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Next year on Valentines Day....& a pregnant picture:(

It's not that I didn't have a fabulous day...because it was actually quite FULL and FUN!'s just that I am currently planning what I will be capable of doing NEXT VALENTINE'S DAY...and it sounds absolutely amazing compared to my current state!

Examples: Sleep on my stomach, shave my legs, have something to wear, no heartburn, be at a normal non-sweaty temperature, make it through a romantic movie without peeing 4-10 times, etc.

I would take those things over a cruise to the carribean right about now:)


My Little Valentine!

Ok.....Get ready for it.......
Me pregnant with the Twinners at
21 WEEKS!!! oh my
from now on I will most likely crop out my face for your benefit. Look at those cheeks:)

I might be smiling and acting/looking somewhat comfortable in this picture.

Let me break it down for you.
I am VERY HAPPY because they are perfectly healthy and growing.
HOWEVER, I have two heads snuggled together...."head-butting" my bladder. Why oh why are they in the same position?? The past few weeks since they've both decided to flip head down...have been kinda painful. I seriously can't make sudden movements...because of the insane pressure and the the fact that I imagine them pinching my bladder between their noggins.

Because their heads are the biggest part of their body...they are stretching my lower stomach so fast I want to cry. I had a hard time putting weight on my right leg 2 weeks ago...come to find out my "roud ligament"....the one that allows your uterus to grow and stretch....kinda ripped or strained. It was a bad few days.

All FOUR feet are lodged right under my bra line and sometimes make it difficult to eat/breath.
I take a swallow...and it returns about 4 times...before it's able to find a spot and stay down.
Amazingly enough....this hasn't kept me from packing....on....the...pounds.

I am Swollen. in...those boots are cutting off my circulation. My calfs have doubled in size...and every Sunday my feet are numb.
N...U...M...B. when I tke them off.
 My arms and chest are life-size...and seem to be growing and shocking me daily.
I have a full blown double chin.
I was returning a mirror to hobby lobby...and as I was carrying it and waddling acrossed the parking lot...I glanced down and saw it. It was horrific. I had to turn the mirror upside down and sing "Count your blessings..." so I could make it into the store without barfing at my own reflection.

I am currently only 3 pounds away from weighing what I did the day I DELIVERED JAXSON.
Let's just say...I thought that swelling to life size proportions was only possible ONCE in a lifetime.
I was wrong.
I will possibly double that this time around:)

The good news is...Jarom swears he's still attracted to me.
I ask him about 3,001 times a day.
He even helps me out of bed and off the couch and such....and ignores the panting and heavy breathing/wheezing when I successfully climb the flight of stairs.
True Love.

All the facts being out on the table......
I want to SCREAM with excitement.

I bawl a little every day.
I get to have TWO BABIES.
One is a boy! SOOOO excited. Boys Rule!
One is a my first little girl! Oh the clothes she already has!!! The dreams I have about what she will be like. Please bless she grows up to have black hair and blue eyes like her daddy!

It is like I'm living a physical nightmare....but a complete dream come true all at the same time:)

Sometimes me or Jarom will turn to the other and say: "There are TWO babies in there!"

It is simply a miracle.
....and a once in a lifetime experience....

I CANNOT wait.
I CANNOT believe how lucky I get sometimes.


Monday Night my mom came to visit and bring Jaxson a Valentine!
She started the whole Door-bell ditching cupid like 28 years she continued in her normal fashion. Jaxson was so surprised to see a present waiting for him when he answered the door.

She also brought me my 20 week gift!
She gives the baby/in my case (BABIES) a little something after the 20 week ultrasound. It is such an exciting time because they tell you how healthy and great they are growing! Such a relief. I have a 4D video and about 50 pictures of them snuggling. It is crazy. That update is an entirly differnt post...but I will say that the little boy is chubby and the little girl is TALL. She has very long legs...and he has a fat they averaged out and weight the exact same amount! haha. I thought that was funny:)

My mom gave me some cute matching jammies....blankets, burp rags...and the cutest little TWIN willow tree jewelry box. I have it on my dresser and I see it every morning. I am in love with it.
It holds my wedding ring....and my "I am too fat for my real wedding I bought a fake one" ring:):)

Moving on.....

First, I will tell you what my Valentine's Day 2013 (next year) will look like.
Then I will depict exactly what my Valentine's Day 2012 (this year) was actually like. (don't get too depressed...)


Next year....
 I will have THREE kids. Fun.
You know why it's gonna be fun???? Because all three of them will live outside of my body and I will be free to kiss and hug and spoil them as I wish. Instead of being afraid to make any sudden movements for fear of peeing my pants. Instead of waddling up the stairs and feeling every muscle in my butt and legs BURN like I just finished the Boston Marathon.

Cupid will door-bell ditch them like usual..leaving the porch covered in red, white and pink balloons, treats and prizes. I will have energy and WANT to do these things...just for the memory and pure joy on their faces. I will CARE....instead of wish that I was soaking in the tub..or someone was massaging my lower back that goes into sudden cramps throughout the day. will fabulous.

I will most likely send my child out the door with a bag of Valentine's in hand...headed for Kindergarten and a fun Valentine's Party that I  DID NOT PLAN. I have had a blast planning them for his two years of preschool....I am just anticipating my NEW PHASE OF LIFE in which I will get to strap my twinners into the jogging stroller and take a stroll around the block instead of BE in charge of throwing back-to-back parties for 24 four year olds.

 Pregnant me after a day like that = exhausted.

I have been as in...ALWAYS there for every experience he's ever had.
Even something as small as a little Valentine's Day class party!
It's time to cut the cord.
For both of us.

My husband will surprise me with something fun: a trip to the spa or something equally as relaxing and wonderful:)

I will meet him for lunch and eat whatever I want...because I will be nursing TWO babies and hopefully they will each be sucking off a few pounds of this baby fat per week:) Please bless, please bless, please bless.

All three kiddos will be bathed and in bed by 8:30 p.m. so I can watch a movie and relax with my husband.

The end.

That is my goal for next year! It will happen I promise you:)
A girl can dream.

REALITY: Valentine's Day 2012

My annoying alarm went off WAY to early. Jarom had to actually help me get out of bed...because everything hurts and let's face it...I am the exact size I was the day I delivered Jaxson.

I rushed through the shower and pushed and prodded and begged Jaxson to HURRY and get ready!
I had 24 excited preschoolers arriving soon and they would be extra hyper, excited and ready for a Party.

My feet were swollen from the day before in which I OVER-DID. I have a tendency to push past my limit...and then I pay for it the next day big time. Meaning: SWELL LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN.

Cupid arrives and door-bell ditches! Jaxson find a present on the porch from cupid. He goes on a scavenger hunt for the other prizes! He was thrilled with his presents:)

 It was rushed and although he was thrilled....I was wishing I could snap a few pictures instead of finish getting ready and set up for a FULL DAY.

The first set of kiddos arrived and we had a lot of fun.
2.5 hours of screaming and games and musical chairs and art projects.
Preschool ends...I am exhausted.

(they make darling v-day picture frames for their moms!)

I have 10 minutes before 12 more kids arrive and I must do the 2.5 hour party all over again:)

They all arrive and are as excited and hyper and anxious to have a good time as the first group!
We had a blast with them too:)

Preschool ends...I spend 1 hour cleaning up the snack mess, the papers, the lost hair clip...the usual aftermath of a morning with 24 little ones running around my house! I am sweating:) haha.
Jaxson uses that time to paint his T-rex project that Cupid left him!

Change Jaxson into tumbling to tumbling.
While Jaxson is at tumbling...I decide to use the 45 minutes to run to Walmart and get the fresh fruit for the chocolate fondue I'm making for dessert.

Pick Jaxson up from home.

Start cooking.
Cook for an hour and a half straight.

Call Jarom.
Where the crap is he?????

Oh yah....people get divorced on Valentine's Day too:(

He's running late. Like usual.
He's busy...has a trial coming up...and is extra stressed.

Jaxson and I start eating alone:) Like usual.

Daddy finally gets home.
We TRIED to snuggle on the couch....but my size makes it physically impossible for us to get within 3 feet of eachothers faces. I tried to lay on my side...but the little girlie on my left HATES it. I always forget that instead of my baby being out front....I've got one on each side. They are kinda picky about my positioning:)

Jarom is snoring within 10 minutes.

I get up and do the dishes at 11:00 p.m.

He did tell me that he loved me a lot.
...and that he's pretty lucky....

I agreed:):)

oh....and he called me on the way to work the next day and said he'd make it up to me:) 

I told him that he already did....and informed him that he just bought me the most darling Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bag with matching makeup clutch.
 How thoughtful of him huh???? hahaha!!

Oh...and that his second gift could be forgiveness...because I just ordered 2 sets of pottery barn kids crib bedding and it's shoved in my nursery closet. :)

It wasn't his fault the day was a bummer.
I think the world should stop for work, no divorcing, no restraining orders, no custody battles, no sad people, no errands, no responsibility. Just fun. What do you think????


The truth is...we celebrated on Saturday night with a date!
We had a babysitter...which is very rare...because we both prefer to take him (the little man) with us. He's not like our kid really...more like a hilarous friend that always makes things more fun.

Anyhow, we went to for a nice dinner in which our waiter scared me a little bit. He/She was Super nice....we just couldn't figure out at first if he/she was a girl or a boy. When we pin-pointed which she was....we then couldnt' figure out if she liked boys or girls:) It was very bizzarre and entertaining at the same time.

She decided to send me home with whatever dessert of my choice for free!! What do you know????
 I win...I guess she likes girls:)
...after taking my order for dessert she stopped by the table a few times and continued to make wierdo compliments about every item of clothing/jewelry/watch, etc. that Jarom was wearing.
 He wins...I guess she likes boys:)

I guess you had to be there.

I was very confused.


We saw the VOW.
I am easy to I cried and loved it.
He is a soooooooo insanely good looking. It is impossible not to like it.
I prefer 100% happy I was kinda left hanging....and that bugged.
It was a fun night out:)


What an update.
That is exactly why I have been putting it off.

ALthough very worth it...because I know that Jarom enjoys looking back through our archives and reading this journal I keep of our family. Occasionally he'll mention something or comment on pictures from 2 years ago that he was looking at on this little blog of mine....and it totally gives him away:)


I asked Jaxson a few nights ago while we were cuddling on the couch: "what do you think we're gonna do when we have two babies around here??"

Jaxson: "Maybe we could train them to sit and shake our a dog?"

Love That Kid.

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