Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Temple Square Lights...

Family Night was spent at Temple Square!
...with the rest of the world...



There were FAR TOO MANY people...but we managed to have a great evening!


We grabbed dinner at Chili's and drove around SLC for 45 minutes looking for parking:) Once we got parked...and Jarom calmed down from his "I hate crowds...I hate this...I hate parking...I am only doing this because it will make you happy" attitude...

we were ready for some fun!


I gave him my little "do this for your child...he will love it and remember it" speech...swatted him on the butt...and off we strolled toward the masses of people into the 20 degree night:) My idea of a PERFECT evening. Ha!


We froze our butts off...but Jaxson didn't even seem to notice the cold.

He was loving it...as I knew he would!

Oh...what do you know...Jarom dug deep and mustered up a smile:)

(love you honey)

Yes---I wore my snow boots.

I saw a few "not-to smart" women...trying to look cute and festive.

Out on DATES no doubt.


It LOOKED PAINFUL:) I mean heels...some with bare feet and strappy heeled sandals.

What part of "IT IS 20 flippin DEGREES" do they not understand?

...Moving on...
He was fascinated with the fountains.

It was a fun and memorable night.

I did have a few kind people offer to take pics of my family...but nobody can run my camera!

They are black...the pictures:)


I don't blame them..because the fact that I got a few shots...at night...on Manual...where you can actually see our faces...is nothing short of a miracle:)



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Michelle & Dave said...

We were there the same night! I saw a lot of crazy "cute" girls too! NUTS! It was bitter cold!