Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jaxson turned 5....

March is a special month at our house.
Jaxson celebrates his Birthday on March 7th!

THIS YEAR the fun dragged on and on for about a week and a half:) 

It is impossible to believe he is already 5 years old!
Totally depressing actually.

However, we are loving this new phase of life and the fun he brings to it!
Soccer games, Tball games, Tumbling performances, Kindergarten registration.
I am somewhat shocked at how busy ONE LITTLE BOY can keep us.


Jaxson, We Love you and are so happy you're OURS.
Happy Birthday Month little man.
I hope you know how special you are.

The little man REALLY REALLY wanted a friend party.
I, feeling anxious approximately 100 times a day that his life is going to change so drastically, agreed!
I knew it would be hard on me to do it.
I knew I would be exhausted.
I knew I probably shouldn't.
But I did it anyway.

I also threw a big FAMILY PARTY....because that is what I look forward to most each year!
So...this year he was "spoiled rodden" he likes to put it.

At least he knows...and is grateful.


His request was a lightening Mcqueen/racecar party.
So....that's what I made happen:)



Jaxson invited 12 little friends to his party.
We started out with lunch: pizza party and capri suns:)

The boys won GOLD medals during some of our games. They loved it!
It doesn't take much to excite little boys.

Jaxson LOVES to do puzzles and he is actually getting quite good and FAST at completing them.
I was so excited when I found a HUGE lightening Mcqueen floor puzzle.
It was just perfect because the kids put the puzzle together and then each of them helped color the pieces!

It's a darling keepsake from his party that he can put together again and again.

Jaxson wanted to play musical squares like we do at we did it to the Cars theme song by Rascal Flatts. They were soooo hyper and excited:) Again, so simple...but they loved it!!
The fastest (winner) won  piston cup medals.

Then came cake, ice-cream...and PRESENTS.
I have never been more busy in my Jarom was in charge of all pictures:) I guess he didn't get any of that part at the FRIEND PARTY:)

I took almost 100 of him opening his gifts. I am a picture hoarder:)

After presents they each colored and decorated Lightening Mcqueen's license plate!
They thought this was pretty cool.  

Party Favors: License plates, bubbles, gold medal, Cars 2 sticker pack, Lightening Mcqueen fruit snacks, Matchbox car.
The boys loved. 

We finished up by watching a few minutes of CARS 2 in the theater.
This was my favorite part....because it was peaceful and quiet:)

...and by that point I was drenched in sweat from the entire experience...

It was such a fun afternoon for Jaxson...which was my goal!
I felt like I needed to make his birthday extra special with all the changes that he'll go through this summer. I kind of planned on it being my last big "thing" before I allowed myself to follow my Dr.'s orders and be on 6-8 hours of bedrest a day.

I felt relatively good until this I just kept pushing!
Yesterday I realized that I was DONE as I was walking around Taipan and my feet were oozing over the sides of my flip-flops. Exhausted. Hurting. Swelling.

But the little man was worth it:)


Basically I had one evening to clean up...and we did it all over again!
Just with a lot more people and a lot more food!!

I wasn't very good at taking pictures because I was relaxing and enjoying the company:)

We had a big barbeque with LOTS of yummy food. I made limeaid slush for the ANTIFREEZE (no picture) but it was darling:) I also spend hours making cakepops! No picture:)
A LOT OF WORK....but well worth it.

It was a beautiful Sunny afternoon so I gave him one gift a few hours early so he could go outside and enjoy it! Soccer nets! 

 He challenged daddy and uncle Nate to a soccer game in the backyard. Soccer season continues this weekend! Wahoo:)

Then came present time...HIS FAVORITE!
He was giggling with excitement all night just waiting for it!!

His Grandparents, aunts and uncles spoiled him rotten.
I'm pretty sure he got everything on his wishlist!

We were all stuffed from DINNER....but Jaxson insisted it was cake time!
I had the cutest cake in the world all designed...but I ran out of energy...imagine that:)

So....being the cheeseball that I am...I decided on piling high a few of
"Lightening Mcqueen's Spare Tires".
It was a hit...and they were delicious!

We topped them off with an ice-cream sundae bar and cakepops!

After all the guests left...Daddy took Jaxson downstairs for his special surprise from us.
A Lifetime Doubleshot.
I guess it's never too early to perfect his shooting skills and bring out every ounce of competition in his little body:)
They play every single night. Sometimes I even head to the basement during the day for a few games with him. He loves it.

It was a great weekend!


His REAL birthday wasn't until a few days later and although I'd like to say the celebrating was OVER.....I couldn't ignore it on Wednesday morning.

We tried to make another special day out of it with just the three of us.
We too him to....
Jaxson had ONE goal.....earn tickets! I swear he was so focused on winning tickets that he forgot to have fun on each game...he was just running from one to the next as fast as possible.

Ski Ball!

He hit the jackpot on this one! Tickets started pouring out both sides and he was grinning from ear to ear.

One happy little boy!

Anything that involves driving racecars gets him pretty excited. Couple that with being with his dad (dad took off work early to spend the day with him) and this little boy was having the best day of his life.

Then it was off for some bowling!
Jaxson LOVES to bowl. He was, however, so focused on winning tickets that he rushed through his game to get back to the arcades:)

Game of air hockey with dad!

....and the best part of all...

This little boy was short HUNDREDS of tickets to get the angry bird he had his eye on!! :( 
(they want almost 1000 tickets for that thing....geez)

BUT....the guy behind the counter knew it was Jaxson's birthday and gave it to him as a gift!
Just when I thought his day couldn't be any better...I was wrong:)

It was then off to Dinner.....where Jaxson REQUEATED that he be sang to and given free dessert!
I mean....geez....he IS NOT SHY like his father.

We shared a big mud slide pie and a yummy dinner at Red Robin and then home to watch a movie.


Wednesdaynight, March 7th I officially kissed goodbye to Jaxson's birthday month...can you see why?!?
I was SOOOO tired.

Good memories were made and I am confident that he always remembers his celebrations!

Your going to be a big brother before you know it and I know you'll love it!
I KNOW you enjoyed your birthday party(s) and you could feel just how special you are to us.
Thanks for being such a good boy and always being so appreciative.
You make me so proud to be your mommy.
I know you'll be the best helper ever when these babies come.  
I know they will be so lucky to have you as their big brother.

HAPPY 5th Birthday Big Boy!


Bartholomew Family said...

I love this little man! I think my favorite picture is Jax on the couch with his friends watching cars...holding his giant nerf gun! haha he cracks me up! I love his fun birthday parties :)....I can't believe he is 5! Geesh!

Ally said...

I can't believe he's five! I loved what you said about the moment he was born...I had so many of the same feelings. These little people!!! I am so excited for you to have 2 new little ones. Oh, and I thought of you when I saw the matching Janie and Jack Easter outfits, I die. You have to see them.

Happy birthday Jaxson!

Brandy said...

Where did you get the little license plates? ADORABLE party :) I pinned you on pinterest, hope you don't mind....