Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming Home..June 8, 2012!

On June 8, 2012 we finally brought our babies home and became a family of 5!

It was an overwhelming day for me....I am still working on becoming more "relaxed" and truly enjoying the moment instead of STRESSING.

Geez...I wish that I had more of Jarom's personality in me. I feel so much responsibility and stress over taking care of these babies as Perfectly as possible. The whole NICU experience made me feel like they were "extra" fragile or something...but the nurses keep assuring me that the reason they were coming HOME was because they are perfectly healthy and happy newborns!

I signed and reviewed all the discharge paperwork...while Jarom dressed the babies and got them all buckled in! He was amazingly fast! I turned around and my babies were ready to go home:) I think after 5 weeks in that hospital he was ready to say goodbye to that place for good!!

Bringing them home was so much fun! You should have seen the grin on Jaxson's face.

They are so precious and perfect.


I haven't slept in 48 hours:)
We'll see how long one human can go without sleep before I pass out.


Jarom figured out how to put on a bow and a bracelet pretty quickly:)
....he was apologizing to London the entire time....

The joys of having our first little girl:)
....and making her completely dolled up and uncomfortable!!

The funnest moment of my life was introducting Jaxson to the babies!!!
He was and IS the proudest big brother on the planet.


Finally our family is complete!
It has been a long time coming:)

That's what I said to Jarom on the drive home from the hospital....
"remember that day we decided to do IVF?? Can you believe we have TWO little people sitting here?!? How did this happen???!!"

It was very surreal for me:)
After three long years of wanting another baby....we finally gave Jaxson a few siblings!
I was one happy woman.

Jaxson meeting his little brother for the first time!!!
He keeps walking up to him and saying...
"Hi there little guy!"


Can you imagine how much fun this would be when your five years old???
Getting a brother and a sister at the same time!
I would have been in heaven!

I think me and my mom were both blinking back tears at this moment!
Look at his grin! It was soooo big and I didn't even have to tell him to smile for the pictures like I usually do:) He has had the perfect weekend of staying indoors and taking turns holding one and then the other!  

Last night we had a great time getting them ready for bed in matching jammies:)
It's like Christmas Day picking out what they will wear each day.

I feel like I'm playing house and living a dream during the day.....and I feel like I want to slit my wrists at night when everyone is peacefully sleeping and I'm figuring out how to nurse/fill bottles/warm milk/pump/burp/diaper change/swaddle....REPEAT.

oh...and then I usually have 10 minutes to pee and wash my hands before the next one wakes up again!

heaven help me!


look how cute they are!!!!!

My little London taking her morning nap:)

Grandpa Dallas...this post was for you!
I am VERY sleep deprived and instead of climbing into my bed....I posted pictures of my babies just for you!! Love you and wish you could come visit:)




Bartholomew Family said...

Finally pictures! Oh my word I love them SO much. I can't wait to come and snuggle them in a week or so. The matching outfits are darling. I love Jaxson's grin :) I'm sure he is in heaven! Plus you honestly look AMAZING for just having actually look normal. I knew you were one of those lucky ones! SO CUTE!!!!!

The Cunninghams said...

I agree w Kayla!! The whole time I was scrolling through your post I kept thinking how totally awesome you look! ;)

I'm so happy those little cuties are home! I can't wait to meet them one day when they're allowed to be out in public. :)

Tammy said...

They are so beautiful, Kristin! Congratulations! I'm so happy they are home and doing well. I wish you the very best! xoxo

Tara and Andrew said...

I have kept checking back and yay, you posted about your beautiful babies! They are darling and the look on Jax's face is PRICELESS :) So exciting, overwhelming, and timeless. So happy for you guys.

Mandi Brown said...

I can't even believe you are doing all this right seems so far from real. I hope your doing great, when things slow down a bit I'll give you a call. Hope all is going well. I'll pray you get some sleep.

Michelle said...

What a great day! Absolutely gave me chills! That picture of the five of you on the couch is the happiest thing I have seen all week! Praying for sleep for you too!

Lauren & Brandon said...

AAAHHH!!!!! I love it!!!! Congrats on bringing them home!!! I'm curious, do you nurse? Pump exclusively? Both? I don't know how I would do it with two!

staci said...

Hey Kristin! Brooke & I wanted to send you a BIG congrats on the babies! They are completely adorable and I'm so glad they made it here safe & sound! Glad you are all home & adjusting to your new life together! Hope you can find a few minutes here & there to get a few winks of sleep!! :)

Dan & Ashley said...

Oh my word. Those pictures of Jaxson with the babies are priceless. So. dang. cute. I'm so happy for you guys. Hope you are adjusting well and getting a few minutes of sleep here and there. :)

Whitney said...

Gorgeous family!!! Your babies are so adorable. Glad you got to bring them home sooner than later. Hope you get some sleep girl!

Sabrina said...

love love love!

Laci said...

Yaay! They are home and healthy. I'm so happy for you. Plus they are beautiful which is always a plus! Good luck keeping up this blog, you will soon learn why I never post anymore ;)

Chelsea said...

So darling!! Who would have ever thought we'd both end up with a set of twins?!!!!!!! So lucky! Sleep is over rated with little babies around to love on ;)