Wednesday, February 10, 2010

we are going to die here....I know it.

I am sick.

Jaxson is sick.

I am being the bigger baby. By far.
Before I get into my hard-core complaining...can I ask
I log on and die each time. U-G-L-Y.
I need to take the time to fix it.
So I spent like 5 minutes making a much more SIMPLE header (hallelujah) and then spent the last 30 minutes of my life making a darling blog background to match. I read and read and read and then altered my HTML to include the code for my new background. my problem is that the background will not STRETCH the entire width of my blog template. Any suggestions? I've read about it...but feel to overwhelmed and immediately BORED when I start trying to understand CSS3 and the codes to stretch.
Please let me know...all you html pro's out there.
Save me the pain and torture. I beg you.

oh yah. Pyzam's background uploader won't work or I would have skipped all that and opted for the EASY route. Oh..and lot's not even begin on my sidebar stuff. EEEWWWW. It matches a blue and yellow blog design from months ago. I am TOTALLY unmotivated to fix it.

Maybe I'll just quit blogging all together.


Moving on...

I was pretty mature and calm for the first 30 hours of my near death sickness...but then I grew restless and impatient and started whining and begging for mercy! I don't do "sick" very well. "

"I hate you" everything I ate last Sunday!!!

The only blessing I can think of right now is that we purchased 2 enormous hot water my routine of filling the entire jet tub with steaming hot water and soaking 6-7 times a day and 2-3 times in the middle of the night has YET TO BE a problem. Even last night when I started the dishwasher and did a load of towels...there was plenty to fill it another 2 times! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


I hate the flu/stomach virus/migraine/everything hurts sickness that has consumed my week.

What a waste of a perfectly good few days:)

My lists are running through my mind at a million miles per hour.

Food or the smell or thought of anything that can be consumed makes my gag reflexes go into over drive. Jaxson ate a bowl of "trix" cereal last night and then asked me to HOLD him.

OH MY HEAVENS. The smell of fruity cereal breath nearly sent me over the edge.

I will never forget that moment. TORTURE.


I HATE sitting here...I hate watching hours and hours tick by while I remain planted in the same location! I jokingly asked Jarom to check me for bed sores yesterday...becuase I don't get how people can sit still this long! It is making me nuts and onry.


Jaxson on the other hand is perfect.

He has the ugliest croopy cough...oodles of snot...a slight temperature...and diarrhea. Oh the diarrhea. his true form he hasn't missed a beat.

He is happy, giggling, wanting to play catch and practice his swing.

waaaahhhhh. I am neglecting him.

I admit it.


The extent of his Neediness is when he takes off running for the potty and requests that I help him...and QUICK. He dances around and shouts "Oh my goodness...oh my goodness...hurry mama!". When I finally get him into position (ha ha) he sighs and says laughing "phew...phew...phew...that was a close one!"

If only I could see an ounce of humor in this situation.


He brings me things...bless his heart. Like: blankets, pillow, the remote, water bottles, etc.

I did briefly move from my permanently dented spot on the couch to bathe, lotion and lovingly change his jammies yesterday. The only problem: it caused me to gag and have waves of nausea for the rest of the evening.


Life is not fair.

ha ha ha.


Ok. For those who do not catch my is painfully obvious that some have it so much worse. Have you stopped into Nie's blog lately? My heart aches for her...and her children.

My problems will end tomorrow (if they don't I will die) and hers are an ongoing struggle with no end in sight. That takes strength. Obviously more than I am capable of. I take advantage of my "healthy body and always busy self".


Pray that Jaxson doesn't get hurt during my afternoon nap.

Or that he miraculously falls to sleep too!


I have some beautiful pictures of my brother's wedding on Friday...and some darling shots of a handsome little 2 year old sporting a tuxedo. I'm just not happy enough to look at anything happy:)

I will post soon.

I better get back to getting better.

I have MANY plans for V-day.
I have MANY plans for a makeover of my Blog.
....all will happen in the next few days...If I don't die first.....


CBS said...

I'm sorry you'resick!! I am too but yours sounds much worse:(. BUT I just have to ask u.... What on earth made u like this mercy book?! I'm listening to it and it's bad!! F words and lots of naughty stuff?! I'm half way through... Do I need to keep going?! I guess im more into classics like pride and prejudice and withering heights:)

Kristin Bishop said... make me laugh.

First off...thank you for convincing everyone who reads my blog that I read HORRIBLE NAUGHTY BOOKS:)ha ha...

My friend Britt LOVES jodi picoult and I wasn't much of a I just started with the ones she said were good. I have only read Twilight Series and Jodi Picoult. That's it.

I must say though...Pride and Prejudice would put me to sleep:)

Her books are all number 1 sellers. I told you it had a few unncessary cuss words...that you have to skip over...but then again, you aren't reading them. Don't you listen to them out loud? I would have a hard time listening to some man's voice explain...out loud in my home half the stuff her books talk about. I would also HATE HATE HATE to hear the F-word outloud. Reading it quietly to myself is different. I skip parts I don't like.

But my main reason for liking all of her books were they are all about really controversial issues...AND they are all about attorneys, court cases, law...etc. Remember when I told you that they always help me understand more about what my husband does for a living????

Jarom has a stressful and intense job...that heaven knows not very many people could her books always help me understand more about it.

p.s. I warned you about it and you know it...and you still bought it! ha ha ha.

talk to you soon!


jen said...

Kristin you are hilarious. That whole post just made me giggle. Thanks for that. Hope you get better soon!

Sabrina said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel Kristin! My whole household has been deathly sick for a week!

I actually had to call my mom from my bed on Monday and beg her to come and take care of Nathan.

Such a nasty thing going ....

The only things that havev kept me going is a husband who works super hard despite feeling like crap and a little boy who just giggled and giggled once he felt better.

Get better soon and have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

CBS said...

Ok:) I'll finish it. BUT I want u to read pride and prejudice for me! It's wonderful and is one of the most beloved books of all time! It will not put u to sleep:)