Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby Blessing, Kindergarten, Vacations and more:)

I am a bit behind on blogging! I have had this post written for weeks...but I had to gather the pictures from my laptop, desktop and iphone...which sounded like too much work! Someday...when I decide to print my blogbook...I wanted it to be I finally hunted down the pictures of what we've been up to...and wahlah!

I can play catch up and document the last few events of SUMMER and officially WELCOME FALL.
This post will cover A LOT.
Good news though: it will be filled with bunches of pictures of my most favorite people.
First off...
We blessed our babies in sacrament on August 12th.

(oh Jaxson...your little suit and tie kill me. I love you son)
It was the most beautiful Sunday morning ever. Jarom gives the most wonderful blessings and I have been excited for their special day since I found out I was pregnant! Weeks mom and I went to "Little things mean alot" in Provo and spent the afternoon picking them each a perfect little outfit and shoes.

Mason...for journaling purposes I will record that your outfit cost way more than your sisters huge long beautiful dress!!! I was shocked...but man you looked handsome:)

 London---your aunt Shaliese made you 5 of the most beautiful bracelets and it was super hard for mommy to choose which one for you to wear!!

You both looked like little angels that day and made me so extremely happy. All of our hard work had finally paid off...and we could spend a day celebrating YOU TWO.

 We sent out invitations to 50 of our closest family and friends and so many people traveled to attend and help us celebrate. I sure wish I had kept my camera close like I did at Jaxson's. I am a bit busier these days with TWO little ones:) They sure keep my hands full at all times! We had a HUGE brunch afterward with belgium waffles, breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, muffins, fresh fruit and every pastry known to man. It was the absolute best. We had countless people filling the house from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. all taking a turn loving on my sweet babes:)
My babies are such wonderful blessings in my life. They truly are my little miracles. They looked perfect all dressed in white and they slept like angels the entire sacrament meeting.

My Jaxson started Kindergarten. Holy. Moly.
I didn't even cry.
I kept thinking about when I told Jarom (during our infertility): just make sure I have a baby by the time Jaxson goes to school or I will FREAK OUT! Deal?
Well...we succeeded. I am so extra busy these days that I am more grateful that he will be entertained for a few hours each day than I was sad that he was going!!!

Jaxson and his best friend Ben!

Tour of the library! found a dinosaur book...of course.

 Drop-off!! September 4th, 2012

He is sooooo excited about it. He literally thinks he will learn Spanish in a matter of Days.
To be honest, he doesn't think things are moving fast enough!! I think I have been building it up so much...that it didn't have a chance of living up:) whoopsie. The good news is he enjoys going and his best friend in the world is in his class. (the best news in the world for me is that my neighbor takes him and picks him up everyday!) Leaving the house with TWO babies is too much work.
 I have fabulous neighbors and friends that help me so much!!!

We had a fun day of shopping and dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Labor Day to kick off the new school year.

Jaxson sat down at the resturaunt...took a bite and said...
"Oh man...I should have chosen Olive Garden!"
He has always had personality...but you add that with his ever maturing attitude and opinions and it can get quite interesting and entertaining at my house.

The absolute best news ever is my babies hit a milestone!!
They both can SMILE! I think that is my all time favorite part of being a new mom.
They go from tiny newborns to little people who recognize me and get super excited to see me.

 I swear I can spend hours each day trying to make them smile and loving every bit of it. The hard part is having TWO to admire and obsess over. It's hard to get anything else done but play with them! After I play with Mason for an hour and get him down for a nap...London wakes up and is grinning at me and ready for her turn. That leaves little time to cook, clean or care what in the crap my hair looks like. Sometimes I forget that I look like I just rolled out of bed when Jarom walks in the door at night.


Question: Is there a better show on earth than "So you think you can dance?"
Answer: No.

I am obsessed.
I only wish I had those moves. Or their bodies. Or that energy:) sigh.
I had a few friends over to watch the big FINALE last night. It was a fun night full of wonderful treats and great company. Anything that involves Krispy Creme's, Pumpkin Squares, Fresh peach dessert and Diet Coke is fine with me.


Sidenote #2:
I went to yoga last Tuesday night to relax.
You gotta be kidding me.
It hurt worse than aerobics.
I kid you not...I could not move my left shoulder the following day...and it felt like I pulled something in my stomach. haha!! Oh....I have zero goal of my body every looking normal again. Just hope that a little time out each night...will help rejuvinate me and help me a better mother. Considering I held a baby...then the other...then the other...then the other from 8:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. when Jarom came home and took a screaming Mason out of my arms...I think i need a little "out time" so nobody get's hurt. OH MY. I have a really bad cold so it was a really difficult day. Two babies is not just mentally challening for that many hours straight..BUT it's physically exhausting as well.

 Moving on....
Jaxson went on so many vacations this summer!!
It was kinda unfair for me:) I got to pack him a suitcase, send him off and think about all the fun he was having...while I stayed home slaving away. This summer was very different than other summers of my life! But, it was so rewarding. My babies are growing and healthy and have me wrapped around their little fingers:)

Jaxson went to Cherry Hill 3 times a week with different friends. It is so nice to have wonderful friends that thought about us all summer long! Jaxson was taken almost every morning...headed for the pool or the movie theater or the park.

THEN my family was always taking him along as well.
I was afraid that he would miss out a lot this summer...but he still headed for Lake Powell (without me) and got the full experience: houseboat, waterslides, catching lizards, sleeping under the stars, waverunners and learning to water ski!

I will be finding the pictures of him water skiing and posting them soon!!! I was soooo proud of him. Especially because I have done a good job of scaring the crap out of him in almost everything....and he got over his fear and did it.  I need to be better about letting him grow up!!!

He was only home for a few weeks before I packed him up again and he headed for his next vacation.

 I thought the kid lived for the LAKE...but from what I hear...the MOUNTAINS are truly his idea of a blast! He slept between Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelsey. He went fishing all morning and spent the afternoon cruising "black diamond" trails all over the mountain on the four wheelers.. He even saw a hunter that had just shot a deer. My dad said he was extra curious and excited...until the man pulled the dead deer head out of a bag to show him. He buried his head in my dad's leg and tried not to barf! haha! We'll see if he asks for a rifle and wants to attend the deer hunt with his grandpa?!? My dad is convinced (and hopeful) that he'll love it!

I can't tell you how happy I am that he get's all these different experiences. I loved doing all of these things when I was a kid...and my parent's worked so hard to provide all these different experiences for us. Hopefully when the twins get a bit bigger we can get a boat or trailerhouse and do the same for our kiddos. I loved the mountains and driving a four wheeler and water skiing and having my dad launch me off a wave on the tube at Willard Bay! I was so lucky to have them take my Jaxson along this summer and let him do it all...while I had my hands full back home!!


Fall has officially begun. Which means my ONE little FIVE YEAR OLD is keeping me busy running like a taxi driver. He's involved in the following:


 I feel like I'm going to go crazy trying to keep all the practices and games straight for this ONE little kid. I can't wait until my twins are involved in 5 things each. My brain may explode. Good thing for Iphones and constant little beeping reminders!

I am looking forward to this weekend...with Jaxson's soccer game, my nieces 1st Birthday Party and the big BYU vs. UTAH Game Party at my house:)

Fall makes me happy.

For many reasons... but the reason that ranks #1 on my list today is the cooler weather. I haven't stopped having HOT FLASHES since the day I found out I was pregnant...and I've about had it! This cooler weather in the evenings came just in time.

I also love the pumpkin spice candle, decorating for halloween and all the treats I keep making with cream cheese frosting:)

Oh how much better this year is than last year!! Hallelujah.
Last Halloween I was on my death bed. To this day...if I even look at the shirt I wore on halloween hanging in my closet....I throw up in my mouth...that is how sick I was!! These TWO little babies were trying to kill me. This year...I plan on getting even by dressing them in darling, puffy little costumes and taking countless pictures.


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Sabrina J. Shy said...

Mmmm, you're right--Fall can be such a fun time!

Jaxson is so stinkin' cute...ha ha, I love that suit too.

But Mason and London definitely stole the adorable on their special day.

Happy School Days to Jaxson and fun times with you at home with babies!