Monday, May 14, 2012


I turned 28 Years Old today.

Which would be really exciting.....except...
The thing is.....I decided at about noon...that I refuse to celebrate my birthday today because the world was consipiring against me and everything was going awfully wrong.

Birthdays should be about food and friends and family...opposed to...oh let's say...

I called my mom and told her that my bday would be celebrated on JUNE 14th instead and that she could start planning my party.  

Watch for pictures of a wonderful celebration. TO come.


Today consisted of.....being startled awake 10 times in the night for blood draws, urine samples and various other tests....resulting in 2 hours of sleep total (not consecutive hours either).

 I guess my legs no longer have reflexes too?!? I can't figure out why that's so important....but turns out that having feeling in your lower extremeties is kinda a big deal:) I pushed that worry down on my list of priorities...because from the moment I woke up I felt intense pain and burning in my eye...and that new pain (I get a new something every 24 hours).....was taking precedence.

I guess I have PINK EYE.
Pause for a moment and think to yourself:
 " How does an adult get pinkeye??? Don't 3 year olds get pink eye??"

I'll tell you breakout of the hospital to attend a preschool graduation.
My doctor told me that with 100% surety I got it from one of my little preschoolers:)
See why I'm such a rule follower?!? I can count the times I've broken the rules on ONE hand....and each time I suffer tremendously:)

My eye was literally swollen shut for half of the day....while I sat here alone in my teeny tiny room having contractions and being forced to swallow pills such as: stool softeners.
WHY IN THE CRAP DOESN'T MOTHER'S DAY last for a solid week???
I cannot believe the things we do to have children!!!!
We deserve day after day of praise and adoration.

After a miserable morning....and a mean old nurse who made me cry and tried to convince me that I had magically developed allergies her daughter did to dogs (I have never had allergies a day in my life....and the sassy side of me wanted to ask if she could see a dog running around my room that I was missing somehow)...I finally convinced her that something was wrong.

I actually used my ultimate threat...that I save for only the most serious situations....
"I'm gonna call my husband!!!"

(little do they know that I am so much meaner than him it's ridiculous...and that he couldn't hurt a fly.... let alone tell the nurse where to go and how quickly to get there:)


Within an hour I was started on a Z-pack for a major sinus infection/cold that has lasted 12 days, antibiotic eyedrops for pinkeye....and praise the heavens....A SHIFT CHANGE so that I could get a new nurse who believed me and whom I adore.

Oh yah...I guess I have a bladder infection as well?!? Too much information? Yep.
BUT if it's sympathy I'm going for here...I felt that I shouldn't leave anything out.
I guess all of these things are normal...when your body is tired and sick of meeting so many demands:)


The day wasn't all bad!!

My doctor came in for a special visit and told me that he is praying I don't get some kind of major plaque by tomorrow that will kill me:) I told him that I was leaving this place tomorrow...and he told me to lay back down because I was hallucinating. It was only kinda funny at the time.

 I get to see a perinatologist in the morning...and I always look forward to taking an in depth look at these babies and how much they are growing!

My 5 year old baby came to visit me. Best thing ever.
He bought me a spiderman card and picked me out special HEART that I could wear them in the hospital and know just how much he LOVES me.
Ummmmm......that is some sweet stuff right there, agree??

My mother-in-law brought me Zupa's.

I had wonderful room service for dessert of strawberry cheesecake.
(you don't have to give a crap that you're a diabetic on your birthday...did you know that's a
rule that I just made up??? It's true)

....and the most attractive man I know took me for a wheelchair ride OUTSIDE...
My 2nd time outside in 12 days.
The sprinklers were on...and the sun was just going down...and it smelled like heaven.


I love a MAY birthday.
I am pretty excited that my babies will be born in MAY...and that every year from now on we can all enjoy the sunshine and excitement for summer that MAY brings....together.

I had so many wonderful calls and emails for my birthday...and truly know how many great friends that I've been blessed with. Thank you.

Now....don't forget my other will be held on JUNE 14th instead.
I expect a text or call on that day as well....because this one will be erased from my memory forever and basically didn't count at all:):) Ha!



p.s.  Baby A and Baby B (you will have names eventually)....Thank you for causing me the most pain, torture and misery one person can handle.....and for simultaneously causing me the most excitement, joy and humility that one person can hold.

your mama


Michelle said...

I think picking a different day to celebrate is brilliant! See how smart you are at 28? I am still sorry it sort of sucked but I am glad you felt loved, that is the most important thing. I will be sure and bring a cupcake on the 14th! You are almost there, hang in there! Although I don't think I would find the comment about the plague funny at this point!

Mandi Brown said...

OH MY GOODNESS< i'm speechless, holy cow, hang in there my friend...

Sabrina said...

I'll remember to wish you Happy Birthday on June 14th! ha ha

So glad your hubby took you outside to enjoy this beautiful weather! And yes, MAY babies would be great!

Get over the pink eye soon! And hold on tight to that nurse who's "on your side."