Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life latey:)

I have a free moment!!!

I don't know what to do with all this freedom:)
The truth is I'd like to take a bubble bath, shave my legs and paint my toes...OR CLIMB IN BED and catch up on my TVO...but when I say I have a FREE's just that....a MOMENT.

Chances are some little person will need me in the next 15 minutes:)
Which, surprisingly, I am totally fine with.


(My weakness in life at the moment is buying and dressing them in anything that matches. I am also a sucker for striped baby tights. But that recent fascination is a whole other post. Hey...we all have our temptations!!!)
 Sometimes they hold's the best ever.
 oh crapola....she is awesome.
 No words to describe his sweetness.

THIS is what I've been waiting for. A full, crazy house. Love it.

Today as I was surrounded by 2 bumbos, 2 binky's, 2 toys, 2 blankets and 2 babies....while singing patty cake....I thought to myself, "I have the best life."

(I spy: 2 stuffed animals, 2 binky's, 2 bumbos and 2 babies:) My life in a nutshell!

Crazy how what seems like torture and chaos to another person's heaven on earth.


I'm not even sure where to start!

Things are great. My babies are growing. They are the light of my life. I am exhausted. Who knew that one little kindergartener could keep you so busy. Why is he involved in 6 extracurricular's that keep me running from one thing to the next like a taxi driver?!?! Did I mention that I want to freeze time and re-live this exact stage of life for YEARS. I am loving it.

Other than yesterday when I forgot that it was Wednesday and didn't pick up kindergarten carpool:) Whoopsie.

Which brings me to my kindergartener who is a pretty awesome kid. I think I'll keep him.
(doing homework)

 Chocolate Chip waffles before heading off to school!

I finally have this TWIN thing figured out. It's busy but it's very rewarding. I guess that's what happens when you lose yourself in serving others. :):) In my case...I am the 24/7 slave to one sweet little boy and one high-maintenance little sweetheart:) If my little London poops....she freaks. She wants that diaper changed before she is even done!! It's crazy:) Then there is the boy....who will sit in it completely content for hours. HA!

You should see the things I do each day:) Did you know I can nurse London and feed Mason a bottle at the same time??  I even took them on an outing to Kohl's yesterday night....just me and my big old diaper bag and double stroller. Seriously...I get comments on my overly huge diaper bag. I sometimes feel like Mary Poppins. I usually have anything anyone could ever want in that thing. WHy am I not skinny yet for carrying it around all the time??? hmmmm?

...moment of silence for the cutest picture of all time...with the cutest baby boy of all time:) I walked behind him and he just kept watching my every move....aaghhhhh....they are growing and getting so big.

We have been taking the Twins everywhere....enjoying as much of the Fall weather as possible...and spending time together as a family. My sister just flew to Utah for 5 days and we partied until we all were exhausted every day.
These kids of mine have had lots of FIRSTS.
The Twins had their first trip to the Hogle Zoo!

 Mason was asleep!!
They also had their first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Who wears flip flops and leggings to the pumpkin patch? Who climbs a haystack in a dress and leggings with a 4 month old so he can go down the slide???

I need mental help I guess.

My pregnant sister (she is having Mason's best friend in March) and my three kiddos...and my sister in law Kelsey with Kayla's little girl Lexi.

I was hot and hungry and tired:) Hence why I look like I just ran a marathon.
We have had lots of days at the park...kicking on a blanket while Jaxson played.
We get some fresh air every morning and go for a walk while Jax is at school (thank goodness it's cooled off a I can attempt to lose this baby weight!)
(pictures on my laptop and I'm to lazy to get them)

This weekend we will travel to southern Utah for a wedding and to introduce the Twins to their great grandpa for the first time!

Other than that....
I have been busy this week compiling my Christmas Lists (holy crap....I know...ridiculous)!
I have even made a good sized dent in my Christmas Shopping. Yay for getting it done early:)
Did you know that your credit card company will call your husband if you order enough stuff from the baby girl section at
They will.
 And they will tell on you and you will be left no choice but to confess to him that you like to online shopping at 2:00 a.m. while he is sleeping.... AND then beg forgiveness of course.
I take LOTS of pictures.
My babies can SMILE and LAUGH....what in the crap???!??!?!
How can they possibly be getting so big??
The Doctor said that I could start rice cereal anytime between now and 6 months.
 My answer: 6 months. My babies are NOT big enough to eat food. I refuse to even entertain the idea;) I only wish I was kidding!! We will be waiting 2 more months for that at this house. Yep. Sure will.

My little London loves me....almost as much as I love her.

She smiles and giggles when I'm holding her....and she bursts into tears when I put her down sometimes.
It is the best thing ever:) Dead serious. I mean...what a great self-esteem booster that is. She seems to be the only one who likes me this much in the world.

Last week she would tear up if I put her down...and grin and snuggle up to me when I'd pick her up again.
Best day ever.
Just look at that face.


Well....there is a small update on our lives.
Jaxson is loving school, soccer season is in full swing, basketball just started, tumbling is working wonders for getting the little man's energy out...and I am super super super excited for October and the upcoming holidays. The house is ready for halloween and I have baked and consumed 2 pans of pumkin sqaures. I wish I was kidding.

My next update will be smaller:) And sooner:)



Brad.Kenz.Max said...

I feel like I can comment and not feel like such a stalker since I actually met you in person:) Your kids are darling!! I love all the matching outfits! I still read this and don't know how you do it, I'm struggling with one little one. You're Super Woman!

Moni said...

Oh my Jesus you have the cutest kids on this earth!!!!!!
Their outfits are to die for!!! Where do u get the cute leggings outfits?? And the blanket in the top pics? Soooo friggin cute!!

Whitney said...

O my GOSH! I love your babies. I'm sad i didn't get to make it to Jordan's Farewell so i could see the munchkins! I absolutely love that you match there every outfit! Your such a cute mom! Go you! P.S. So exciting Kayla is having a boy! Love your family!

Ashlee and Shawn said...

So adorable!