Monday, January 23, 2012

I know what they are!!!!

I know what my babies are.

Oh my.

I am just laying here taking it all in.

Best day of my life....FOR SURE.


I bawled like a baby for 15 minutes straight.


..officially finding out is extremely special because it means so much more to me than what color to paint the nursery wall.

It is HUGE....because whatever they are...they are meant to be mine.


Stay tuned.


let the shopping begin:) 


Shauna said...

So RUDE that your not going to share right now!!! I'm excited to hear!!!

Maranda said...

I agree with Shauna....So rude. I've been waiting to hear this news!

Jill and Chris said...

AH! So excited for you! But you can't tease us! :D :D Excited to hear what they are.

lucy said...

I'm hoping girls! :-) can't wait to find out!

Brandie Page said...

Left hanging.... Whatever they are they are going to be BEAUTIFUL!!

Jessica Kettle said...

You so suck right now!!! But so happy for you.
Dying to hear! My guess is two girls... Or one of each. ;)

Michelle said...

Now that is just a mean teaser! I am checking back here tomorrow and I sure hope there is a big announcement. The suspense is killing me!

Nicole said...

You are keeping it a secret! That's just mean :) Whatever they are, they are going to be amazing like their mommy!

Summer said...

Oh how I hope I will look tomorrow (or even in a few hours) and find a post announcing the genders of these babies! PLEASE?

Erin said...

I still check aka "stalk" your blog :) and I find it fitting to leave you a comment today!

Congrats on the baby news! I love reading your blog and your honest, true feelings on everything (raising a little boy, pregnancy, your little boys dentist experience, etc...) More blogs need to be like yours! :)

I to am prego (I just have one bun in the oven) so I love coming to your blog to see what is new with your pregnancy!

Good luck with everything and I am sure I will check back again!