Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have hundreds...maybe thousands...of pictures to go through and so much to update!
It's eating at me...because I hate being BEHIND:)

Hopefully tonmorrow I will do it....while my family takes a Sunday afternoon nap and I watch with jealousy because "SLEEPING" is really no longer something I get to enjoy.
Last NIGHT was the WORST NIGHT'S SLEEP I have ever had in my life.

Except once, about 10 years ago, when my entire family crammed into a trailer house and I thought I was suffering from hypothermia. for sure.

I whine out loud in the night so that Jarom knows EXACTLY how much pain I am in and WHEN:)


Updates coming:
Soccer Season Started! Nothing is cuter than a little boy in ANY kind of uniform.
Early Easter Celebration and coloring eggs (do to being gone on vacation)
Easter Bunny finding Jax on Vacation!
Our week at Tahiti Village. (The fun, the memories...the emotional breakdowns from me)
Mystery Easter Bunny sneaking into our house and leaving a house full of candy!
(at this point...Jaxson was beginning to get a warped idea of how many times the Easter Bunny visits one kid.)
Baby Showers!


Jarom and I spent our Friday evening watching Utube videos of:

1- the nasty KNEE surgery he will have next week.

(then I of course made him sit through)
2- The C-section of a set of twins.


It helped curb our craving for a late night run to Dairy Queen.
Jarom said he lost his appetite for weeks:)
I, on the other hand, found out this week that I am majorly gestational Diabetic!

So...I cut up a few strawberries and pretended it tasted like my usual Friday night COLD STONE.


Only 6-8 more weeks to go.
Right now I am feeling like I can do this!
Last night about 3 a.m. I KNEW that I couldn't.


Off to a soccer game:)



Western Warmth said...

I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. I have some high protein snack and meal ideas on my blog if you ever need any. The diet the dietician gives you is hard to follow especially when pregnant, but I noticed I was a lot less nauseated and tired when I kept my blood sugar balanced. Good luck! My blog is

Sabrina said...

lol, oh no....c-section! You can do it, you'll be great!

Seriously, sit down! Jarom is right. Wish I could make the time go faster for you, until then...enjoy all the new baby stuff made for TWO!