Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hilarious commentary from my 2 year old most 2 year olds I'm sure...says the most hilarious things!
Hanging with him is PURE entertainment for me.
I call Jarom 30 times a day and my mom even more than that...relaying to them the hysterical things that he can come up with.
I've always used words that MOST people probably do not in everyday language...but Jaxson has picked up on them and sounds just like me:) I even combo words or make-up my own when describe something in detail:)
Conversation #1: Mom...I have a tiny weiner...daddy has a big wiener and you don't have a weiner, huh? Because why don't you have weiner again? Oh're weiner broke off and dad says you just have one nice butt." (NO PAUSES OR STOPS TO TAKE A BREATH)
Conversation #2: (we are driving to the store)
Jax: " Mom why is that train stopped right there, huh?"
Me: No idea
Me: It wanted to
Me: I'm not sure
Me: Jaxson...I do not know. Don't ask me are making me nuts!
LONG 5 minute period of silence
Jax: Hey mom...I know why that train stopped. It saw some money and wanted to pick it up!
Conversation #3: (8:00 a.m. this morning)
Jax: clothes are all wet
Me: what happened
Jax: I pee'd in my bed!
Me: uh-oh...why?
Jax: Daddy is in soooo much trouble.
Me: Why is daddy in trouble?
Jax: Becasue he didn't listen to you mommy...
and take me to the potty before putting me to bed.
Me: Oh really.
Jax: Darn it. ......Darn it. Silly goose daddy.
Conversation #4: (in the tub)
Me: What is?
Jax: My car is swimming and doing flips!
Me: That's great...don't splash
Jax: crashed!
Me: Are you ready to get out?
Conversation #5: (gas station buying a bug juice)
Me: can get anything you want...just no soda
Jax: I wanted a Diet Coke...but I know mom...Soda will ROT MY STINKIN TEETH OUT!
Jax: I'll get a bug juice
Oh...he keeps me laughing.
His little brain is always spinning...he can put more things together than I ever imagined at this age. He is impossible to trick...and he will negotiate anything and everything! He comes up with better excuses than I can. He corrects me when I cuss or use improper language...he asks for things politely..."May I mommy...PLease...Thank you...your welcome" and reminds me to do the same. He is keeping me on my toes these days!
Christmas is going to Rock!
He says some hysterical things when he gets excited...and talks in this husky deep voice that comes out of nowhere?!?
I love it:)
Still searching for the cranberry salsa recipe...I am not kidding.
You have to try it just once!


The Wells Family said...

ha! that sounds so familiar. :) it is so hard to document all of these hilarious things when they happen SOO much! yesterday bobby said, "mommy...when i become a big daddy will you be my wife and call ME "honey"? silly boys!

Ruth Peterson said...

Here's the recipe, Kristin...sorry, thought you got a copy! :)

1 12oz bag fresh cranberries
2 jalpenos, chopped
2 green onions, chopped
2 Tbsp. cilantro
1 C. sugar
2 blocks cream cheese

Finely chop first 4 ingredients, mix together with the sugar. Form the cream cheese into a ball (optional!). Set on a plate and pour the salsa over it. Serve with your fav crackers or tortilla chips. Enjoy!!