Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kerry Wood

Jarom walks into my hospital room Friday night after work.
Isn't it strange how something so foreign can become so normal????
I. Live. At. A. Hospital.
I start telling him about my every ache and pain...just to keep him informed and all. Ya know...make sure he knows just how bad everything from my hips to my mental state are suffering:) ha!
He listens patiently and then I pause....waiting for a response.

ya know...waiting for the kind of response he usually gives that helps me feel better and makes me feel like I'm amazing for doing this and doing such a wonderful job at it..and how it's almost over and I've almost made it (hey...a woman cannot be reminded enough)....
He stares at me and responds:

"Did you know Kerry Wood retired today. I mean it was so sad. Chicago Cubs best pitcher ever. I mean...he wanted to pitch one more they called him out during the game and he pitched 3 strikes...just struck him out and then walked off the field. Even the broadcaster started crying and had to go off air for a minute. It was pretty bad......then his four year old ran out onto the field and hugged him.....blah blah blah blah blah....(me trying to follow how obviously critical this is to life and all that is happening around me)....
Sooo....for those of you who didn't know....or don't have a live feed to ESPN going on 14 different electonic devices at one time like the men I know.....

Kerry Wood (Chicago Cubs Pitcher and amazing player)
retired today.

Monumental day. For the Cubs.
For Jarom.


I then called the nurse and asked for one of my percocet and explained my physical pain to her instead:)

I figured after all Jarom has done this week to help me out...I could let him sort through his "feelings" for Kerry Wood while I kept my whining to a minimum.


Saturday was Jaxson's last soccer game of the season.
His mama doesn't get to go.
But I do get to watch video clips afterward that make me smile:)

MY babies could come this week!
I am giving myself a pat on the back right now for keeping them in this long.
2.5 weeks ago my doctor predicted that I had 2 weeks max.
I know I can make it another week....even though I will spend as many hours bawling and miserable as I will being determined and stubborn to make this happen how I want/need it too!
Life is changing...and quick.
NO matter how difficult things get with them on the OUTSIDE....I will remember this particular sleepless night in pain and KNOW that it was just as tiresome with them on the INSIDE...only I didn't get to kiss the crap out of them and stare in awe at their faces...knowing they're both mine:)

Is it wierd that Jarom and I have ZERO...I mean ZERO idea what to name our little girl??
Nothing seems right. Nothing fits.
Partially because I cannot believe that I will have a little girl at all.

We like a handful of names......but not a single one can tip the scales.

The one Jarom came up with has LOTS of meaning.....tied completely to BASEBALL if you could wrap your mind around that:) haha.

He might win...because he's picky and won't agree to anything too unique or too cutesy:)
He also has to have a nickname.

geez. picky picky.

The name I've called her for 5 straight months was just questioned because..."what
  nickname could I call her???" he all of the sudden says.
He raises a good point.

This naming a baby business is  becoming a BIG DEAL.

Now try naming TWO.


I am telling you something.
Until they perform my C-section and pull TWO FULL HUMANS out of me...I will not believe that their could possibly be TWO. How do you wrap your mind around that? I can't believe this is happening.


I've decided to end each blog post (for your entertainment) with the comments I get as I waddle down the hospital halls these days. Some of them are said directly to my face...some are said not-so-quietly but by people who are convinced that I didn't hear them:)

"Oh ouch. Look at her."

"That right there is CRAZY!"
(my favorite one today)

"I am so sorry honey."

"Any minute, huh?"

"Is that painful?"

"I just feel so bad for you..."


I guess I must have looked a little "rough" today:) I should have done my hair...although I'm not sure that would have changed things that much!

I have a a mini-fat-roll on my neck.

The good news is Jarom ALWAYS says I look great.
He is the sweetest liar around.



mbarker said...

If we have a girl we are naming her Grace. There is a U2 song called Grace. It names a lot of things in the songs list that pertain to the name.

Allyson said...


Still laughing about the mini fat roll. That was my final blow: the mini fat roll; and I only grew one human.

Can't wait for these babies to come out! I'm just so excited for you!

P.S. They will change names several times on the birth certificate. Been there. Done that.

Best of luck, and hang in there!!

I'm sending you a million good vibes and a hug on the nights when exhaustion may get the better of you (or maybe it won't) but if it doesn't...please send me what you're on!!


Michelle said...

I saw your pictures on facebook but somehow we are not friends so I cannot comment. Congrats! They are so beautiful!