Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Bedazzler...

I need a bedazzler.
As I watched the commercials for those ridiculous things for years and asked myself..."Who in the world would ever have a need for one of those things.." I gravely underestimated how I would feel about things when I had a DAUGHTER.

I'll tell you who has a NEED for one.
A mom...with a little girl.


Today I am begging my mother to come help me carry my troops around Joann's while I buy rhinestones and fabric glue and such....and do my first bedazzling job of my life.
I will be bedazzling her blessing dress today! Wahoo.

Boys are easier....for sure.
Boys melt my heart.

But I am going to say this once: GIRLS RULE.


This Sunday my Twins will be blessed in our sacrament meeting at church.
SO excited.
I have dreamed of this day since the minute I found out I was pregnant.
It's a celebration of them....and let's be honest, I love to throw a good party complete with good food.

I am having a big breakfast/brunch at my house afterward for over 60 close friends and family.
Now, just figuring out how I will get 5 members of my family ready and at church by 9:00 a.m. while cooking a hot breakfast for that many people?!?! I need to work miracles!  

I even found a tent-like skirt that only makes me look HALF-PREGNANT...so that's a plus:)

Boys are pretty fun too because Jaxson just brought me two gigantic swords and asked me to shove them in the back of his shirt so he could whip them out when/if he needed them. hahaha!!!

Sidenote #2
In an effort to prove to me just how much London and Jaxson look alike...my husband found a picture of both of them at 2 months old and cropped them together. He emailed it to me yesterday and it was incredible. They literally look like the same child. I love it. Now...where did my Mason come from is the question?!? Wherever it was...he is a little piece of heaven!! That boy makes me crazy...I find myself gritting my teeth and  kissing him 1000 times a day. I want to eat him for lunch half the time.



Back to the blessing.
I have spent this week ordering photos and canvas's of my children to splatter all over my house. I REALLY wanted them done by their blessing day....and now Jarom is questioning if my house looks like a SHRINE to them. Oh well. They were hard enough and expensive enough to make (the chidlren...not the pictures. Ha!)....I think I I deserve it. Also-I am trapped inside these four walls for the majority of the week...so if it makes me happier to be reminded of how sweet and darling they look asleep and posed (rather than screaming at the tops of their lungs) during the day...I'll take it.

(who knew the sound of my pressure washing the garage floor would put them to sleep better than anything:) haha. 


Jaxson John.

He has taken a backseat to the picture taking lately...with the arrival of these babies.
He is relieved to say the least. Het get's to share my love and smothering with 2 other people.
aaaaggghhhhh....I think he breaths a sigh of relief at times that I'm not attacking him with kisses anymore all the time. Of course, I still get in my cuddle time with him. A few weeks ago during naptime....I seriously built a model car with him.

Moment of silence.
As in...I used wood and glue and followed instructions and BUILT something.
I know. I was pretty awesome.
Then he painted it and has it displayed in his room on his dresser.
It was OUR special time.
...while the babies were sleeping...

It was wonderful.
and surprisingly, reminded me just how EASY and SIMPLE and WONDERFUL my life used to be with just the two of us.

Man I got lucky....spending all those years with this handsome little devil.

We also went school shopping 2 weekends ago.
This time Daddy and the twins joined us.
It was quite the day....but we found him some darling things to start kindergarten.
I have butterflies about taking him to kindergarten...I'm not gonna lie.

Anyhow, his daddy bought him one of those cool remote control airplanes at the mall because he tried on clothes. What is wrong with this picture?!?

"Here son, let me buy you this plane...because you are letting me buy you clothes!"
oh boy. Spoiled.

He is currently teaching me how to fly it and aim perfectly to land it in the palm of his hand.
I'm getting closer at it:)


What can I say about this kid...other than there was a definite reason he came to me first! He is the best helper I could ask for. He also loves these babies SOOOO much it surprises me sometimes. I forget that he waited for them to join our family as long as I did. I love my Jaxson John.

He will run to London whenever she cries and give her a binky. I can always hear him whispering..
"I'm here pretty girl...I'm here."

He also said to me the other day...
"MOM...JUST LOOK AT HER FACE! She is the cutest girl in the world!"

Today the kid saved my life.
I was even allowed to pee...because he offered to hold both of them and keep them from crying!
It was wonderful...considering I usually get to hold it for 8 hours until dad comes home:) haha.

I seriously run around this place SWEATING from the moment I wake up until I see Jarom walk in the door to help take over!

It's a crazy life. 
I absolutely love it.

Seriously having the time of my life...amidst all the poop and screaming...and ZERO sleep for the last 2.5 months.

(London is starting to grow out of newborn clothes.) I will die.



Dan & Ashley said...

That picture of Jaxson and London is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a lucky mom you are!

allegra said...

i love it all. they are the cutest ever! that last picture is priceless. He is such a great big brother. how lucky they are to have him!

Sabrina said...

Such a special BIG brother, you are very lucky to have his help.

And keep enjoying it!