Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bedtime routine...

As mentioned in my previous post...
I NOW belong to the "My child has an evening routine" club.

It was actually quite easy:)

I recommend everyone wait until your child is almost 5 and can fully understand what your saying when you suddenly explain out of thin air...

"From now's bath time, story time, prayers and bedtime IN YOUR OWN BED by 8:30 p.m....or ELSE." ya know...versus....movies until midnight, sippies of milk and as much candy as you want from the pantry. Oh...and of course...climbing into bed and sleeping right between your mom and dad:)
(which embarrassing as it is to admit...His LIFE).

He's definitely old enough to obey...(or fear what will happen if he doesn't:):) and Jaxson isn't really the
 fit-throwing type. So---this whole CHANGE took about 2 nights to master. Hallelujah.

He looks forward to it actually.

During bathtime he ALWAYS shaves his face. Nanny Bishop got him a spiderman shaving kit for Christmas...and he loves acting all BIG. He reminds me regularly that he needs to use it! oh boy.

The only interesting time of the night is when all three of us try to cram into his twin bed for story time.
I am the size of a whale. Or a baby elephant. Which makes it tricky. Especially because he insists on being smashed right in the middle of the two of us with an arm hooked around each of our necks.
He makes mama read one book and dad read one book.

If we do that...he is content to kiss us good night and go straight to sleep.
ummm.....for like 3 years I thought it would be harder than that.
Who knew?!?!


Jaxson is busy saying things that crack me up lately.
Last Sunday they talked about "CHOOSING THE RIGHT" in primary and he got a little CTR ring.
He has NOT stopped talking about it....and showing it to me....although he will not wear it:)

Today during lunch....we had a macaroni and cheese picnic (why does the curly kind taste so much better than the regular kind anyway??)...he turned to me and said,

"Now wait a second. When they say ALWAYS choose the they mean that I always need to turn THAT A WAY (pointing to the right) when I am on my bike or in the car. Or do they mean it like....ya nice and fair and stuff?"

Why did I think that was so hilarious??
His little brain is working about a million times faster than mine these days.

Another example of his hilariousness:

We were driving in the car as a family...headed to dinner a few weeks back...and I was up to the usual "Gagging" routine that sometimes hits out of nowhere. The sound of my throwing up or fighting it HARD was pretty much grossing both of my boys right out...(no matter how much it happens...they just can't seem to get used to it..haha:) Anyhow, Jaxson says...

"Eeeewwwww Mom! This is exactly why I think you should have ONE baby. Aunt Kayla (my sister) had one baby...and she never freaked out!"

Very very true.


Sidenote: They (meaning doctors, other moms of multiples, every book in the library on pregnancy) are NOT LYING when they say you will suffer twice as bad.

I am excited for the weekend.
I'm assuming it will be similar to the last few....I will have a list a mile long of things to accomplish and we will actuallly cross off ONE. :) Whatever. As long as Jarom is here I'm good.


Shortly...meaning when I get enough energy to tell you the most traumatizing story of my life....I will recount our trip to the pediatric dentist last week.

Oh my.
Me = thinking I'll get him in for his regular cleaning and checkup like we do every few months.
Reality = Complete Hell.

I humiliated myself.
I didn't care.
Hormones took over and I actually almost passed out because Jaxson had to get a few teeth worked on.

My Baby. Shots. Mouth. Cavities.
Me = Complete basket case.

My dad seriously almost left work and came to rescue me because I was locked in the bathroom, of that office decorated like a scene from finding nemo, completely hyperventilating.

Good times.

Being pregnant with two is REALLY REALLY HARD. For me.



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Sabrina said...

I'm so glad you feel better!!!

Jaxson shaving is so so stinkin' cute! I love it. Can't wait to hear if it is 2 boys....