Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Easter...

Easter is one of my very favorite holidays.
This year was kind of hectic....but Jaxson didn't seem to notice:)
He enjoyed every minute of it. 


I'm not going to lie...things are getting VERY VERY difficult for me.
Today Jarom gave me the following "talk"...
"I know you are Nesting or whatever the crap you call it...but you aren't supposed to be doing anything but sitting on your butt right now!"

I was having contractions this afternoon.
Like LOTS of them. 
They don't ever was a tad different.

They always go away...but if I do laundry, clean, bend or push myself (like I do daily) body starts sending me warning signs! My arches are the first to go...followed quickly by my back.
It is quite glamorous, I'm telling ya:)


We celebrated Easter a few days early because we were headed to Tahiti Village for Spring Break.

We colored eggs and the BUNNY visited Jaxson with a few of his "bigger" toys that I couldn't cram into a suit case:)

He is pretty easy to please these days! I love how excited he gets over everything.
He got the usual bubble gun, rocket launcher, sand toys, Beyblades and a Beyblade locker!
 His new obsession.
The bunny also brought him the very last Skylander that he needed to complete his collection!

I can't decide who was happier that he officially has them or him.
I am SOOO glad I don't have to hear him begging every single day for one of them!!! Worth every cent:) I need my sanity.


We caught a late flight to Vegas and Jaxson was thrilled.
He loved the airplane and was darling the entire flight...making comments and staring out the window.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelsey are in law School at UNLV! They picked us up from the airport and let us spend the first night at their condo. :):)

The Bunny found Jaxson in Vegas too...which was very exciting for the little man:)
(not as exciting this time around...since the toys were left at home...but he got a swimsuit, sunglasses, Happy Feet 2 and pool toys for the next week in the sunshine.


Jarom was really happy that I was in pain and swelling from the heat because I could only shop for about an hour before I was DONE. He was so happy:):)

We spent a few hours at the outlet...let the kid ride the carousel and hit Macaroni Grill.
Oh...and found darling beyond darling clothes and prizes for the babies!

We headed straight to pool...Jaxson's heaven on earth.
Oh how I love this little boy.

We hit yogurtland every single day! I love it:)
So does Jaxson.

Jarom and Jaxson threw a football for hours every afternoon.
I was a good sport and played catch with him too....Jarom even snapped a picture without my permission. When I saw it I wanted to do one of the following:
1) jump off a cliff
2) jump in front of a moving train

You guys. It was a sight to behold.

We caught a late night flight back home around 11:00 p.m...and noticed that the Easter Bunny found him again!

Truth: My sister in law broke into my house while I was gone and hid tons of eggs for Jaxson. The kid got extremely spoiled and started thinking that the "Easter bunny coming every other day" thing was normal.

Finally, after a week of sunshine, celebrating Easter 3-4 times and spring break we were home and ready to start another week!

I stayed up all night unpacking, doing laundry and getting ready to greet 24 preschoolers at 9:00 a.m the next morning.

Yes. I am nuts. It is getting impossible to live my life:)


We are back to soccer games, T-ball is starting soon, preparing for Preschool Graduation, having baby showers and somehow wrapping my mind around the fact that in 6-8 weeks max I will have 2 newborns and need my entire house organized and prepared to live up to the task!!

Heaven help me.

I am going to take a bath. Then make Jarom rub my back.


p.s. My baby looks so cute in a soccer uniform.
It makes me beam with pride...(and cry sometimes because I am an emotional wreck these days).

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Maranda said...

Looks like a fun, successful Easter! It seems like you've been pretty busy, especially when you should probably be taking it easy. Hope your vacation was relaxing!