Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This week....and a pregnant pic!

This week might kill me.
I mean...I just went to hobby lobby and Walmart (2 errands) and several bones and muscles throughout my body are throbbing/aching/spreading and I can only imagine what else.

I was walking slower than a 90 year old with a walker.

Jaxson tried to be patient.

He did, however, shout...."I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!"
...while waiting in the checkout line of hobby lobby....

I am sure the other 20 kids being drug around that store felt like screaming AMEN!


Jarom....let it be noted that the ONLY reason I was in hobby lobby today was to gather supplies/decor for Jaxson's big Bday Bash coming up next week. I did NOT purchase one single item of decor for the house.
Ok? Alrighty? 

A donut sounded WAY better than a decoration or another unnecesarry vase...so we ran to walmart immediately afterward and grabbed one with sprinkles...along with a dollar bin dinosaur to keep the kid happy.

Back to my week...

They put me on 6-8 hours of "bedrest" per day...Starting YESTERDAY.
yah right.

Who, I ask, is going to run my life/job/household/child if I lay on my couch and read all day?!?!

I am a bit anxious and scatter brained right now.
I know that I need to rest and take it easy...but I have sooo much left to do.  
I feel the need to scrub everything...like the baseboards....except I can't get off the ground if I manage to even get there in the first place. Isn't it wierd that I would rather scrub the baseboards in my house than hang one piece of clothing on a hanger?!? It's true.


I have kindergarten registration this week (the horrificness of this to me will be saved for another post), It's dental health week at preschool...and you can't get me started on teeth...I have so much planned.

 I then take 24 kids on a field trip to a pediatric dental office Thursday.

I have ANOTHER Dr. appt. for the Twinners at Mckay Dee hospital (I go every 10 days for testing now until they are born).

 Jarom and I have been invited to a Sadie Hawkins Dance party at the church on Friday and the daunting task of finding something MATCHING to fit over my giganticness and that fits Jarom too is stressing me just a little.

 I am slightly nuts...so I am throwing Jaxson a Racecar/Lightening Mcqueen party for 13 little friends on Saturday...followed by another big Party for extended family on Sunday with a barbeque, "Spare-tire donut cake" and "Antifreeze lime slush" to drink!

I am trying EVER SO HARD to keep it simple.
I just don't have enough energy to dedicate to everything right now.

In between all that I will take my almost 5 year old to get SHOTS for kindergarten and every time I think about hurting him when he doesn't deserve it...I want to die.

Jarom never takes off work. NEVER.
You better believe that Jarom scheduled off work...because I am pretty sure that watching SHOTS on my baby could be the one thing that puts me straight into labor.

Watching them hold his leg down and stab it...while he stares at me.
That's what dad's are for.
I will take him for ice-cream afterward and probably buy him the entire dollar-bin of dinosaurs.
Yuck. Disgusting. No way.


The good news is....
It took over a month.
A boy/girl nursery that is classy...not cheesy...was the hardest thing I've ever done:) Almost.

Trim, moldings, paint, crib assemblies, hanging of shelves, closet rods, blah blah blah.
Jarom got into like 7 fights with me during the process.
We don't do "House building" or "Home Improvements" very well together.
We want to divorce throughout the entire process:)

Amazing that we get along 100% of the time otherwise!

Needless to say....he has put his foot down and NOTHNG will change in this house for at least 12 months after that project.

I agreed to that.
I think newborn twins might be enough on my plate:)


I snapped another picture of my belly before church.
Enjoy the hugeness.

Yes it hurts.

But it's OH SO WORTH IT!


Maranda said...

So where is the belly shot? I would love to see pics of your nursery too! Just as long as it doesn't exert too much energy! haha. Hang in there!!

Sabrina said...

Me too, nursery shots! Hang in there lovely.

I'm not so sure your list of plans coincides with "bed rest" but you know best what your body can handle!!