Friday, August 31, 2012

random things about our week...

Last night I went to Zumba.
 Imagine this...every single Latina in the layton area, ranging from 18 to 40 years old, in a room...and then ME.

Yep...that sums it up.

I needed an "out".
I needed some exercise. 
What I didn't count on was the fabulous entertainment!!!! 

That instructor had her hip rolling and salsa down to perfection...let me tell you!
I was struggling to keep up.
There were MANY women in the room that thought they were a bit better at hip rolling than they actually were. Oh boy.

She kept shouting..."hold in your CORE..." which I wanted to laugh hysterically.

Core?? What core???
I just had twins.
There will never be a core...ever again.
The muscles in that region of my body are nonexistent...simply put, they are beyond repair...but thanks anyway:) I can concentrate on holding them in all I want...and they will ALWAYS flap in the wind instead..sorry.

It was a lot of fun though.
I came home in a good mood.
So it was a success.

I told Jarom if he keeps letting me go....I will have some fabulous new moves by Christmas. ha.

(Random pictures from my phone thrown into this post for no real reason:)


Upon returning home I smelled smoke.

I guess Jaxson wanted to experiment with a piece of bread and the microwave!

The story goes that Jaxson wanted to use a hotpad...and so he asked his dad to put a piece of bread in the  microwave and then let him hold it. Why??? I still cant figure that out. More importantly, I can't figure out why Jarom agreed to this wierd idea. I swear...what the kid wants...his dad gives him.

What was left in the microwave when Jarom remembered about it after a few minutes of cooking....was a blackened and smoking little pile of crumbs.

My house stinks horrible.


I walked into complete chaos.
Jarom was getting the twins in jammies....a candle was going...and the windows were open to air out the horrible smell.

...and to think I had cleaned the entire house that day....

can I tell you how grateful I am to have such a wonderful husband. He wakes up before  long long days...comes home and tells ME to leave and take a break:)

Running my household right now...especially not a walk in the park. He was feeding, washing bottles, changing diapers, burping, getting in jammies...etc. the entire time I was gone.

It was amazing though...because after only 1 hour away...I missed all of them like crazy and was ready to tackle it all...again.
It is definitely my much needed break every night....but man am I ready to come home to them afterward!!

They are pretty great. My husband and kiddos.



Moving on:

Today a little yellow bird flew straight into the big window above our front door and dropped dead on the porch. Jaxson is freaking out. I swear stuff like that is a little boys dream. He is grossed out, intrigued, curious, sickened and more!! I can hardly keep him away from the porch until daddy get's home and takes care of it! I, for obvious reasons, REFUSE. I don't do dead animals. Ever.

The sad thing is...this birdie does NOT look like a wild animal. Instead it looks like someone's pet. Sad. and equally as disgusting.


Today was a VERY productive day!
Since having Twinners...days like this are few and far I love them:) I gave each of my angels a long bath and spent some one on one time with each of them before naptime. I loved every minute of it. Oh crap...they are getting fun. and chubby. and smiley. And I am in heaven. Then I scrubbed my master shower, got dinner in the crockpot, washed all the towels and sheets in the house and actually did my hair. Boy is Jarom gonna be impressed:) I'm not kidding...this never happens!!

(my little monkeys:)


Oh...I learned to make bread this week too! I have been wanting to learn to in...use YEAST and let things RISE and such...for years. haha. I just never took the time. I guess you could say that I never stayed home long enough to take on hobbies such as baking. Before these babies I was always on the GO. NEVER HOME. Now I am stuck at my house...and my life revolves around naptime and feeding time:) Although somedays I feel a little stir crazy....I have been making the most of it.
 I made the yummiest and fluffiest garlic breadsticks you've ever seen the other day!!!

The downside is...I ate an entire pan of the yummiest and fluffiest garlic breadsticks the other day. Crap.

Speaking of chubby:) My little Chubby bubba is learning to smile at me!! She's in love with me basically. The feelings are mutual!!


Truth time: I have had the twins halloween costumes hanging in their closet for over a month.
I just found London's bow to match hers.
Oh....I's almost impossible to contain my excitement for holidays when I have children.
I am the biggest nerd ever.


Jaxson came down stairs bawling last night..not long after being tucked in. When I asked what was wrong he screamed..."Dad shouldn't have let me watch Scooby DOO!!!"
Dad is an amateur basically:) Mom leaves the house...and things happen that traumatize our children.
haha! Just teasing. He's still learning the ropes....and being MOM is a pretty tough job. Rule #1 No Scooby Doo. It gives 5 year olds nightmares. The end.

The good news is Jaxson knows how to build barricades so that absolutely nothing can get into his room.

Exhibit A.
(3 orange soccer cones, a Pteryodactly (sp?), and a weiner dog.) Ain't nothing getting passed that!


Jaxson started Soccer and helped name his team the BLACK NINJA'S. They are pretty darling little boys...and Jarom said that Jaxson has improved greatly since last season. Wierd....since he begged me every single day in the Spring to play with him...and I couldn't even walk acrossed my lawn with my huge preggo belly let alone SEE or kick a soccer ball back and forth with him:) He has always been pretty coordinated and a quick learner. I am excited to watch him this season!! His love for sports makes his daddy pretty ecstatic.


Jaxson starts kindergarten next week and I am WAAAAYYYYYY excited. Before the twins,  I was sad to let him go. NOW....I am wondering why in the crap kindergarten is only 2.5 hours?!?!? What does that do for me??? I MAY...if I'm really really efficient...get the twins fed, bathed and dressed before I have to pick him up! Geez. I am, however, very excited for him to be in the Spanish program. I think it's a wonderful opportunity and I really can't think of one reason to not do it. I have heard so so so much controversy about it....and to be honest, I am dumbfounded that anyone wouldn't want to participate. He is equally as excited about it...because he thinks he'll be fluent after the first week and be able to have complete conversations that I don't understand. Oh jax! That's why I love the little turd.


The babies had a doctor's appointment this get weighed and make sure I am doing my job becuase am mainly nursing:) They both gained 3.5 pounds in 3 weeks. Ummmm....Mission accomplished. They are chubs!! love it.

(waiting area of Pediatrician's office)

I have been trying a new recipe every day this week...and have found some real keepers. There was this one day though....that I nearly barfed after tasting my creation: Honey Bourbon Crockpot Chicken. Tasted like a pile of cornstarch to me. Jarom is always sweet about my efforts...and even he was near gagging. Whoops. I think I was trying too hard to multi-task that afternoon. That's what happens when I am trying to feed babies and be chef boyardee at the same time:) That's when you just order takeout.


Jaxson got new shark Jammies! We are kind of obsessed with Shark Week at our house. If you didn't know...Shark Week started on August 12th:) It basically shows horrible shark attacks and similarly scary things all day everyday for a week. It's fun. Found this little picture on my phone.

I want to freak out that she is growing this fast. This dress DROWNED her for weeks...I put it on the other day...and it was a little t-shirt rather than a dress!!! NOOOOOOOOO. Why me.

If you knew this little dude's would want to steal him and keep him as your own.
He is mellow like his daddy. He likes to eat like his mama. He is relaxed and chill all the time.
He has the biggest eyes that are going to suck in the ladies some day:)
the end.


I told you it was Random!!!
that is life at our house this last week of summer:)

So excited for the weekend and all the fun/excitement/routine/change that next week brings with my baby going to KINDERGARTEN.

I'm off to hang all of his "back to school" clothes in his closet...stock his drawers with his new batman underwear and ORGANIZE his room...just like my mom used to do for me before a new school year!!!





Laura and family said...

I love reading your blog. Your kids are too dang cute and now I want twins :)

Also, your K is only 2.5 hours!? Crazy. In TN it is all day!

Tammy said...

You're babies are gorgeous! So fun seeing their pics! You'll have to let me hold them sometime soon! :)

Tai and Joe said...

Do you go to Lady Fitness? I swear I saw you the other night. I was hatin' it, running my fat bod on the treadmill and I thought it was you. I hope you didn't see how awful I looked. I seriously love the classes there and the gym is the best thing ever. Love it.

Kristin Bishop said...

Tai...oh crap...I was spotted in public?!? Yes it was me. I love the classes. But my body is a disaster and I about peed my pants trying to do aerobics:) I for some reason didn't think you lived in Utah!?? Stop me next time!! xoxo

Tai and Joe said...

Yes we moved back the day after Christmas. Thank heavens too. We live in West, Layton. We bought a home and love it here. I usually go really early in the morning and then I always do the pump fx class on Wednesday's at 7:00pm you should do it.It is my most favorite class ever.

Moni said...

I stinkin love reading your blog, your kids are SO adorable!!! I have a 3 month old girl. Where do u get your daughters flowers for her headbands?

Kristin said...

Moni- I actually don't make any of them...I prefer to buy them all done because I don't have one ounce of spare time! I sure wish I knew how to make them. I look on etsy alot...thinkpink boutique has darling ones...and so does miss priss boutique! Look on will fall in love with millions!! Congrats on the baby girl. I am having the funnest time ever with her!xoxo kristin

Bartholomew Family said...

They are all so darling. I miss them SO much! I can't believe London's little rolls and Mason's big eyes. Kiss Jax for me and tell him good luck at school. I can't wait to come home for Thanksgiving!

Jamie said...

Kristin, you are so entertaining! I love it! I can't really get over the cuteness of your kiddos:)