Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catch up!

 Where to begin????
I'm behind.
It's VERY hard to take the time to blog these days:)
Life is crazy.
I am loving these babies.
I am exhausted on a daily basis!
I haven't slept through the night for almost 10 months.
How long can someone go before just dropping dead I ask?!?!
If I get a free second I would rather sleep, eat, clean, read a book...or do ANYTHING other than upload pictures:) I guess it comes down to prioties...and THIS ONE happens to slowly move further down the list.
I DO, however, LOVE reading back through my blog posts. I love digging into the archives and reading about Jaxson growing up....his first time doing sparklers on the 4th of July....when he learned to walk...what new words he was learning....or his very first soccer game. It's my journal. I love it. I am so glad that I've kept it up for all these years!!
I don't have as much time as I used to....but these pictures are precious to me.
So....I will keep finding the time...even if my posts are sometimes few and far between!
"there is a season for everything"....I love that saying/motto. Right now I've been thrust OVER-TIME into the season of Motherhood.
Let me tell you a secret: It's kicking my butt.
Another secret: I love every second of it.
A normal Friday night at my house (for the last 8 plus years) looked a little something like this: Nice dinner out, cold stone, rent movie, shopping, etc. Sleeping in on Saturday morning.  

Compare that to what I did tonight: Wash and sterilize bottles/niples and rings, rock London to sleep, give Mason amoxicillan for sinus infection, take care of London's bum rash, start a load of barfed on laundry, rock Mason to sleep......etc.
It's absolutely crazy.
Then why do I love it so much?!?!
I guess because LONDON gut laughed at me tonight when I kissed on the neck.
Or how she grasped my shirt tight with her little hand while I rocked her to sleep...and I could tell she KNEW me and was content being in my arms.
Or how Jaxson told me after dinner that I was the best mom in the world and how he wouldn't want any other girl to be his mom. ha!
Or how Mason stares around the room and the second his eyes lock on mine...and I see in his eye that he recognizes me...he will grin the hugest grin you've ever seen. I mean...HOLY is huge and precious and all MINE.
They are worth it.
Worth giving up my perfectly organized life.
Worth being on top of things and up to date on my blogging:)
Worth giving up every and all date nights!
They are worth it.
and so much more:)
Check out my babies at 5 months old!
They are the highlight of my life.

I dress them matching daily:)
I know I won't get away with this for now...THEY WILL MATCH!
It makes my heart melt when they snuggle, hold hands or interact with eachother.

We have 9:00 a.m. church....and it is rough!
I can't wait until January when our church switches to 11:00:)
Getting two babies bathed, dressed, fed and everyone ready for church by 8:45 kicks my butt!
Especially because these two spoiled little stinkers still like to eat TWICE in the night!!!
Why I haven't broke them of that habit is beyond me:)
I guess I am just thoroughly enjoying my babies (even the exahausting aspects) because they may very possibly be my last.
We have been enjoying this wonderful Fall weather. It has been warm enough to spend many nights out on the deck roasting smores and sitting by the campfire.
Jaxson has such a special relationship with his baby brother and sister. He is always snuggling them and begging to hold them. Lately he has been very sweet and protective of London. She stares at him and he is one of the only peoplr who can get her to laugh out loud. She LOVES him...and the feelings are mutual. He always calls her "princess" or "sweetheart" and tells me that she smells "delicious!"
These twins are the best gift I have ever given this little boy. Hands down.

We had a wonderful month of October! We did many Fall activities as family:) We went on hayrides, carved pumpkins..THE WORKS! My three kiddos mean the world to me.

This year was super exciting! The TWINS first of EVERYTHING is a big deal to me:) Don't even get me started on Christmas....I'm making Jarom crazy already with all my planning.
 London was my little Zebra this year.

My three kiddos: Halloween 2012

Jaxson was Captain America! "the strongest of all Avengers!" according to my little man:) 

I wanted to do a quick CATCH that I can "attempt" staying more on top of things from now on! I am VERY excited for the upcoming holidays and starting some new little traditions with my family. Jaxson is at such a darling age...and is getting so excited to put together his Christmas list!
Things truly feel COMPLETE in my life right now...and for that I am extra Grateful this time of year.
Last year at this time,  I was at the beginning of what was a very long and difficult journey. It was filled with lots of praying, pain and suffering on my part, service from friends and family and help, love and support from a wonderful husband.
I am so grateful for all of it...because my TWO little miracles are healthy and here to enjoy the season this year and it couldn't FEEL BETTER! I will be celebrating so many things this season...but at the top of my list is MOTHERHOOD and the gift I was given. The chance to have TWO more. The chance I was given to have a daughter:) The chance I was given to experience TWINS...which is a special and UNIQUE blessing in and of itself:)
I hope everyone is enjoying their FALL!


Sabrina J. Shy said...

I love your post! Thanks for the reminder that no matter how awful motherhood can seem...that it's a wonderful blessing and a miracle.

So so cute dressing the twins matching and Jaxon's costumes is AWESOME! Love the Avengers.

Happy Fall to you too!

Spencer, Corrin, and Adelynn said...

Where do you get all of London's flower headbands? I love them and all the solid colors.

Jamie said...

Oh Kristin. I can't get over the cuteness! Beautiful little family you have!

Lindsay said...

All three of your babes are absolutely adorable!! I can't get over how precious those little twinners are, and LOVE their matching outfits ;)

Chelsey Keating said...

I love reading your blog, your kids are adorable. I was wondering what kind of camera you use? Thanks