Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get Air! Conference weekend and Jaxson's Milk:)

A few weeks ago we had a fun family night with some great friends in our ward. We went out to dinner and then to "GET AIR" trampoline park! 

To say Jaxson was in heaven is a total understatement.

Jarom TERRIFIED me by chucking our kid into the foam pit OVER and OVER.
Each time Jaxson would launch....I would wait...(with my eyes covered) hear screams.

I just KNEW we'd leave with an injury!


This picture is my favorite: Jarom, my friend Rachel and Hudson stuck in the pit together.

I guess it was IMPOSSIBLE to get out of! Jarom would climb in to save Jaxson...because let's face it...if I got into that thing I was never coming out. Possibly with the use of a CRANE....but they didn't have I sat on the comfy couch and watched the fun.

The basketball tramps were the boys favorite. They are both OBSESSED with watching their dad play ball. Little Hudson is only 2 and he refuses to leave the house without his jersey:)
Oh the joys of athletic little boys. 

This picture pretty much sums up my child.
It took me right back to 2009 when Jaxson would wander around saying "ball...ball...ball" and pointing to anything and everything that was round. It was the only word he could say!

He is still a BALL hoarder.

I had to break the news to him that he wasn't going to be able to hold all of them at once...after a good 15 minutes of him trying. 

I was quite amazed at his bravery actually.
He was eating it up!


On Sunday we had my family over for Conference.
Nanny brought the kids each an Easter basket and they had a scavenger hunt around the house to find it!

It was happy we could celebrate Easter with them because we are flying out TONIGHT and will be celebrating Easter in the Sunshine this year!

Jaxson got LOTS of little toys and fun things! I think the hit was the spider that climbs down the wall and the FLART. I think he made wierd noises with that stuff for 5 straight hours and pretended that we were all farting:) Little boys are always good for a laugh! 

Peep Pops!

Jaxson's happy little cousin!
Don't you want to squeeze her to death?!?!?
I do....and DID!



Jaxson's Sippies of MILK.
(I have to record this memory for journaling purposes! I don't ever want to forget this stage:)
My Newly-turned 5 year still attached and very much in love with his Sippies.

In every other way he is MORE mature than most his age...but when it comes to cuddling up to watch a movie, riding in the car or going to bed...IT CANNOT BE DONE without a sippy of milk!

It's hard to put into words my child's obsession with Milk actually.

If the thought of Nursing makes you might want to skip this part of my post:)

The MINUTE that child was born he started nursing and it was DEATH to get him to stop.
He nursed and nursed and nursed. 
He wanted to nurse all day and all night.
When I tried to get him to stop...he would scream and hold his breath.
My sister was with me once while I was wheening him...and after about 15 mintues she BEGGED me to give in. Jaxson would hold his breath and threaten to die before my eyes...I swear it.
It was quite something!

That is partly why he was such a chubby baby...because what he wanted...I gave him!
Simply as that.

It became the ONE thing I always knew could fix anything.
He was a perfect baby. Never fussed, never cried or spit-up. He made things pretty easy on me.  However, if he was upset, tired or hurt...if we were flying on an airplane to visit nanny (probably 5 times before he was 9 months old), or he had a fever....all I had to do was nurse him and within 5 seconds...he was better. Giggling or asleep:)

It became my FIX-ALL.

I became as attached to it as he did.

See...the kid didn't have a favorite blanket, he never took a binky, he didn't have any kind of attachment item. Only nursing and nursing and then nursing some more.


At 18 months the Doctor told me it was time:)
(In my defense, I kinda FIGURED...I just didn't care!)

That kid can DRINK.
He can finish off a 44 ouncer from the gas station without coming up for air! He could replace EVERY SINGLE MEAL with a sippy of milk and be perfectly content with life.

It has started to get us into trouble.

He Never eats. Just drinks. MILK. A lot of milk.

His pediatrician has tried for 2 years to taper him off of it:)
No success.

Finally when Jaxson turned 5 he had a talk with him.
Only 3 glasses of milk a day.
No exception!

Jaxson takes this very seriously.
He will think and think about when he really wants it during the day.
If he wants some at dinner....and then realizes he will want more at bedtime...he will tell me that he has to have water at dinnertime so he doesn't waste one of his sippies for the day!!!
It cracks me up at how responsible he is about it all:)

MORNING sippies are a MUST at our house.
...and they have to be filled and/or prepared by his daddy....

It is the ONLY way to start off the day.

The kid isn't particular about much...but serious.

The few days that Jarom has left to work without getting him his sippy....he has shed tears and suffered the entire day. So...Jarom had to make it part of his morning routine.

The few times Jaxson is still asleep when Jarom leaves presents a BIG problem.
Jaxson would wake was already hug, no kiss...NO SIPPY made my daddy.


So....Jarom prepares one every single morning.
Sometimes "regul-ee" (just regular milk), sometimes strawberry milk, sometimes chocolate milk.

He places a post-it with Jaxson's name on it directly on the sippy.


Every morning Jaxson hops out of bed and heads straight to the fridge.
He grabs his sippy with a GRIN from ear to ear. He marches right up to his bedroom to save the post-it in a special place.

Because it was from his daddy.

....and they are each wrapped around each others finger....
The feelings are completely mutual I'm afraid:)


...and I have a feeling Jarom and I will both go into mourning when this little stage comes to an end....


We are off to the airport and a week break from life and reality:)
Jaxson is pretty excited for the plane ride.
Jarom is excited for the sleep and sunshine.
I am concentrating on remaining calm even though I KNOW my Doctor prefers I stay off of planes, out of cars and within 30 miles of my hospital:)

I can do this.

I even found a swimming suit that fits.
Granted, my legs look like the definition of cellulite....but oh well.
Fun will be had and memories made:)

My LAST vacation with my little man ALONE!
We are embracing LOTS of changes at our house right now.

Pray that I don't swell up on the flight and have to be wheelchaired around the airport:)
Also, pray that jarom doesn't divorce me when he realizes that he will be paying to check extra luggage BOTH WAYS that is filled with ONLY plastic eggs and chocolate.
What kind of mother would I be if my child doesn't get an Easter Egg hunt??



Have a wonderful Easter!

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Total blog stalker alert here!! You went to Box Elder with my husband (Eric Rollins), hes a year or two yonger than you i think).

Anyway...i totally read your blog, GUILTY! I have never commented because like i said, i'm a total blog stalker. LOL. BUT i just HAD To this time.

Jaxon and my Colter are a year apart, (today is his FOURTH birthday) :( They remind me of eachother SO much but just to put the topping on the cake you just did this milk sippy post. We seriosuly go through this EVERY day, its so hilarious. I just may have to have Eric start writing him post it notes :)

email me and i'll send you an invite to our blog. (if you want!)