Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where do I begin??

Once again...I am behind.
One day when I learn how to be productive AND have Twins at the same time...I will be updating this blog more regularly. 

I will begin with expressing my love for the upcoming holiday!!!
I am more excited for this Christmas than any other Christmas in my life:)
I have three kids.

TWO of them are tiny and always hold hands = cutest thing on earth. If they are anywhere near eachother...they will hold hands without fail! Love it.
Here they are holding hands by the tree:)
It has been SO rewarding for me to go back through my blog posts written last year at this time and read my thoughts and feelings about my pregnancy, my babies, the overwhelming thoughts about birthing and caring for TWO newborns at the same time, nursing, my fears about having enough time for Jaxson, etc.

My blogs posts or (journal entries rather) are priceless to me. If nothing else, they give me great perspective and allow me to really see how far I've come. Especially when I get in a slump and walk around wearing my Uggs and sweats with yesterdays makeup still on my face:)

Exactly one year ago this month...I remember laying in bed dreaming about this season, when my babies would be here and I would be snuggling and loving on them instead of barfing my brains out:) I WROTE  about ordering stockings with their names embroidered on them....and making everything warm, cozy and extra special. I wrote LOTS about what it might be like to have a little girl. I worried so deeply about how I would make "Me and Jaxson" time and still get that one on one I crave/need with my firstborn and handsome little man:):)

I can't say that I've found all the answers...but it's amazing what TIME can do.
In one years many of my worries have worked themselves out. So many questions answered...and the hard work finally paying off.

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying all of the changes that this past year has brought to our life.

Holding hands again:)
I think this will be one of those pictures that makes me cry as they get older.

The trees are up.
The stockings hung...ALL 5 of them...with names...just like I dreamed:)
I bought myself a Christmas book and stay up late reading by the Christmas tree.
I NOW know full well the JOYS of having a little girl...and all the dresses, bows, tutu's and accessories that accompany it. I am doing OK balancing things and making time for Jaxson:)

For example, today I fed London bananas, fed Mason a bottle...while sitting indian style on the bar...listening to Jaxson read his homework outloud. Wahlah!! Stretching yourself between three little humans and all of their needs IS POSSIBLE. Who knew?!?!

The hardest part is doing it all well!
My perfectionism has had to slide down a few notches on the scale:)


I am trying hard to soak each day up....
...trying Extra hard to take it all in and reflect on the past year and what a LONG and BUMPY road it was getting to this point.

These babies of mine...and the stretch marks...and the REALLY stressful hard days...and the mounds of laundry....and the ZERO time to do anything I want to do....and the clumps of hair that I'm losing daily....
are all worth it.


Some of the things happening around here:

My babies tried rice cereal and food for the first time!

Jaxson wrote his letter to Santa!

Mason learned to roll from tummy to back!

The Twinners found their toes (love this stage)!

The Twinners got a jumperoo. Mason loves it more than London.

London wore her first Tutu! was a relaxing Sunday and we didn't leave the house...but it was her first little tutu-type thing and I am crazy about taking pictures:) ha!

Mason & London giggle out loud! They are smitten with their older brother!
I also dress them alike almost DAILY!

They laugh at each other! The other night they saw eachother in snowsuits and thought it was hilarious!

arom and I decided we needed to start a diet...and that it was time to quit relying on Dr. Pepper to get us through every waking moment of our lives! (He is the only one that has started exercising....I just limit my food intake to chocolate covered raisins for every meal:)

Jaxson became a Super Star Reader at Kindergarten and is doing great!

I got the Twins 6 Month checkups and Shots done all by Myself:) IT WAS CRAZY!
Both weighed 16 pounds and are healthy as can be!

The kids got their Christmas pictures taken!
(a few of my favorites:)

Some days are LONG and FULL...but we wouldn't trade it for anything.
These three make life worth living and during this season of counting my blessings...I count being their MOTHER as my biggest one.

I will be updating more regularly! I have a new system down:)
That and I have somehow learned to do 3-4 things at a time!! I owe that to my little multiples!!



allegra said...

uh, pretty sure her bear sweater and red shoes killed me over. Love babies!!! Yours are so adorable. Cute kiddos. and happy holidays!! your house looks beautiful! we still need to go cut down our tree and decorate. Feeling the need to get it all done asap.

With Crazy Love Jeff and Jamie said...

Love it and them and you!!! You are such an amazing woman, mother, wife, friend and I love seeing and reading aboutyour darling fmily! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! XOXO

Miri said...

I'm a lurker..

Your children have the most clear, beautiful skin.

Sabrina J. Shy said...

Isn't it amazing how things we worry/stress about just work themselves out!?

You are wonder woman--seriously! You are balancing twins and still sharing so much love with Jaxson; and your home still looks beautiful with all of Christmas up!

It is a magic time of year.

I love that you have the twins always coordinating and I LOVE that they are starting to hold hands and giggle and try new things like food.

Such good memories; glad you're capturing them to enjoy for years and years.

Merry Christmas!

The McClellan Family said...

Kristin! What a beautiful family!!! You are looking real good yourself;) Hope all is well.