Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Twins Nursery

I had the best time putting together my babies nursery.
I spent hours and hours during my pregnancy ONLINE looking for boy/girl nursery's that I liked.
 Like more hours than I care to admit.
I had waited so long to have a baby...and that long wait made me that much more excited to make the room special:) I wanted it to be a place that I LOVED to be.

Let me tell you something....what I found ONLINE as far as Boy/Girl nurseries go was terrifying.
The BEST one I saw had blue and pink stripes painted on the walls.

 I also saw a few with rubber ducks.

No thank you.
Not really my cup of tea:)
oh yes...and then there was the pink plaid sports bedding and the coordinating blue plaid sports bedding that Jarom voted for. Not Happening honey..sorry.
I guess I wanted something really sweet and feminine for my first little girlie....yet still definitely a place for a little boy.

I decided it couldn't be done.
That was the night that I told Jarom we would be doing TWO separate nursery's.
I have enough bedrooms....I was doing it.
One really girlie one...and one for my baby boy:)

wanna know what?????
He said NO.
as in Not happening...ever.

(It may seem like I'm in charge....but He is. He definitely is) -----

I was stuck...and had to come up with something.

Then one afternoon I was browsing online at babyGap and found this darling dress...

enter exhibit A

I imagined getting my baby girl's picture taken wearing that yellow dress on her 1st birthday.
Buying a huge canvas of it for the wall above her crib..
that very night I went to Home Depot and found a Yellow paint swatch to match it!!! and I knew...just KNEW that I was painting the walls bright and happy Yellow:)

I saw in my head what I wanted the entire nursery to look like and I described it to Jarom while I made him draw a diagram of it on printer paper;) haha!! (I wish I was kidding rigtht now)

The entire nursery was designed around a Dress.
There you go Mason. That's the Truth.
Sorry Son:)

I told Jarom he would need to figure out woodworking stuff (saws, levels, nail guns, etc.) because I had a vision...and he was going to help me make it happen!
The only MUST on my list was that I wanted everything symmetrical. I'm not sure why...but I love organization like nothing else on earth! haha!! I thought it would help keep everything uniform if I gave each of them their own space but kept everything EXACTLY alike at the same time. The only hard part was avoiding something horrid like mixing a sports theme and ladybugs:) Everything out there was REALLY REALLY FEMININE or REALLY REALLY MASCULINE in the crib bedding department. It was tough!!

spending 6 hours straight on the phone with every pottery barn kids from here to New Jersey.

When I found the bedding that I wanted...I seriously ordered 5 different pieces for each crib (10 total) from 8 different pottery barn stores around the United States. They were discontinuing London's Pink set....and being the dedicated person that I am...I felt like I would absolutely die before I let that happen!

I ordered from The Las Vegas store, New Jersey, New York, Somewhere in California...a few pieces were actually in-stock online and Mason's bumper happened to be the display in good old Salt Lake was absolutely embarrassing! All I know is....when the last item was safely delivered from UPS I was one happy happy happy woman.

I had waited too long for these babies.
I had dreamed about their nursery.
It WAS happening...if I had to call every store in the U.S.
...and so I did...

The End.

I think it was successful...because I love being in their room.
I love how bright and happy it is.
I love how Jaorm and I worked together on it for a month....and how I'll always remember how many long hours we spent measuring, cutting, sawing, sanding, etc. It was just another fun memory I have of  getting ready and excited for my babies to come!

Sometimes I still can't believe I have Twins.

London's side:)

Her shelf:)

Her Crib:)

Her Jewelry box:)

My sweetheart!!!

Mason's Side:)

Mason's Shelf:)

Mason's Crib:)

My little Man!!

p.s. More than anything I love the feeling in their nursery. I remember loving Jaxson's...but nothing like this. Maybe it's the WAIT that made it that much more special.
I love dimming the lights....and rocking them to sleep.
I love the beautiful pictures of them I had taken a few days after we left the NICU.
I love how bright and happy it is. Do I keep saying that???

....and I love the yellow ruffle dress (size 12 months)  hanging in the closet that inspired it all...

She will get her 1st birthday pictures taken wearing that dress...and YES I will hang it above her crib just like I pictured in my mind only DAYS after the Dr. told me I was having MY dreamed about little girl.


* We blessed the babies in Sacrament last week and it was the perfect Sunday filled with and friends.
Pictures to come!


Erin said...

Amazing nursery! You covered err little detail!!! Lucky little babies :)

Colleen said...

And you are a beautiful decorator too!! love this space.