Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party...

December 2009
Me and the hubby:)
We had our last Christmas Party of the BUNCH last night and it was so much fun.
Always wonderful games..and my favorite aunt's ever:)
We had the bestest Fresh Cranberry Dip on earth...I will share the recipe this week for sure...because you must MAKE IT and TRY IT no matter what!
Jaxson got ANOTHER toy off his wishlist!
By the time Christmas rolls around he's pretty much been spoiled crapless. (is that even a word? Does it mean anything at all?!? Ha! You get the idea:):) Our families all draw cousin names...grandma's give him toys to enjoy DURING the season...Santa shows up at the parties with more...! He definitely knows the drill and get's really excited and overly dramatic when opening them:) It is the best!!! He gasps ands squeals and screams. It is priceless. His cousin Bailee gave him a hot wheels car and a Motorcycle that vrooms, does wheelie's, flies acrossed the floor, flashes it's lights....the works.
Instant Heaven.
He hasn't put it down.
I am busy filling the week with last minute fun:)
Temple Sqaure
Baking cookies
Playing in the snow
Dinner with friends
Why does Christmas have to be coming so quickly?!?
I wish December could last for months!


Brownies said...

So much fun and Dang cute, I cant believe it is the week of Christmas, WOW, can you even get over it. Well maybe we can catch up after, have a great holiday......

Allyson said...

I LOVE the Christmas card!!! So cute.

Ericsonfam said...

Agreed I wish it lasted longer too. Merry Christmas. Wish we would have seen you more last week after maddox. Bella Lincoln and I will come visit after christmas and maybe do some after christmas sale shopping!

Ericsonfam said...

Oh I love your christmas card too. Very cute!

Ruth Peterson said...

Glad you liked the cranberry salsa! It was so much fun for Brenner to see Jaxson--I laughed when they were putting Brenner's little motorcycles down for a nap in the Bethlehem Inn..:) I got a couple of pics of them playing together--prob the only good ones of the night! Three-year-olds make for such great Christmas spirit! Have a great Christmas!