Monday, February 1, 2010


I FINALLY updated my craft blog...with a few of the things that are keeping me busy these days:) I have been swamped it seems. My brother gets married this Friday...and the final rush is upon us! Weddings are so much fun. I wish it were me:) I'd definitely do it all over again.
Jarom is the beeeessstttt.
To find out why these Panties were strung from my Mantle...
Hey...Maybe you can put a spin on it and give your hubby a wonderful V-day gift this year!
Too many ideas coming right now...just...too...many:)
Jarom would die.
I can see the look on his face now:)
I ALSO put the final touches on Jaxson's Birthday Party Invites!
I love how they turned out.
I'm not sure why I thought HAND DELIVERING them was a good idea:)
However, Jaxson is thrilled with the idea!
(I blocked out my address...for you viewing pleasure:)
(The scroll inside the bottle)
5x7 invite for blog
I filled the bottles with sparkley sand and finished with a chocolate raffia knot.
It's going to be the PERFECT way to welcome the big #3 for my little man!
FINALLY posted my Faux Painting adventures HERE as well:)
But I do plan on posting some of the most gorgeous Bridal Pictures of my Brother and his Fiance as soon as I get motivated:)


Amy! said...

You are too much!!!! Please bless I even get invitations out for my kiddies birthdays ;) SOO CUTE!

Good luck with your "smokey eye" Friday... You can do it! SO FUN to see you pretty much daily! LOL.. Keep the visits coming.. Helps my day go by fast.

Anonymous said...

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