Saturday, June 23, 2012

One month old!!

Happy ONE MONTH to my Twinners:)

(although I have seriously considered moving their birthday to June 8th because that's when I actually got to bring them home!)

We have officially been HOME and a family for TWO whole weeks now....and it has been
wonderful/exhausting/stressful/exhausting/perfect/exhausting/ & overwhelming!


I am absolutely in love with them.

I feel about 55 pounds lighter these days....thank the good heavens above.
Everything is a lot less painful...which makes everything a lot more fun!
I gained 75 pounds my friends.....dead serious.

This Twin pregnancy stuff is no joke.
I about died. Several times. But that's for another day and another post. ha!
(coming soon)


I have learned a lot about these 2 little people in the last 14 days.

Mason LOVES and NEEDS to be held. all day.
London is independent and loves to sleep in her swing. all day.
Mason LOVES his binky. If it falls out...our world stops:)
London LOVES to stretch and grunt and STRETCH some more.
They look NOTHING alike:)

Mason & London both LOVE TO EAT!
ironic...considering they spent 2 weeks in the NICU learning how to eat so they could come home to me:) Now they both love to nurse so much that they will latch on to my arm/collar bone/nose/cheek, or anything within reach.
If they smell me...they go nuts.

It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life teaching these preemies to nurse!
(aside from the whole twin pregnancy thing)
LOTS  and LOTS and LOTS of sleepless nights!

But I'm stubborn like that...and I hate I prevailed:)

I am one lucky woman:)


London Kate month old....

Mason James
...One month old...


My little man:)

My baby girl:)

Are you just dying??
I am on cloud nine:)
They are both MINE!


The double BOB jogging stroller is the best invention ever.
Second only to the single BOB jogging stroller...which Jaxson LIVED in until...well....last month when we had BABIES and he wasn't our baby anymore:)


I still need to post about their BIRTH!
I was flipping through pictures of that day and I still have giant blocks of time that are a complete blank to me! So strange. I guess that's what massive blood loss and stress can do to a person.


My babies are so precious.
I want to freeze time.
Sometimes me and Jarom will stare in awe and think...

We are having so much fun.
We are SOOOOO beyond tired.
We are WAAAYYYYY beyond happy.

Life finally feels complete.


Remember how my birthday last month was the worst day of my life???
Hospitalized. Alone all day. Horrible Virus/Sinus infection. Pink Eye. Hypertension.
Pregnant and in pre-term labor with TWINS.

oh was BAD.

So I decided that I would celebrate it ONE MONTH June.
When we got home from the hospital...Jarom would sneak away to the basement for HOURS and HOURS each night. He was busy building me something for my birthday...ya new birthday in JUNE! haha;)

It was such a great gift and very thoughtful! He worked hard and I absolutely loved it.
He said that the TV was meant to keep me company while I nursed all night EVERY night:)
(I kind of wonder if it was so that he could sleep instead of keep me company all night while I took care of babies!!!) pawning his job off on some good late night cable:)

 He also built a beautiful frame around it and built a cabinet for a blu-ray player, etc.
He then spent forever running cords through the wall so I DID NOT under any CIRCUMSTANCE see cords:) I have serious hatred for seeing cords all over the place. He knows me so well:)

It was a fabulous birthday present....and was used last night at the
2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. feedings!!!

At the 4:00 a.m. feeding we watched an episode of Glee while passing babies back and forth in the pitch black.
I nurse...he burps and changes the diaper.
We make a good team.

Life is sooo hard right now.


so so so wonderful at the same time. 

If only I had more hours in the day!!!
I am soooo behind on everything.

I guess that's what 2 newborns will do to ya!!!



p.s. You will absolutely DIE when you see their newborn pictures. Oh my.
My goal this week is to design and order their announcements and canvases for their room!


Kelly said...

Oh they are so sweet and amazing. And every time I see snippets of your house I get jealous. I'm trying to figure out how to fit two kiddos in our upstairs room. Your nursery looks so cute. And are those burp pads in the crib? Where did you get them? I'd seriously like to know. Thanks

Jamie said...

OH Kristin, they couldn't be any cuter! I'm kind of a little teeny bit jelous...but then I remember what it was like to have two babies, and I'm over the jelousy pretty quick!;) I'm so glad they are home and everything is going great! Congrats again! So happy for you!