Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things I want to remember...

We were in a huge hurry this morning...trying to pack the car and feed the twins so we could make it to the Brigham City Temple Open House. I was hurrying you and bossing you around....telling you to get dressed and find your shoes! 
You ran upstairs to do as I asked...and then walked back downstairs and said,
 "mom...but I just have one quick question...and it's really important. Are ninja's real?"
I love you so much Jaxson.
You keep things in perspective for me. always.
Thank you for being what I need.
Then there was the morning last week when I got both babies back to sleep and was finally getting some sleep myself. I woke up to you kissing me right on the lips. You then shook my arm and said, " there anything I can do for you right now?!?"
  I WANTED to scream...."WELL actually....YES SON...YOU CAN LET ME SLEEP!!"
....but instead my heart melted a bit because you care so much for me and do more for me than anyone else in the world! You are only 5 years old, yet you are seriously by best little friend.
Other things I want to remember about you this week:
Today you asked me if Jesus slept while he is in heaven.
Yesterday you asked me to make you a Sandwhich with a secret ingredient...which basically means you want a peanut butter and honey sandwhich with lots of NUTELLA!!!
You scored 3 goals in your soccer game today and every single time you put both hands above your head like you were so so so impressed with yourself.
You have a huge vocabulary and have been using several new words lately! Last week you said, 
"hmmmm....this story sounds all too FAMILIAR!!" 
Yesterday I was watering the plants on the deck and you said,
"Mom, I know how to make a rainbow. All you need is water and light and blah blah blah..."
When I asked how you knew all of this responded..."PBS KIDS...DUH!"
Today you said, "Mom who is Lady Gaga?"
I quickly told you she was a complete wierdo:) She dressed wierd and did silly things I said...and then I changed the subject like any mother would!!! I don't need my 5 year old boy know anything about Lady Gaga. (I secretly could not believe you knew who in the world she was!)
Anyhow, you laughed and responded...
"Oh...I get it. SO she dresses really wierd...but she sings REALLLLLY REALLLLY GOOD!"
(you love some of her songs on the radio. Oh geez.)
The other day you asked me what the phrase "Thanks...but no thanks!" meant. I explained it to you and you giggled. An hour later I asked you if you would hold Mason while I made him a bottle. You quietly said, "ummm...Thanks but no thanks.".
It made me laugh:)
On Friday you went to the fair with nanny and papa. They heard you giggling in the back of the turck and when nanny asked you said  "I was just thinking about how me and my best friend BEN are in spanish immersion and soon we can speak spanish to each other and nobody will know what we're saying!"
I loved it!! I love that you're so excited for this new adventure at kindergarten.
I love you soooooo much little man.
I will continually strive to be better because of you.
I am sooooo beyond tired right now.....
but I had to quickly jot down these fun memories of you at FIVE years old so that long after your not my little boy anymore...I can pull up this BLOG/JOURNAL of our life together and RE-LIVE these days in my mind and heart. They are truly some of the best of my life!
your mama

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Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

I am SO glad it's not just me that have their kids recite things they've learned from PBS kids! You always seem to do such a GREAT job of putting the things I have thought a million times with my own kids into words! I wish I could!