Thursday, June 7, 2012


Guess who comes home tomorrow???
Both of my babies! Together.

Jaxson is so excited he can't stand it!
I, on the other hand, am a ball of nerves!!!

I can't wait to introduce my babies to their big brother.

Tomorrow is going to be wonderful. and overwhelming.
...and I will most likely spend the majority of it bawling tears of happiness, stress and complete FEAR.
Anyone who says they are "ready" to bring home preemie twins is a liar:)

Ready or not....
I have one more good nights sleep before life as I know it will change forever.

Wish me luck!!!


I've  been waiting to see this on their charts!! When I arrived yesterday and they no longer had feeding tubes I screamed and jumped up and down:)
They moved on to Ad lib demand feedings....which means...they are coming home!

My little MASON sleeping:)
The nurse told me he has a classic "breech" head.
It's very true!

The poor kid didn't have much room so he flipped breech at about 33 weeks.
His poor head was/is squished!!!

My guess is he was being kind to his sister....and decided to be the one who moved his head to under my right rib cage...where it wasn't comfortable for HIM or ME.
Poor little guy:)

Tomorrow is going to be the best ever.
I hope to find time to post pictures of their nursery. SOMEDAY! 
I love it in there.
....and of course....THEIR BIRTH....
My good friend Chelsea took pictures of their Birthday and I can't wait to see them!
Coming soon!
(if I have a spare 5 minutes in the next year!)

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Maranda said...

That's awesome Kristin! I'm so happy for you guys.