Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jarom...

Tomorrow TODAY (since it is 12:39 a.m.) is Jarom's 32nd (possibly 33rd:) birthday!

(The truth is...I lost hundreds of brain cells when I had the Twins and I can hardly remember to charge my phone or where I put my I SURELY don't remember how old we are getting:)

I love Jarom a lot.
I thought I should take a moment and put that out there in blogland.

I've already told him...and do...every single day.


I was thinking (talking Jarom's ear off about it actually) about how many times people have the opportunity to totally screw up their lives. Think about it....SO many choices have to line up perfectly so that you can find and be with the one who makes you truly happy. The one who shares your common goals, can make you laugh, doesn't annoy you to the point of wanting to physically assault them (oh whoops...there go my hormones again:)

The one who makes it all worth it (and by IT...I mean life and it's many curveballs).
The one who at the end of the day...(after you grew and birthed TWINS and are covered in stretch marks, and a mountain of dirty diapers is taking over your bedroom, and you've received the 10th phone call this month that says (swing by flying J and get a gallon of milk on your way home from work....) he still loves you and is still happy he gets to come home to you. (even though the last time you wore something that was your own and didn't belong to HIM was last Tuesday!

I think that's my favorite thing about Jarom.
He ALWAYS makes me feel loved and important and like what I'm doing/or not doing is ENOUGH.
It's refreshing...because women tend to be their own worst critic...and I'm not an exception.


Last weekend (because this weekend is full of Christmas parties) we celebrated Jarom.
He came home to a yummy dinner...a cake made my me and frosted and decorated by Jaxson and a handful of presents:)

We took the traditional..FIREPLACE PICTURE to document.
(I love this picture SOOOOO much. Mostly because I love everyone in it so much my heart could burst!)

Oh crap. Looking at this picture is making me want to wake them up right now and smooch on them. SO lucky and blessed to be their get to stay home with them...and smother them daily.

Jaxson got his dad the Iphone 5 and a new case:) He was pretty excited about it and kept a good secret!

I'd like to point out Jaxson's amazing job on the cake:) He kinda missed the entire bottom layer...but it's the thought that counts! ha!

Happy Birthday Honey!
WE love you.
Thanks for working so hard.
Thanks for putting up with my spending, emotional outbursts and sometime (rarely....but happens nontheless) high-maintenance ways:) You rock.

SO glad you are mine.

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Sabrina J. Shy said...

ha ha, (your life sounds like mine sometimes...nothing better than sweats and yes, sweetheart, pick something up at the store AGAIN for me!)

Happy Birthday Jarom! Jaxson totally did an awesome job on that cake!