Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I blog about Jaxson.
All the time. EVERY TIME.
That's what I do. It's my job...
Occasionally...(aaahhem...regularly)...I complain about MY bad days but I never mention Jarom:) Ya other half...who actually has a huge role in my life!
He most likely prefers it this way (and by that I mean ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS with regard to him) ...but today he's not so lucky.
I'm proud of I thought I'd dedicate a post to him.
He's probably thrilled:)
...and those who know Jarom...know the level of excited he can get....
ha ha.
I got a letter in the mail.
One from Utah Business and from Utah Legal Elite.
It read:
"You have been chosen by your peers as one of Utah Business Magazine's "Utah Legal Elite", a select group of lawyers practicing in Utah. Legal Elite honorees are selected by their peers in a statewide balloting process. Members of the Utah Bar were invited to participate by submitting a ballot of Utah Lawyers they hold in the highest regard---lawyers they have observed firsthand and would recommend to others. The list was pared down by number of votes and a BLUE RIBBON panel of prominent laywers in each specialty reviewed the list of attorneys. CONGRATULATIONS!"
This made me happy.
I am excited for Jarom.
He's doing what he loves...and is darn good at it.
I also enjoy that it positively effects me...hee hee...because YESTERDAY his BOSS and paralegal's surprised him with a:
...for his wonderful work and contribution to their office...
Good Work Honey.
I am super proud.
WE love you!
p.s. Bahamas here I come! YYYYYEEEESSSS.


allegra said...

wow, that's awesome! congrats to jarom for being a rockstar and congrats to you that you get a cruise out of it! what a fun way to cheer up the winter blues:) have fun!! you guys deserve it after all the house stuff you've done:)

Ericson Fam said...

Congrats to you and Jarom. That is so great. He deserves that award thats for sure and you def deserve the cruise. nice work.

Tai and Joe said...

Congrats to Jarom, and how unfair you get to go on a cruise! You are so lucky.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Congratulations to BOTH of you! That's awesome! I'm so sick of you going on fun vacations!! It's NOT fair! I guess I'll try to be excited for you though.:)

Maranda said...

Wow Jarom! Way to go. A cruise is just what you need.

I just flew in yesterday and Joel is driving out Sunday. So we need to get together either sometime next week or the following week. Let me know when you have a free evening.