Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas...

We're officially ONE WEEK from Christmas...
I am very very excited...but don't want the season to be over!!!
I hate the dreaded, freezing and boring month of January.
For now...I will only think of the festivities taking place---Starting tomorrow morning and lasting an ENTIRE WEEK:)
Yay for Parties and time off work!
My Christmas Card this year sported ONE of us.
The cute one who hasn't been neglected for MONTHS on end while building a house:)
Maybe next year I'll feel like letting the world see
my face (and body) on a Christmas Greeting Card!
blog christmas card
blog back christmas card
Have a wonderful weekend!
Jarom will be home momentarily and I will be breaking the news
that we are heading to the mall for our Date-Night.


Tara and Andrew said...

I got your Christmas card in the mail today and thought it was so darling! You have one cute little boy. Thanks for sending it! Ours will be in the mail probably....after Christmas if I'm going to be honest:) Hope you have a good Christmas!

Lauren & Brandon said...

Hey Kristin, I have a blog question for you! How do you get your pictures SO BIG??? I can't figure it out.

A.Larson said...
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heddomarie said...

That is a DARLING photo of Jaxson! Love it!