Friday, February 12, 2010

One of my Valentine's :)

I have 5 minutes before I must jump in the shower and start my I thought I'd share this quirky little smile with the world:)
He is sick. WAY sicker than he's ever been thus far in his little 3 year old lifetime...yet he still is a crack up. He's making us laugh and cracking a smile now and again, which is making it bearable!
edited v-day pic
I am back among the living. In an effort to re-claim my week I've:
mopped, cleaned my entire house, washed all laundry, washed sheets, cleaned out the fridge, made 2 batches of heart shaped sugar cookies and frosted them pink with red sprinkles, made V-day gifts for all grandma's---and prepared "CUPID'S" gifts for my little squirt!
I, HANDS DOWN, have found the most precious book written and directed to little boys (from their parents)...and can't wait to give it to my little Valentine this weekend.
I will share...don't worry.
I cry every single time.
SOOOOOO perfect. SOOOOO darling.
Have a good Friday!
WE have wedding reception #2 for my brother this evening:)
OH and I have been working tirelessly on my Preschool Website and Curriculum!
I will be posting the link soon...and in the coming weeks it should be complete and ready for the 2010 school year. All those with kiddos 3-4 years old...who lived anywhere within range of me...and want their children to go to the most darling preschool on earth.
CHECK IT OUT...and Call me.

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Aaron and Angie said...

When I get back to Utah, you are teaching me a few things.