family said...

Hey Kristin. Hopefully this isn't too weird for you but I found your blog somehow about 2 weeks ago and I love it. I scrapbook too so I immediatly loved your ideas and tips. I love your relationship with your son and hearing about alll your amazing ideas. My mom did alot of fun things for us when we were little like you do for Jackson and I am always inspired from you. Plus your home decorating skills rock and I love all your painting tips. And on top of this I totally want my little girl to be in your preschool and she's only 2 and I live in North Ogden! I've already told my husband. Pretty much I think you are so cool that i wish you were my friend. I'm not sure what happened but people are rude. Just thought you should know I am a huge fan and would be sad if I couldn't be inspired by you! I think you re awesome.

I realize this might come off borderline stalker. I promise I'm normal. ha ha.

Anyways thought you should know this. Hopefully it lifts your spirits!
-not that it's worth looking at.

Tai and Joe said...

Holy cow! People really have some nerve! that's so rude. I love your blog! I'm your biggest fan. If you go private please invite me.

Lindsay said...

I would love to be invited if you decide to go private too! Our moms were friends while we lived in Brigham and we went to Middle School together!

We have sons about the same age (Logan just turned 3 in November) and I love seeing all the fun things you do for Jaxson! I have stolen many ideas!)

My email is


Lindsay (McMillan) Bennett

Erin said...

Hi Kristen.
Like some of the other comments I hope you don't think I am a crazy stalker! I have actually left you a few comments before (ok, so maybe that makes me a stalker...but I can promise you I am not crazy :) I have to say I too love your blog! I admire the relationship you have with you little boy and I think it is wonderful that you make everyday (and holidays) something for him to remember! That is what us mommies are supposed to do!! I would be very sad if you went private! I look to your blog for inspiration and ideas...I think you are a great (even though I don't know you personally!)


Ashleyandsteve said...

Hey Kristin, now I dont feel to weird asking cause you have so many of requests, if you go private, I would love an invite too please..i love to read your blogs all the time. you have so much too say and its hillarious...thanks