Friday, March 2, 2012

Whoops!! The picture.....

My brain is working at half the normal function these days!

I forgot the picture of my belly in my last post.  
it is BIG.

The thing face is bigger.
I took one of just my body...and then one with my body and face... and I simply cannot bring myself to post the one with my chipmunk cheeks.

 I don't really care that my body is completley and utterly destroyed....but I kinda hoped that my face wouldn't distort to unrecognizable proportions as well.

All my "hoping" did nothing. :):) 

It looks to I am being swallowed by fat or lost in a bag of thos campfire sized marshmallows.  

Like...for huge teeth no longer look huge compared to my cheeks. Like my eyes don't look big compared to my double chin and NOSE.

The good thing is... even if my body doens't ever resemble my former self...I sorta think the water will drain from my face and I might....JUST MAYBE....get my old face back.

It wasn't fabulous to begin with or anything....but I'd trade the one I've got now for about anything:)


The babies are doing wonderful!
They kick me all day and all night.
They have PLENTY of fluid.
(sorry for the wierdo details...I just want to remember! And this Pregnant with TWINS thing is about a MILLION times different than a singleton. They check for the strangest things that nobody even mentioned in my other pregnancy)

I've already started getting checked every 10-14 days for dilation.
Hallelujah that my body is holding them in there tight.
(although....I get a little concerned occasionally when I sneeze...)

They share nicely...and are distributing all my candy and food perfectly between the two of them.
The little girlie is only measuring 2 days smaller than the boy....and he is measuring 5 days ahead of they are both chubby little things!

I'm kinda proud of my body and what it's doing.
I lacked a lot of faith in my body for a while there....and NOW I am grateful to know that is is capable and always knew exactly what to do.

My Dr. said that I'm doing fabulous...and although I have recently surpassed the weight I was the day I delivered Jaxson (crap crap crap) body is cooperating nicely with all the Hell it's going through being the home to these TWO.

He even said that his goal is NO C-section.
He thinks I can easily have them one right after the other (regardless of how scared I am to do that)...
and that he is going to push me to 37 or 38 weeks. OH MY GOSH.

We will see about that.
He may change is mind when I have to get around using one of those motorized carts and I bawl all day to be induced!

It is still early to predict the future!
I mean...all of this depends on how well I listen to his instructions. ha!

I am "supposedly" on bed rest....6-8 hours a day....but I just cleaned and vacuumed my entire upstairs, Whoops.  I am now making cakepops for my Jaxson's Bday parties this weekend!


Jarom gets kinda mad at me for not resting more....but I have a hard time stopping.
Don't get me wrong...I don't do anything's actually ridiculously slow...but I am still doing it. That needs to change soon I guess:)

I just need to order one of those grabby things off amazon...the thing with the crab like clippers on the end of a stick... that picks things up off the ground so I don't have to bend over...ya know???

If I bend...I barf.
Sorry so gross....but it's true.

Wherever my stomach is located right is being squashed as flat as a pancake when/if I bend over to tie shoes or pick up toys.


It's time to ignore my pain....and focus on JAXSON this weekend though.
My baby turns FIVE!

His bday love letter from his mama and party plans will be posted soon:)




Maranda said...

I cannot believe that Jaxson is turning FIVE! Has it really been that long since we met you guys?! Your tummy is adorable and I'm sure your face looks great as well. Everyone is their own worst critic!

Andrea said...

I love imagining you driving around on a motorized cart. Hilarious visual. Love the picture!