Sunday, January 29, 2012

My announcement:)

I think Jaxson's exact words were....


I agreed:)

I feel like I've been in a dream this week:)
I can hardly even sleep.
I am excited.
I am overwhelmed.
I am DYING that we get to experience BOTH.

Dream. Come. True.

BABY A (my little girlie) is LOW and kicking my bladder constantly...which makes me unable to make any sudden movements without fear know:) She was VERY cooperative during the ultrasound and made it EASY EASY for us to see she was really a girl! I made the ultrasound technician check and RE-check about 30 times. She PROMISED me that she was right. Then I allowed myslef to sob like a 2 year old who couldn't form words for about an hour.

I then, and I am being VERY honest, had a small panick attack that the next one would be a girl too! I mean....Jaxson and Jarom were hoping for at least ONE I felt insane pressure to make them happy!!!! It took about 20 minutes of pushing and prodding to make BABY B cooperate.

BABY B (my little man) has his little head lodged under my rib cage...making it slightly difficult to fill my lungs with air...and IMPOSSIBLE to climb a flight of stairs without being winded. He is adorable and kicks as hard as his big brother did! I have NO doubt that he will follow his lead and bruise every rib on my left side. He didn't want to show us his we had to do a lot of wiggling and pushing on him to make him mad! It worked...and he flipped around and gave us a PERFECT shot of his little Boy parts.

QUE....More bawling.

She was handing me tissues and asking me questions that I couldn't really answer through my gasping.
It was pretty embarrassing.  

I didn't even shed a tear when I found out about Jax! I didn't even shed a tear when I birthed Jax!
This time around....Wow....I am hormonal.


This little MAN below....will always be my FIRST baby.
He reminds me of that A LOT these days:)

He is VERY excited and taking all the changes so far amazing! 

He has always made my life easy and has recently kicked it up a notch by doing ALL the running upstairs, grabbing me stuff, getting me drinks, covering me with blankets during my naps and doing things that melt my heart like rubbing my tummy and telling the babies jokes and such.

The other day he asked me, " you think I'm cute?"

I responded..."OF COURSE! I think you're the cutest!
Why? you think you're cute?"

Jaxson: "Uh...WHY WOULDN'T I?"


Dear Jax, Can I borrow some of your self confidence right now???
Thanks, Love mom


Jessica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What an exciting time for your family!!

Shauna said...

So very exciting!! One of each! That's the best!!! I love the way you've announced it! Jaxson will be the best big brother ever!! CONGRATS!!!

Sabrina said...

ha ha, he is such a cutie! What an adventure it sounds like in your tummy; one is high the other is low! Wow. I'm so so happy that you get one of each, how complete!

Summer said...

Congrats!!! By the way I think the babies are messing with your sense of days of the week. ;-) I can't wait to see how you dress up a baby girl!! I mean Jaxson is always stylin' so... I just can't wait. BTW why wouldn't anyone think he's a cutie!

Carin said...

Thrilled for you!!! You deserve every ounce of happiness! :) There are twin boy/girl a week older than Kamden in our ward and they have been so much fun to watch, grow, and have play dates with. So excited for all of your adventures! Yahoo!

Ashley said...

Wow I am so happy for you! You really deserve them! You make me want to buy you every cute outift I see!!

Tai and Joe said...

I am so thrilled for you, and can't wait to see how adorable they will be. You are such a good mom! congrats to you guys.

Ally said...

Congrats!!! You deserve every magic moment you get with them! Thrilled for you!

Jamie said... very exciting! You are one lucky duck! Congrats you guys!!

allegra said...

How fun is that?!?!!? So cool, congrats!! I am really glad you got a girl in the mix, too. Because girls are just so sweet and sooo much fun. Yeah, they're a LOT more whiny.demanding and emotional (at least, Ruby has been!), but they're also so so sweet at the same time too.

Nicole said...

That is so fun that you are having one of each. Congrats!!

Michelle said...

How clever of you to have one of each! Hope they go easy on you and the days pass quickly!

Callisters said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. It is so nice to have both sexes, they bring such a different piece into your home.