Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jaxson's idea...

Today Jaxson walked up to my bed....(I was still laying in it around 9:30 a.m.) and climbed up.
My eyes were closed.
I felt a big smooch land right on my lips:)

Then I heard him whisper....

"Mom! I have an idea for my precious girl."

(Why he calls me that lately is beyond me??....but I go with it...because it's darling and makes me feel really important to at least one person on this planet:)

He said..."mommy, I know what you could do so you don't have to bend over anymore!"

Me = listening intently....because bending over is the worst part of my life and I'll take any solution at all.

Jaxson continues: "Watch! (he throws a blanket on the ground) you just stick your foot under the blanket/toy....kick your leg up like THIS....when it flies into the air....YOU GRAB IT!"  (as he dramatically swipes the blanket out of the air)

He repeats the entire statement while doing the actions again...just so that I can truly understand:) ha. 
Then runs off to watch garfield.


Thanks little man for always looking out for me. 


Now, son, can you figure out a solution to the problem....taking into consideration that I CANNOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE kick my leg into the air??? mmmmmmkkkkk:)


The good news is my prayers were answered and a package of Golden Oreos and one of those nifty clamp things on a stick that picks things up so I don't have to bend over were left on my porch by a good friend:)
Thanks Chersten:)

Ask and you shall receive!


Less than 2 weeks until spring break vacation.
Please oh please oh please come quickly!

We have planned our last week ALONE with our little man. Sniff.
His last Vacation as the only child.
Our last trip in which we can easily hand him off to the other parent...while we take a break/nap/read/drink strawberry daquiries and relax while the other one plays with him, teaches him to swim, etc.  WWWAAAAHHHHH.

All throughout our struggle to get pregnant...Jarom would tell me: "TRY HARDER TO ENJOY THIS...I know it will change and when it will wish so badly for this time back!"

He was kinda right.
Like usual.


at first I refused to even ENTERTAIN the idea of  me in a swimming suit.
I bought a darling striped mumu and thought....I will just enjoy the sunshine and watch you two play from the sidelines...where I belong:)

Then I gained another 10 pounds and started sweating bullets just by walking from one end of my house to the other.

I rushed right out and I found a BIG GIRL size. You better believe it will be Jarom's job to figure out how to lift me onto the tube in the lazy river. Once I get there...I don't plan on moving.


I wish I could put into words how Fun being Jaxson's mom is.
I am obsessed with him right now and how sweet he is to me.

As for how he treats Jarom: I think the little stinker gave himself a wedgie while changing into pajamas last night and then tried to sit on Jarom's head. hahahahahaha. Oh my gosh. I don't even know that kid! He acts sooo differently around me during the day:)

I heard Jarom say to him: Why don't you do things like this to mom (as he was laughing)....

Jaxson responded...

"I would never do something like that to my precious GIRL!"



Love Him.

p.s. I am scared to have more than one kid.


Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

Don't be scared, you will get 3 times as much love, 3 times as many loving comments, 3 times as much humor (and 3 times as much trouble) and it is WONDERFUL. Instead of him doting over just you, he will have a little sister to dote over and you will be in HEAVEN watching him protect her, play with her, etc. Oh it will be glorious!

Summer said...

Still waiting for the birthday post AND nursery pictures!!! Jaxson sounds like the sweetest kid ever! And agree with what CCC said.

Sabrina said...

aaah, that is the cutest thing ever! I'm glad you get one last "hoorah" before the babies come.

Jaxson will be the best big brother ever!

And don't you stress at all about having more than one; I know you can juggle everything and love them as much as you do Jaxson.